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Author's Note: This takes place six months after the movie.

"Come on Kim, what's taking you so long," Ron shouted through the door with a confused and bored look on his face as he could barely keep Rufus from racing off to the beach.

"I'm almost ready Ron, just give me a few more seconds," Kim shouted back through the door as she furiously searched through her bags and room in a frantic attempt to find a particular piece of jewelry. Sure she had a lot of different pieces of jewelry, but this one was special. It was the first piece that Ron had given her after they had officially become a couple several months back. Over their years of friendship he had given her a few different things, a decoder ring for a cereal box being amongst them, but none of them were as special as what she was looking for now. She scolded herself for taking it off and now was finding it almost impossible to find, with her not losing sigh to the irony in that. The offending piece of jewelry was not fancy or diamond studded, but instead a simple pendant hung from a thin god chain. The pendant consisted of a capital R and K being encircled by a heart. Ron had given it to her only a week ago and had told her that he had made it himself. Just when she was about to give up she spotted it underneath one of her shirts and quickly slipped it on before grabbing her hat and opening the door, finding Ron standing there holding back a desperately squirming naked mole rat.

"Hey buddy calm down, she sad she'll be out soon so just...wow," Ron started to exclaim to Rufus before he noticed his best buddy stopping dead in his tracks and staring back up over his shoulder with a stunned look on his face. Ron had almost begun to ask Rufus what was going on when he half turned and noticed Kim standing there in the doorway. He somehow managed to keep himself from fainting at her beauty but wasn't able to keep his mouth closed as both he and Rufus shared a look that he had been scolded for many times.

"Ron...Earth to Ron," Kim asked with a slightly worried look on her face as she took in that Ron had stopped moving and was now staring at her before she reached out and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Huh, oh sorry KP, it's just that...wow," Ron stammered out with a guilty smile on his face as he let go of Rufus and stood up, nervously scratching the back of his neck along the way, an old habit of his.

"You mean this...oh it was nothing, just something that I haven't worn in a while," Kim replied with an embarrassed smile on her face as she averted her gaze from Ron's face and hunched her shoulders a bit. In truth the outfit was brand new, with Monique having helped her pick it out. The white bikini that she now wore had been smaller than she had wanted but Monique had been adamant about it, saying that Ron would love it and that after all that had happened in the last few months that she deserved to let loose a little. After the prom it had seemed that every villain and then some had taken Drakken and Shego's capture as a license to strike. She and Ron had been on one mission after another. They had just gotten back from a particularly tough mission, from which Kim still had a few bruises from and she knew that Ron did as well, that Ron had approached her about having a plan for a little time off. At first she had been hesitant about agreeing to the trip but then after a good night's sleep and a talk with Monique she had been convinced. Using the help of Brick and Monique along with Wade they had told their parents that they had to go on a mission that would take them several days as they still had to find the villain. The lie came into play when in reality the two were jetting off to Hawaii for three days together with hopefully no one recognizing them.

"You should wear it more often," Ron said softly with an excited grin on his face, not even really fully realizing what he was saying before Rufus snapped him back to reality when he scurried up onto his shoulder and waved his little paw in front of Ron's eyes, who wasn't immediately aware that he had been staring at Kim.

"We should go before it gets to crowded," Kim stuttered out with a nervous smile on her face as she put her hat on and blushed deeply. Though she wouldn't openly admit it she liked getting the overwhelming bulk of Ron's attention at this moment even though she did feel a bit to revealed.

"We're not going to the beach, at least not the public one close to the hotel, I made a deal while you were taking a nap, we sign a few autographs and take a few pictures with him and his family and friends before we leave and he'll let us use his private beach, just think KP, finally a chance to relax," Ron finally replied after continuing to stare at Kim for several more moments with a steadily grown grin on his face before he fearfully awaited Kim's response by closely watching the look on her face.

"That's...um, great Ron, but," Kim began to say with a nervous smile on her face before she used the act of putting her hat and sunglasses on to help break the tension.

"No buts on this trip, we're going and that's final, you deserve a little peace and quiet and that's exactly what you're going to get, right Rufus," Ron interjected with a very kind but firm tone to his voice and look on his face as he stepped forward and took Kim's hand just after Rufus came back out of his pocket.

"Uh huh, yeah," Rufus chimed in with an eager and excited smile on his little face before he dove down into the front pocket of Ron's shirt and poked his head back out, smiling at Kim. Kim thought about continuing the discussion but decided just to let Ron lead and only sighed and rolled her eyes before telling Ron to lead the way. After about half and hour the two walked through a small green grove of trees and bushes to be greeted by a small perfectly pristine beach, completely closed off by rocks and the hills surrounding it. Kim felt her eyes start to tear up as she also noticed a large hammock strung up in the shade between two palm trees and what looked like a small campsite nearby, looking totally ready for a romantic day and evening on the beach.

"You like," Ron asked with a very worried, nervous, and excited smile on his face as he led Kim out onto the warm sand, thankful that they were both wearing sandals. She tried to come up with a proper response but in the end all that she could think of to do was turn and kiss Ron on the cheek with an appreciative smile on her face. "Boo-yah," Ron mumbled softly with a slightly guilty smile on his face before Kim smiled to and leaned in for another kiss.

"Boo-yah indeed," Kim said with a slightly embarrassed smile on her face before Ron led her over to the hammock.

"Yeah KP we got everything, a radio for some tunes, a hammock for relaxing, the water over there if we want to take a swim, plenty of food and drinks," Ron started to say with a proud smile on his face before Kim interrupted him.

"The perfect getaway with the perfect guy," Kim interjected softly with an almost dreamlike smile on her face as she lightly pushed the hammock back and forth.

"So...do you wanna go swimming or have something to drink," Ron slowly asked with a nervous look on his face as he grabbed a hold of the hammock and looked out at the water.

"Yeah, just not right now, I'm pretty beat, I think I'm just going to take a seat and relax," Kim replied with a tired look on her face as she carefully sat down in the hammock.

"I can do that," Ron said with an eager smile on his face before he sat down on the hammock next to Kim and the two carefully situated themselves in the middle.

"Ron," Kim whispered softly with a tired yawn as Ron wrapped an arm around her shoulders and she laid her head down sideways on his shoulder.

"Yeah KP," Ron softly whispered back with a slightly uncertain look on his face as he turned to look into her emerald eyes.

"Thank you," Kim said back as she drifted off to sleep, curled up next to Ron on the hammock with her head on his shoulder.

"Anytime KP, anytime," Ron very softly whispered back to her before very carefully leaning in and placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. Not to many minutes later he was asleep as well.


Ron and Kim are probably a little out of character but this is just a fun little one shot that I had an idea about, hope you like it. Reviews are welcome.