Here is the last chapter of this Fic. But it will continue in the next Fic I write, but for now, let's continue with this story.

Score so far.

Yami Bakura: 1600

Lumis: 2300

Umbra: 5900

Danny: 3000

Sam: 2650

Tucker: 7250

Our story continues, not in Bakura's shadow game, nor on the surface of Team World outside the shadow realm. Our story continues on earth, in a small town known only as "Amity Park." Amity Park is better known as the home town of Team Phantom; Danny, Sam and Tucker. And it's also known as home of Danny's Alter ego, Danny Phantom, or as most of the residences knew him, "Inviso-Bill." At first, the entire town thought he was an enemy, but thanks to an incident involving an attack by an army of ghost, most of those residences, 64 percent to be precise, believe that he's a hero, a good ghost. Right now, one group of people wishes that the town hero would be there now. To understand what I mean, we focus our attention on a small brick apartment-like building that has large mechanical workings on the roof and a large neon arrow sign that says "Fenton Works." At the instance we see it, a green energy beam is shot out of one of the windows and a voice was heard.

Voice 1: (female) Jack, it pulls to the right.

Voice 2: (male) Darn it! (A high pitched whistling noise is heard) BANZAI!

Another green energy beam is shot out of the wall next to the window, only this time; the path of it is lead by a short, blue fat man with glove, overalls and a ski hat, yelling "I AM THE BOX GHOST!" We now see the inside of the building, in the living room to be precise, where we see a large man with graying black hair in an orange Haz-Mat suit holding a large silver bazooka-like weapon.

Man: Yeah! Got him!

Next to him was a woman whose hair and eyes were concealed in goggles and a blue mask attached to a blue Haz-Mat suit, welding a Green neon staff.

Woman: Good Job, Jack.

At that point, something started to come through the wall behind the woman. It was a ghost that looked like a female Genie. The man, Jack, notices the presents.

Jack: Maddie! Behind you!

The woman, Maddie, turned around and saw the genie ghost. She then strikes it hard with her staff, causing the ghost to disappear.

Maddie: Thanks Jack. This doesn't make any sense, why are these ghosts attacking us?

Just then, from the floor of the room they are standing in, another ghost appeared. It was female, with red hair looking like devil horns, green eyes and wearing black and green.

Female Ghost: Where is he?

Voice: Hey, Spectra!

The ghost turns around and sees a younger woman, with orange-red hair and aqua-green eyes, wearing a silver suit with the writing "Fenton Ghost Peeler" on the chest plate. The armored woman points the weapon attached to the armor towards the female ghost.

Woman: Remember me?

The weapon lets out a high-pitched hum before it shoots green energy waves. The waves hit the ghost and her skin starts peeling until there was nothing but a black silhouette of her. Then the armored woman takes a thermos, similar to what Juniper found back on Team World, and open the lid. Another green energy wave comes out of it and it hits the ghost again, only this time, the waves suck the ghost into the thermos. Once the ghost entered, the thermos closed and the woman covered the opening with the lid.

Jack: Nice aim, Jasmine.

Maddie: Yes, I must say Jazz, you're skills with the Fenton Ghost Peeler is improving.

Jazz: thanks mom, dad.

In case you haven't realized yet, these people are Danny Fenton's family. Jack and Maddie Fenton are his parents, the professional ghost hunters; and Jasmine or Jazz as she sometimes likes to be called is his older sister, and is the only member of the family who knows Danny's secret. The day after Danny and his friends left home for the Team World Tournament, the family has been under multiple attacks by ghost, most of them being the many enemies Danny Phantom faced before.

Jack: I think we showed those ghosts whose boss.

Voice: Is that so?

The three turn to see where that voice came from and they saw another ghost. This ghost had green flaming hair and black cybernetic weaponry all over its body, like a hunter. This is another of Danny's arch enemies; Skullker. Skullker then produced laser guns from its arms and aims it towards the three.

Skullker: Where is the ghost child?

Jack: I don't know what you're talking about, but get ready to eat Hot Fenton Bazooka, Ghost!

