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High school had been fun for Kim and Ron, but now college was upon them. They had tried to find a small house or apartment off campus to share but by the time that they started looking there weren't any left. The only dorm rooms that they could find were on the opposite ends of the campus. At first Kim adjusted easily to college life, preferring the fact that to a degree she could schedule her classes so that they wouldn't be very likely to impede her missions to save the world. Ron had approached college with all of his usual gusto, but had quickly found it to be more difficult than he expected. As a result he and Kim had begun late night study sessions every Friday night. Rather than put a strain on their relationship the study sessions had actually helped it. When winter hit Kim had begun sleeping over at Ron's dorm room because it was to bad out for her to walk back to her room. To this end Ron had cleaned out a shelf in his dresser that Kim had started leaving emergency items in. The items never consisted of anything more than a couple full changes of clothes and a few other essentials that would tide her over until she could get back to her dorm room.

But all of that had changed shortly after the two had returned from a particularly arduous mission near Australia. The mission had taken them longer than they were used to and when it was finally finished the two had discovered that they couldn't be picked up until the next evening. That night it had happened. They both knew that their relationship had been building up to it for some time and to a degree the fact that they weren't talking about it was causing some friction between them. In fact it had started out as a fight between them about that very subject, before the night had grown cold around them without either noticing. When they had finally stopped fighting, ending when Kim pinned Ron to the sand, Ron had looked so guilty that Kim had tried to cheer him up. When Kim had started to kiss him that night she had originally intended for it to go that far, but once they had started both had found that it was impossible to stop. They had been telling their parents and friends the same little white lie ever since.

After finally being picked up the amount of clothes that Kim started to leave in Ron's dorm began to change in both the kind and amount. As the weeks went by she had ended up taking over half of his dresser and closet space. In fact now more often than not the two would spend the night together and put a device that they had persuaded Wade to build them on the phone for safety. The device would automatically switch a call that came in to one of the phones to the phone of the dorm that they were staying in. So if Kim's mother decided to call her dorm room the device would send the call instead to Ron's dorm room without her mother ever being the wiser.


"I should really start laying your clothes out beforehand," Kim grumbled with an impatient frown on her face as she walked out of the bathroom while wrapping a towel around her body. Ron stood at his closet in his boxer shorts desperately trying to find something to wear.

"Easy KP, I had a suit all picked out for tonight and I put it right here in the middle so I wouldn't forget it," Ron replied with a frustrated expression on his face as he looked back at Kim and tried not to let his eyes linger on her to long.

"Let me guess, it's mysteriously disappeared," Kim groaned with a sigh as she pushed the closet door completely open and made sure that her dress for the evening was just where she had left it.

"Exactly, it was the dark blue one that bought for me last Christmas," Ron groaned with an unhappy pout on his face as he continued to sift through the clothes in his closet while Kim bent over and picked up her shoes.

"Are you sure that you didn't accidentally put it in my closet by mistake, it wouldn't be the first time Ron," Kim replied back with a content look on her face before she began to hum softly to herself while walking back towards the dresser in front of the mirror.

"Nope, not after your dad almost figured it out last week," Ron stated with a skittish look of worry on his face before he looked down and noticed something. "At least I didn't lose my shoes," Ron announced with a triumphant and greatly relieved smile on his face as he picked his shoes up and showed them to Kim just as she was getting a few things out of her drawer.

"Well you certainly can't go to the party like that, just keep looking Ron, maybe you should get Rufus to help you," Kim replied with a calm look on her face as she pulled the towel off that she had been wearing and pulled her panties on.

"I would, but he's down the hall," Ron pouted back with an unhappy and sad look on his face as he set his shoes down on the bed and looked over at Kim, trying not to stare.

"Visiting his lady friend, I swear Ron, if you don't watch it Rufus will be a dad soon," Kim replied with an amused smirk on her face as she lightly glared over at Ron staring at her while she slipped her stockings on and then attached them to her garter belt to keep them up.

"And I'll be a grandfather," Ron stated with a surprised look on his face as his eyes grew wide, though he didn't take his eyes off of Kim.

"Easy Ron, you won't be anything if we miss this party tonight, we're the guests of honor remember," Kim shot back with a sultry wink Ron's way before she walked back over to the closet and took her dress out, laying it on the bed.

"Duh…you've only reminded me twenty times since yesterday, we get to flip the switch at midnight, I wouldn't miss that for anything," Ron groaned back with a bored expression on his face before he couldn't help but smile at the end of the thought of doing something so important at the party.

"Anything," Kim asked with a sultry tone to her voice before she placed her hands on her hips, cocked them to one side, and slid her best bedroom eyes on as she watched Ron's determination wither away before her.

"Uh," Ron mumbled out softly as he couldn't help but forget what it was that he was doing and commence staring at the topless Kim only a few feet away.

