A/N : Okay, let me explain. If you are here to find the usual SV characters, I'm sorry to disapoint you. I'm using totally new characters. I'm just using the name Sweet Valley High to kick off the scene of a bunch of teenagers. And they are not twins, more like very close sisters who are two years in age difference.

Chapter 1

The clouds parted to reveal pastel blue skies and the bright sunny light shone against a bright yellow and white two story bungalow standing on a street filled with average looking bungalows. There are three glass panels up front that would show to the world how beautifully decorated the living room is if not for the drawn blue flowered curtains. If one could walk to the back of the house, one could see an average size swimming pool, definitely for hot summer days pool parties. There's a hammock hanging between two maple trees too. The gardens up front are filled with blooming flowers filling the air with a sweet smell and pretty shrubs filling the land with colors. There are even two huge bushes of bright pink roses each by the side of the huge front door. The occupants could just step out, cut a few stalks, put it in a vase and make a room lively with it. One look at it, and everyone would know a rich man owns the house. A business owner? An actor?

This is extremely comfy…the most comfortable place in the whole world, said a certain voice in a sub-conscious mind. Ahh, how I wish every night is as warm and loving as this. Nothing can spoil this heavenly moment. Except maybe a hot delicious creamy cup of hot chocolate waiting for me on the kitchen counter, beside a plate of freshly made French toast. Hhm…should I rip this beautiful picture apart…and pull apart from my soft warm -

Long bright rays of sunshine blast itself onto her nicely shut eyelids. Warm, sunny, inviting but… Argh…I should have locked my room door last night.

"Rise and shine honey," said a voice with a hint of chirpiness in every single word. "Even Sleeping Beauty have to be awaken by Prince Charming. Come on, up up up."

"Do I HAVE to?" grumbled 18 years old Annabel. "It's a Saturday. Besides you are not Prince Charming."

"You do not want me to go up there and kiss you to wake you up do you?" Kalista said.

"You mean wake me up by confiscate my blanket. Five more minutes please please… pretty please," Annabel begged.

"Five more minutes and I would need to stir up a new bowl of pancake mix."

"Pancakes! French toasts! Ooooh I can smell them already…" Annabel was already heading for her open bedroom door. To wake up or not to wake up. Wake up of course. No need for more debating on my mind. All I need is the sweet aroma of mummy's cooking!

"Miss Williams! Young lady, you get back here and wash yourself up first! Annabel!" But there's no point screaming. Annabel's mum knows her daughter just too well. If there's anything better than a warm bed after a night of storm, it is a table full of yummy tummy filling mum's cooking.

Kalista walk a little around her daughter's room and try to pick up some of the mess. There is some little bottle of nail polish and magazine on the floor near her bedside table. No doubt it is leftover mess from Wednesday slumber party. The magazines are even left open, and all of them are left open on the page with the same picture. Chad Michael Murray. The young girls' latest cute guy. Kalista chuckled to herself as she herself tries to remember one of the guy celebrity she and her friends used to crush on. After stacking the magazines neatly into the shelf which is situated beside Annabel's writing table, she continued wandering. As she wanders to the desk, she saw a single piece of paper with red colored words. This seems interesting…

- Two jacket - black non denim, white or beige

- One cardigan - white or pink or red or maybe more than one

- Two ¾ length pants - one beige one white

- One new blue jeans - straight cut

- Two new skirts - pastel colors

- Some tops - Esprit's having a sale!

- Signature white collar t-shirt

- Signature black collar blouse

- Shoe - sandals, low heels, maybe more than one

- Sling bag/ tote bag, average size - preferably in navy blue

- Purse/ handbag - two at least - silver white from CREATIVE, red

- Some accessories - pendants, earrings, bracelet, hair bands, clips…

- Belt - silver white with pink rhinestones from Hermes

- A new watch - hopefully Guess?


Kalista laughed at the last note. Looks like her baby girl is really growing up, faster than she would like her to. She place it back on the desk, knowing Annabel hates it when people touch her stuff then misplace it. A big, amused smile is carved on her lips all the time as she stroll to the bathroom and gather the dirty laundry and picked up another scarf as Kalista walks out of Annabel's room. Dumping the dirty laundry into the basket, she head back to the kitchen wanting to drink up another cup of coffee to keep her spirit as high as it is now. With that same big smile plaster on her lips, beautifying her face for free. If she remains as cute as this, I could use the smiles and happiness to stay as young as 26!

"You seem happy. What is the smile for honey?" Shane Williams was already halfway trough his breakfast and pouring more hot coffee into his mug. "You did not surprise yourself by stumbling upon your long lost earrings in Annabel's room did you?"

"Hhm… oh no Shane. No lost earrings or any other lost stuff, but I found another surprise. One that is amusing, " Kalista said laughing to herself."I found a list on Annabel desk… a neat organized list…"

"Mum," wailed Annabel. "You didn't."

"I did. And… I am going to buy some cookies in tins." Kalista replied, much to the delight of Shane but to the horror of Annabel. Why oh why did I have to leave it on my table openly.

Annabel is known not to do small stuff like this, stuff which she considers silly. She believes little notes are for fun, for passing to friends. Not small stuff like groceries and guest names. She likes planning things such as events, school functions, parties but if it is not that big, if she can handle it, she just keep it a mental note.

"So… a list eh. About what? Let me guess… boyfriend's names?" Shane laughed, which earn him a whack on the arm.