Jack shot his Fenton Bazooka at Skullker, but at that point, Glider wings and jet engines appeared on his back. They activated and Skullker flew out of the beam's path.

Skullker: you're aim is worst then that little whelp's.

Jazz: Hey Skullker!

The armored-clad ghost turned to Jazz as she fired her Ghost Peeler weapon, causing sparks to appear on his body.

Jazz: You've just been Jazzed!

She then pulls out the same thermos and activates it, sucking up Skullker into it.

Jazz: (to herself) ooh, my witty banner is getting better.

Maddie: Jazz! Behind you!

She turns around and sees another female ghost. This one looked like a cross between Gene Simmons of "KISS" and Britney Spears, but with blue flame-like hair and holding a purple guitar. This ghost is known as Ember.

Ember: Let's see how you like my new song. It's called "Take a Punch!"

She then strikes her guitar and energy waves came from it and strikes Jazz, throwing her across the living room and down into the basement, where their laboratory is.

Maddie: Jazz! No one does that to our daughter!

Suddenly, Maddie takes out what looks like a small grey strap-on-back vacuum cleaner and activates it.

Maddie: Eat Fenton Ghost Weasel!

The machine begins to suck up ember, much like the Fenton Thermos, and it captures her into the base of it.

Jack: Maddie! Behind you again!

She turns and sees a very tall white ghost dressed in a matching suit and black hat. This ghost is Walker, the ghost warden.

Walker: Got you now.

Maddie: Oh, I don't think so!

The green neon staff she is holding starts to glow and she strikes Walker dead center, which pushes him back a few feet. Meanwhile in the lab, Jazz gets up from the floor and holds her head, trying to ease the pain coming from it.

Jazz: Ooh… that hurt, I better put the helmet on.

She pushes a button on the left shoulder of the armor and a silver helmet with a green face visor started to be folded around her head.

Jazz: (sighs) the only time Danny isn't here when ghost attack. I sure hope he's having fun in that Duel Monsters Tournament.

Voice: "Duel Monsters Tournament"?

Jazz turns around and sees the Ghost Portal opening. The Ghost Portal is a portal much like the one on the show "Stargate SG-1." It's the main entry point between the human world and the world where ghost coexist, AKA the Ghost Zone. Once the portal opened, a green ghost dressed in black with square black glasses, a white cape and a white mullet came out from it and then it closed back. This Ghost is known as Nicolai Technus, a ghost that can control electrical devices.

Technus: So, you know of the ghost child's whereabouts. Tell me where this "Duel Monsters Tournament" is, so that I, Technus, Master of all Machines and wires-

Before he could finish, silver and green wires that looked like from a nine tails whip stared to wrap themselves around Technus's torso. At the other end of the wires was Jack, the weapon he's using is his "Jack-o-Nine Tales." With it, he spun Technus around and towards the ghost portal. Maddie appeared just in time to open the portal so Technus would enter it.

Jack: Well, he sure seemed to like to hear himself talk. What did he mean by "Duel Monsters Tournament"? That's where Danny is. Could it be that these ghosts are after Danny?

Maddie: That makes no sense.

As she says this, she removes the mask and goggles, revealing her violet eyes and red hair.

Maddie: Why would these ghosts be after Danny?

Jazz looked nervous; she knew why they would be after Danny. Luckily, both her parents didn't notice.

Jack: I don't know, Maddie, but it's probably the only reason we've got.

Voice: Why Jack, you do have a brain after all.

The three turned again to see who it was this time, another ghost, or so it would seem. This ghost wore a white outfit with black gloves, boots and a red lining cape. His skin was blue, had solid red eyes, and his black hair looked like devil horns. This ghost is one of Danny's worst foes, Vlad Plasmius: he is also half ghost, his human name being Vlad Masters, A self-made billionaire who was old college friends with Jack and Maddie. His accident that caused his powers ruined his chances to be with Maddie and he's held that grudge against Jack ever since. Jazz and Danny are the only ones who knows this, so Jack and Maddie don't know either.

Jack: You again? Didn't you learn your lesson last time, Wisconsin Ghost?