"Easy Ron, you're starting to drool…here, I'll find your suit right after you zip me up," Kim joked softly with an amused smile on her face as she closed the gap between them and then lightly pushed Ron's jaw shut.

"Huh…uh wait, I thought that your dress didn't do that," Ron asked with a confused half smile on his face as Kim returned to the bed and pulled her dark crimson strapless dress out of its bag and held it up in front of her.

"It's just a short zipper Ron, gives it a little stability in the back, lord knows it's all up to me the rest of the way," Kim softly said back with a kind smile on her face as she turned the dress around and showed Ron the short zipper that was located at the base of the neckline that plunged down her back almost to far. The rest of the dress fit like a glove and Kim had hoped that the dress would stay up all night.

"It looks good…but it's missing something," Ron stated with a deep in thought frown on his face as he furrowed his brows and brought his hand up to his chin, striking a thoughtful pose that he often struck when he was thinking deeply.

"Really…I thought I had everything," Kim said back softly with a confused and concerned look on her face as she crossed her arms in front of her chest and began to idly tap her bottom lip with her index finger.

"Everything…except for this," Ron finally finished with a proud and sly grin on his face as he slid open the top drawer of his nightstand and pulled out a black rectangular shaped box.

"Ron, you didn't have to get me anything," Kim said with a slightly embarrassed but curious half smile on her face as she stopped tapping her lip and stared at the box.

"I know KP, but when I saw this the other day it just screamed you and I had to get it, I hope you like it," Ron said softly with a slightly guilty look on his face as he blushed while handing the box to Kim. She hesitated for a bit before opening it, thinking that it looked like a jewelry box but after having already received a beautiful pair of emerald earrings and a necklace with a small round emerald dangling off of it from Ron for Christmas she didn't know what he could now have gotten for her.

"Ron you shouldn't…wow," Kim started to say with an unsure look on her face as she opened the box before she let her gaze fall down onto the contents of the box and she gasped. Lying innocently on a velvet base was a thin gold necklace with a diamond shaped dark red ruby on it. Beside it lay another pair of earrings, though of rubies instead of emeralds, to top it all off there was also a dark crimson silk choker with a small heart shaped ruby dangling off of a clasp in the front. Kim's eyes immediately began to fill up with tears before she pulled Ron into a tight hug before letting him go just enough that they could share a thank you kiss that neither seemed in any big hurry to break.

"So you like it then," Ron mumbled out softly with a nervous laugh as he looked deeply into Kim's eyes and hope that he was right.

"I love it Ron…but how, the emeralds at Christmas probably," Kim started to answer with a very pleased look on her face before her rational mind kicked in and she wanted to make sure that Ron hadn't gone overboard in purchasing her gifts.

"Didn't cost me a thing, they were old family heirlooms that I took to a jeweler and had him clean them up and make them sparkle again, my mom said that I should give them to my true love…couldn't think of anyone but you Kim, these I got with some of my royalties from Bueno Nacho," Ron answered with a humble shrug of his shoulders and goofy grin on his face as he put one hand behind his head and began to nervously smooth the back of his hair down. Ron had almost no more than finished speaking before Kim had knocked him back down onto the bed before kissing him again as she lay on top of him.

"Have I told you that I love you today," Kim asked softly after breaking the kiss, while the two were close enough that Kim could tell that Ron had eaten at Bueno Nacho only hours earlier as his breath still smelled of it.

"Now that you mention it…I'm thinking no," Ron joked softly with an amused grin on his face before Kim tickled him in the ribs.

"Then it's about time…I love you Ron," Kim whispered softly into his ear before she leaned back just enough to look him straight in the face.

"I love you too Kim," Ron replied with an amused smirk on his face before he pulled her back down into a kiss that made them just a bit late for their party, though they were still in time to flip the switch.


Author's Note: Thanks for reading. This fic takes place when Ron and Kim are in college, about their junior year or so. The little white lie in question is that Ron and Kim have had sex while on a mission but they haven't told anyone else about it, so therein is the lie. Ron and Kim stay all night at each other's rooms sometimes, with the rest of the time they sleep in their own dorm rooms, it just depends on the night and all of that. The machine that I have in the story that's put on the telephone is so that if Ron or Kim's family calls him and he's staying the night with Kim in her room the machine will transfer the call to Kim's telephone with a special ring tone that'll tell them who it is. Rufus is spending a lot of time with the naked mole rat of a woman that has a dorm room a few doors down from Ron so that's why he's not in the story. Kim and Ron might be acting a bit out of character here but it's a few years from now, things have changed, and Kim could only act this way around Ron. As for what Kim is wearing it seems to me to be a bit more of a classy style of attire, except for the dress but to me Kim is hoping to get Ron drooling over her while wearing it. So in closing I hope you all liked this story and remember reviews are greatly appreciated.