"Wow, as far as I know, Annabel does not have that much boyfriends to be made into a list. So far there is only Mitch, Ash…" Corrine, a 16 years old girl that greatly resembles Annabel, dare not finish ticking the names off her fingers because her sister giving her one nasty stare with extremely narrow eyes. "Fine fine. I'm just gonna eat my breakfast and then I will be waiting in the garden. Mmm… pancakes…with mango juice… Just the way I love my breakfasts."

"Take Prince Leo out to the garden then. No one have been playing with him for a few days already. Leave him indoors any longer and he will become a lazy fur ball sleeping under the table. Right Prince Leo?" said Kalista.

Woof! a bark came from under the table.

To clear things up, to justify her action of writing a list, Annabel said "It is nothing huge. I just want to make sure I get everything I want today. I don't want to be missing anything on D day. Not a single thing. It's the day to make impressions you know."

"Oh…I see. Now I know what is about. The shopping trip right, the all day lunch and dinner included shopping spree. In that case, I better get going so that I can make more money for you to spend," Shane said sarcastically while gulping the last drop of his coffee. "I got to meet someone to fill in as assistant chef anyways. Have fun ladies."

"Gee, thank a lot dad." And with a peck on his wife's cheeks, Shane is out of the door and out of sight in his silver BMW. Annabel continue putting pieces and pieces of French toast onto her mouth for a full minute before saying to her mother who was staring at her with crossed arms "Okay okay, I'll be quick. Give me ten minutes to wash up and put on some better clothes than old shorts and a tank top."

And twenty five minutes later, all three ladies give themselves one last glance at themselves at the hallway mirror and hopped into the sleek black Honda Accord and Kalista back out of the driveway. "You girls ready? Here we go!"

"We're going shopping, we're going shopping," the two young teenage girls chant happily.

Those two daughters of Williams are just like every other girl. Both of them have long wavy light brown hair and shiny blue eyes, thanks to their mum. But for Annabel, her eyes are a blue shade darker than her sis and mum. Almost navy blue, making it her favourite color. But that doesn't means she does not like other colors. She doesn't even buy stuff according to her favourite color, just whatever she like and is suitable for her. And for a fairly tanned girl like her and her sister, every color suits her. Making her, and her sister, love all kinds of color. They are tall too, a genetic gift from their father. They have all the wonderful advantages of wearing clothes, instead of the clothes wearing them. And this brings us back to their love of shopping for more clothes.

As soon as they step foot into the Stars Central Mall, they hit the shops like there is no tomorrow. Even though there is A LOT to look forward tomorrow. Everywhere they go, they spent a good long time going through all the items in the shops. And whenever they hit a bargain, there is no doubt that they will snap it up and bring it to the payment counter. Annabel and Corrine just simply love browsing through the rack. They have the same taste in fashion too. That actually makes it double the amount of things they have because they can share every single item they have and just bought. Shops after shops, and they come out every shop with at least one bag. Some big, some small. Some filled to the top, some just with one item. At the end of the day, they retire home at 8 p.m. to their loving couch in the living room with around 16 bags! Oh no, they are not tired, not yet, they were just going to put up a small fashion show. Its like a kind of routine after an all girls shopping spree. They took out the stuff they just bought one by one and admire them once again, showing it to one another again. They put the clothes against them and run to the hallway mirror to look at themselves, see if it really looked nice.

"Looks like you caught the shopping bug from them too eh?" Shane said after Kalista showed him a lovely brown blouse with beautiful embroideries at the front.

"Well, I can't help myself, can't I? I have to shop for something for myself too. Besides there was a lot of good bargain around. And this "- she pulled out a knee length pink flare skirt with lovely small flowers print as the sides -" is the best bargain. The last time I saw this on the window display three months ago, its was $120. Today it was for $45." It seems Kalista enjoy shopping as much as her daughters too. Wonder if it is a trait passes down to them…

"Yeah, dad, it's going to be a long season ahead. We need all the supply we need," Corrine said, supporting her mum.

"I got all my stuff. Plus some extras of course," Annabel said cheekily. She now have to tidy up her wardrobe to make space for her new stuff but she don't mind the work. Anything for a shopping spree. "Besides, it makes all of us happy. Happy equals pretty too. And you love seeing us happy and pretty don't you dad."

"Oh, I am happy as long as you all are happy… but maybe only until I see the credit card bill," Shane said to Annabel, who is giving him a big cheeky smile.

"Thanks daddy. Loveyou so so much. Night night," both girls gave Shane a bear hug and a goodnight kiss on the cheek before hauling all the bags and the new stuff to their own room.

Putting all the bags near the door of her room first, Annabel cleared some space beside her cupboard. Then she arranged the bags carefully so that the clothes won't be wrinkled or crumpled all night until tomorrow. I'll sort them out tomorrow. Now I need to gather back my energy for the girls tomorrow. Blankie, Daphnie- her toy dolphin since a little girl that have always lie on her bed -, here I come!

"Had a fun day Anna? I sure did, got some good stuff." Corrine said while leaning on the bathroom door frame that link the two girl rooms. Annabel mumbled something in agreement. "And thanks too for helping me persuade mum into buying that absolutely gorgeous red jacket. I've actually been eyeing it since a couple of weeks ago," Corrine said, plopping herself onto the queen size bed beside Annabel.

"No problem Cory. As long as I get the better priority if I want to borrow it," Annabel replied, turning her head to face Corrine. "So, have enough spirit to entertain the girls tomorrow? I don't think I do, plus I'm low on energy. Wanna sleep?"

"Hhm…" And with that, they fall asleep on Annabel's bed. Both dreaming sweet dreams, looking forward to for the big bright sun peeking out over the hills, out from its hiding space. Unknown to them, the sun too can't wait to come out and see what are they up to.

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