Vlad: Please, Jack, if you want to call me anything, the Name is Plasmius!

As he said that, he fired an ectoplasmic blast towards Jack and Maddie, knocking the weapons they has right off their hands.

Vlad: And that little scuffle we had was just beginner's luck! You're barely a match for me. But don't worry, unlike those other ghost, I'm not going to kill any of you… yet. All I want is the whereabouts of the Ghost boy, Danny Phantom.

Maddie: We don't know where he is!

Vlad: Then perhaps you'll tell me where you're little boy, Danny Fenton is.

Jack: Why would you want to know where our son is?

Vlad: Because I know for a fact that wherever he is, Danny Phantom is sure to Follow. I find him to be his Guardian Angle of sorts.

Jazz: We're not telling you anything!

Vlad: Oh, I think you will.

Suddenly, Vlad's body starts to glow. Then a black ring appears next to him, breaking like how Danny transforms, it creates a copy of Vlad. Then another black ring creates another copy, and then another, creating four Vlads.

All Vlads: Let's see you deal with four of me!

Jack: Keep you're guard up, family, only one of these copies are real.

Vlad: Yes, but they can all bring it like the original.

All four Vlads shot ectoplasmic blast at the three family members. Luckily they all dodged the blow, and each facing a copy of Vlad. Jazz was against two but she shot her Ghost Peeler at one of them, destroying it. Maddie retrieved her Staff and began to strike her Vlad copy, but the Vlad intercepted each one by going intangible in each area she strikes. Jack manages to obtain his Ghost Gauntlets and used its power towards his Vlad copy, but this time, Vlad was prepared. His hands started to glow, and they phased, revealing his own Ghost Gauntlets, only these retracted sharp blades from the fingertips. He then slashes his blades towards Jack and at first; it looked like he missed, but then Jack's Ghost Gauntlets start to fall apart, showing that Vlad did make a connection with his attacks.

Jack: Oh…Great gobs of Ghost Goop!

His Vlad copy was about to strike him, but then a green energy wave hits him and his skin peels until nothing is left. It was Jazz, attacking from being.

Jack: Nice one, princess. (Looks behind her) Jasmine!

She looks where Jack is and sees another Vlad copy with its fist glowing green. The copy gives Jazz a powerful left hook, which launches her across the room and knocking her out! Now the Vlad copy was advancing towards Jack, but before the copy when any further, He disintegrated, showing that Maddie destroyed it with her Staff.

Maddie: Jack, are you okay?

Suddenly, a black glove grabs her shoulder, and she goes unconscious. We now see that the original Vlad gave Maddie a sleeper hold and now advances towards Jack.


Vlad: (to himself) sorry about that, my love.

Jack: I can still take you on!

Vlad: Oh please, Jack. You don't have anymore of your crackpot toys, while I have 20 years of experience with my powers.

Jack begins to back away and he hits one of his work tables, he feels for anything to use and he grabs something that he's now familiar with. He smiles to himself as he looks towards Vlad.

Jack: I may not have any of my anti-ghost gadgets right now, but I still have a few cards up my sleeve.

He then pulls out what he found on the table, a large Duel Disk similar to what Danny and is team has. He then straps it onto his left arm for Vlad to see.

Jack: And I use that term literally.

Vlad: What on earth is that?

Jack: Let me show you.

He searches his pockets and finds his deck of Duel Monsters cards and loads it into the Duel Disk.

Jack: Fenton Duel Disk, Activate!

It sparks as it folds/slides into activation and glows brighter. He draws one card from it, looks at it and smiles.

Jack: I summon my favorite monster: Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer!

He puts the card on his Duel Disk and the monster from the card appears in front of him.

Vlad: What in blazes?

Jack: Alright, Kycoo, show Plasmius why you're called the Ghost Destroyer! Sprit Repress!

Kycoo creates a piece of parchment with Japanese writing on it and then it disintegrates into a ball of energy, which he fires at Vlad. Vlad creates an energy shield, trying to block it, but it goes right through it like nothing and hits his chest, knocking him down and destroying the shield. As Vlad gets up he notices that his chest looks like the material's been ripped, and under it was the center of a double breasted black suit. Jack didn't notice this because the same black ring appeared and coved it like how Danny transforms.

Vlad: (to himself in fear) uh-oh…

Jack: Now then, (draws card) I give my monster extra power with my Malevolent Nuzzler magic card.

He puts the card in the Duel Disk and Kycoo glows and its power becomes stronger.

Jack: Attack him again! Show that ghost that no one puts Jack Fenton's family in danger! Sprit Repress!

Kycoo creates another piece of parchment with Japanese writing on it. He creates another ball of energy, only bigger, and fires it at Vlad.

Vlad: Oh, pickled eggs!

His body becomes light blue, meaning he's gone intangible, but the beam hits him anyway. He lets out an agonizing yell as he falls to his knees and falls flat face to the floor. Jazz and Maddie finally regain consciousness and sees that Jack took down Vlad Plasmius. They got up and rushed towards Jack.

Maddie and Jazz: Jack/Dad, are you ok?

Jack: Better then alright, girls. Our Fenton Duel Disks worked like a charm. That ought to show him. (Looks at Vlad) What the?

The girls looked where Vlad is and sees him getting up slowly. As his face is shown, we see that his left eye became a human blue and a portion of his skin looked human as well. Vlad didn't notice this, but when he saw that the Fentons gave him a strange and confusing look, his glance turned to a reflective piece of equipment and saw why they were looking at him like that.

Vlad: (Gasp) No!

Jack: What on earth is going on?

Jazz: I'll tell you. Or maybe I should show you.

The Fenton Ghost Peeler charges up again.

Vlad: You wouldn't dare-

Before he finishes, she pulls the trigger, shooting the energy beams towards Vlad. Vlad screams in pain as his skin started to peel off him, revealing a white haired human in a black suit. Once it was complete, she stopped. Jack and Maddie immediately recognized the man.

Jack and Maddie: Vlad Masters?

Jazz: That's right.

Jack: I don't believe it! That ghost was using our good friend as a puppet!

Jazz: (looks annoyed) no dad, he is the ghost!

Maddie: But that's impossible.

Vlad: I'm afraid she's right Maddie.

They all see that he's got up.

Vlad: I suppose I have no choice now. You see, Jack and Maddie, that accident back in college that ruined my life rearranged my molecules and exposed me to the ectoplasmic energies coming from that portal. Creating this!

Black rings appear on his torso again, much like Danny's, and it spilt into two, one going up and another going down, transforming him back into Vlad Plasmius.

Vlad: The first Ghost Hybrid you're foolishness created: Vlad Plasmius.

Jack: (in shock) you mean… All this time, since the accident, you where a ghost?

Vlad: Half-ghost to be precise.

Maddie: (in shock) I don't believe it.

Jazz: Believe it.

Jack: (to Vlad) how come you never told us about this? We've could have helped you!

Vlad: You, help me? HA! You're the reason I'm like this! But it hasn't been all bad; these powers helped me be the self-made billionaire I am today.

Maddie: There's still a way to fix this, you can have your old life back.

Vlad: HA! You think I want to get rid of them now! Besides, (to Maddie) my life has been over ever since you married that oaf!

Jack: Hey!

Vlad: We've could have been perfect together, you and I, but because of that Buffoon and his portal, I lost that chance!

Maddie: (angry) oh really? Well, for your information, Vlad, Even if that accident never happened, I still would have chosen Jack over you!

Vlad: What?

Jack: What? You're serious, honey?

Maddie: (to Jack) of course, Jack. You're much more caring then Vlad ever was.

Vlad: ENOUGH! I've tried to be patient but I'm starting to get annoyed. Tell me where is you're son or I will be forced to use (Hands glow) deadly persuasions!

Jack: I don't think so, Vladdie! Kycoo, Attack him again.

Kycoo begins to strike again.

Vlad: Oh, no, not this time!

Vlad shoots an ectoplasmic blast at Kycoo and the blast destroyed him. Jack's Duel Disk stated to spark and the electricity shocked him.

Jack: Ah!

Maddie: Jack, are you ok?

Jack: I'm fine, it just hurt a little.

Jazz: Stay right there uncle Vlad or get ready to get peeled again.

Vlad: Hold it right there.

He shot more ectoplasmic energy towards them and it begins to wrap them up like a rope, trapping them together and keeping them to move. He them pushed them across the room towards a table, keeping them stuck there. It was then at that point, a piece of paper started to blow from the table the Fentons are on now and towards Vlad. It hits him right in the face. Vlad takes it and makes an attempt to throw it away, but then he notices that it has Danny's name on it. He studies the paper more closely and we see that it is Danny's acceptance letter to the Team World Tournament.

Vlad: Hmm… so this is where he is, huh? Excellent! I'm one step closer into defeating that meddlesome Danny Phantom. (Thinks for a moment) And I know the best way to find him.

He then walks over to another desk and searches through them until he finds a Silver and green boomerang.

Vlad: If this stupid thing can find Danny as far as across states, then maybe it can find him again.

Jack: The Boo-merang?

Jazz: (gasp) it's still locked on into Danny's signature!

Vlad turns on the Boo-merang and then opens the ghost portal.

Vlad: By using this device, I should find Daniel wherever he is.

He then pulls from his pocket a green skeleton key that actually looks like its name.

Vlad: And using the Skeleton Key will let me get to wherever he is.

Jack: You better not hurt our son!

Vlad: I'm afraid I can't make that promise.

Maddie: What are you talking about?

Vlad: Oh, that's right, you don't know. Well, unfortunately, if I say anything, you'll try and stop me. But for now, I bit you three, adieu.

He now throws the Boo-merang into the ghost portal and makes a hot pursuit on it, and closing the ghost portal after he enters.

Jack: I can't believe Vlad would hold a grudge like this. We were such great friends.

Maddie: That Ghost wasn't our old friend, Jack. Those powers turned Vlad into a heartless creature.

Jazz: Well, we've got to get out of this and stop Vlad before he hurts Danny.

Jack: If I could just reach to my deck…

Even though he was tided up, his hand where still near his Duel Disk. He struggles to draw a card, hoping that whatever it was would help him.

Jack: …Almost there…

He succeeds in drawing a card. He then looks at it, smiling that he drew a monster card.

Jack: alright, now all I have to do is… summon…

He struggles to get the card on his Duel Disk, trying all his might to fight the tightness of the ectoplasmic ropes.

Maddie: Come on, Jack, you can do it!

Jazz: Hurry, dad, we're losing time.

Jack: (grunting) almost there…

He still tries all his might until finally…

Jack: I… summon… my… Dark Magician!

He finally gets the card on his Duel Disk as the monster from the card appears in front of him (A/N: Jack's Dark Magician is red, like Arkana's). The red Dark Magician looked at Jack and his family.

Jack: Dark Magician, free us from these ropes. Dark Magic Attack!

The Dark Magician shoots a magical energy blast from his staff, which hits the ectoplasmic rope and frees the Fentons.

Jack: Great job, Dark Magician. I may need you for later so return to the deck.

Dark Magician starts to glow and he fades away.

Maddie: We've got to hurry! We may still have time to tail him.

Jack: Quick girls, grab as much of the weapons we have from the vault and meet me at the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle!

A few minutes later, Jazz and Maddie came into the garage, where the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle, or Fenton RV, was staying at. Both the girls have hands full of all the different weapons they have; they entered the RV and put away each weapon.

Maddie: (puts guns away) there, that's the last of them. (Looks around) where's your father?

Jack: (enters the RV) did you get everything?

Maddie: We brought every bit of Anti-ghost gear we have.

Jazz: We also have our Fenton Duel Disks and our decks.

Jack: Good, good.

Jack then enters the driver's seat and starts the RV.

Jack: I managed to salvage parts from the Specter Speeder when it was damaged and added them to the Fenton RV.

The ground under the Fenton RV starts to move and the vehicle lowers down. We see that the area is connected to a lowering platform under the basement. The platform turns the Fenton RV until it faces the ghost portal.

Jazz: Um, dad? How are we gonna find Vlad?

Jack: Easy, pumpkin.

Jack pushes a button on the control panel and it produces a holographic circular map.

Computer: (male) Real world items detected.

Jack: Wherever the Boo-merang is, Vlad and Danny are sure to be at. Now let's go, Fenton family!

He pushes another button and changes the settings on the stick shift. The Fenton RV's wheels and caterpillar tracks start to transform and become Hover jets, much like in the "Back to the Future" movies. The Ghost portal opens and creates the entrance to the Ghost Zone.

Jack: Set the house on "Instant Ghost Alert." If so much as a ghost fly enters, the house's defense system should get rid of it. Now let's rock! BANZAI!

In the rear of the RV, Rocket Boosters appear and they ignite, propelling the Vehicle into the Ghost Zone. Inside the Ghost-Zone, the area is all green, everything being warped and doorways and areas of land everywhere. We now see Vlad, still on the trail of the Boo-merang that is searching for Danny, and not to far behind, but still very far, is the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle, following the Boo-merang's on the real world item detector.

Jack: Ok, girls, if we just steady the course, we should be able to make it to Danny before Vlad does anything. I just hope he's alright.

Our Story continues in the duel between Team Bakura and Team Phantom. Yami Bakura had managed to summon one of his most powerful monsters, the Diabound Colonel, a monster that gets stronger with each monster it destroys. Luckily for Danny, Sam and Tucker, Yami Bakura ended his turn.

Yami Bakura: (chuckles) you three seem nervous. Of course, why wouldn't you be? I would be nervous too if I was facing down a creature that gets stronger with every monster it destroys.

Sam: Hey, golden eye, you want to shut your trap so I can take my turn?

Yami Bakura: (non-sincere) oh yes, how rude of me. Go on and make your move, Samantha.

Sam: You just want a death sentence, don't you? No one calls me Samantha except my parents.

Yami Bakura: (sarcastically) I'm terrified.

Sam: Oh, you will be.

She draws a card from her deck and she looks at it. We see that the card she drew is the Left Arm of the Forbidden One.

Sam: (Thinking) hmm, I already got Exodia's left leg and right arm, I'm just two pieces left. I've got to draw this out until I get the last two pieces, and I have just the card. (Aloud) I play a magic card, (puts card in Duel Disk) Different Dimension Capsule.

The magic card is shown on the field. A green sarcophagus with a clock on it appeared.

Sam: It let's me search my deck for any card I wish.

Holo-cards start appeared in front of her. She looks through them and touches one, making her choice. A lone card pops out of her deck and she takes it.

Sam: Next I place the card into the capsule and remove it from play. Once two turns have passes, that very same card is allowed to go to my hand.

The capsule opens as a large holo-card appears and enters it. The capsule then begins to go underground until it is no longer there.

Sam: I'll end my turn by switching my Reaper on the nightmare in defense mode.

She changes the position of the card. The Horse kneels down with the Reaper's scythe shielding both monsters.

Sam: (to Lumis) your go, white mask.

Lumis: (takes drawn card and looks at it) hmm, I'll set two cards facedown.

He puts the cards in the arm part of his Duel Vest and the cards appear facedown in front of him.

Lumis: Next I'll set a monster facedown in defense mode.

He puts the card on the arm part of his Duel Vest and the monster card appears facedown in front of him.

Lumis: And that will be it for now.

Tucker: Then, I guess it's my turn (draws card). I play a Magic card.

He puts the card in his Duel Disk and it appears in front of him. The image is of a graveyard with a "Curse of Dragon" and a "Gaia the Fierce Knight" coming from the graves they are in.

Tucker: It's called Fusion Resurrection (A/N: made it up). This magic card can only work if I have one or more fusion monsters in the graveyard and or removed from play. It allows me to Special Summon the fusion material monsters that created the monsters at a cost of 100 Life Points per monster. So I pay 500 Life Points and bring back these monsters.

Tucker: 6750

Tucker's graveyard glows and five monsters appear from it.

Tucker: V-Tiger Jet…

ATK: 1600
DEF: 1800

Tucker: … W-Wing Catapult…

ATK: 1300
DEF: 1500

Tucker: …X-Head Cannon…

ATK: 1800
DEF: 1500

Tucker: … Y Dragon Head…

ATK: 1500
DEF: 1600

Tucker: …And Z-Metal Tank.

ATK: 1500
DEF: 1300

Tucker: first I combine VW and then XYZ.

W-Wing Catapult opens a compartment and V-Tiger Jet connects to that part, forming a new monster.

ATK: 2000
DEF: 2100

The small connection port on the Bottom of X-Head Cannon starts spinning, and forms electricity. Y-Dragon Head's center opens, creating a hole as it sparks. The connection port on Z-Metal Tank starts sparking too. X-Head Cannon's Connection port goes though Y-Dragon Head's. All ports come together magnetically, forming a new monster.

ATK: 2800
DEF: 2600

Tucker: Then, once more, I combine them both, forming my VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon!

Both the two monsters take to the air and they all disassemble. The caterpillar tracks on Z-Metal Tank detach and split in half and they reattach to X-Head cannon's arms and the body attaches to the back. The Wings on Y-Dragon head start to move to X-head Cannon's back. VW-Tiger Catapult disassembles and the V-Tiger Jet attaches to the back, followed by the wings. And the V-Tiger Jet's head covers X-head Cannon's. W-Wing Catapult splits in half and turn into legs, which is then attached to the bottom of Y-Dragon Head. The transformation is complete.

ATK: 3000
DEF: 2800

Tucker: Now I activate it effect of removing one opposing card from play, and I bet you know what card I'll choose.

Lumis: And you can bet I'll stop you from doing so.

He pushes a button on the arm part of his Duel Vest and one of his facedown cards flips up.

Lumis: My "Shift" changes the target to another monster. So now, you Robot will remove my facedown monster.

The VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon shoots a beam from one of its cannons and it hits the facedown monster, making it disappear.

Tucker: Well, you forgot effect number two: changing the position of the monster it attacks, and I attack that Diabound Colonel, switching it to defense mode.

The VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon charges its cannons as Diabound Colonel kneels into defense mode.

Tucker: You're monster only gets its ATK stronger, but its DEF is still pretty weak. Attack with Dragon Catapult Cannons!

Lumis: Not so fast, I still have one more trap out!

He pushes a button on the arm part of his Duel Vest and his facedown card flips up.

Lumis: Go Zero Gravity!

The trap card lets out an energy wave, hitting Tucker and Sam's monsters.

Tucker: Oh crap! That changes the battle positions of all our monsters.

VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon kneels into defense mode while Reaper on the Nightmare gets up and moves into attack position.

Lumis: So what now, Tucker?

Tucker: Grrr… nothing. I'll just set these two cards facedown.

He puts the cards in his Duel Disk and both cards appeared facedown in front of him.

Tucker: And I call it a turn.

Umbra: (takes pushed card) I'll set only three card facedown.

He puts the three cards in the arm part of his Duel Vest and they all appear facedown in front of him.

Umbra: And I'm afraid that's all I can do.

Danny: Then it's my go (draws card). First I pay 500 Life Points to keep Sprit's Invitation on the field.

Danny: 2500

Danny: Then. I summon the Inaba White Rabbit.

He puts the card on his Duel Disk and the summoned monster appears in front of him:

ATK: 700
DEF: 500

Danny: And this bunny's no pushover. When he attacks, it's directly to your Life Points. Inaba White Rabbit, attack!

The Rabbit's weapon charges up and propels it into the air.

Yami Bakura: Where did it go?

From behind him, the Inaba White Rabbit quickly falls down back to the ground.

Danny: Dude, you might want to turn around.

Yami Bakura does so and is stricken buy the Monster's device.

Yami Bakura: 900

Danny: Heh. Ain't he a "Wascally Wabbit"? (Inmates Elmer Fudd's laugh)

Yami Bakura: Very funny! We'll see who's laughing when the darkness swallows you whole.

Danny: I think not. You're millennium item collection won't be completed if you're not around to take them. You're plan end here.

Yami Bakura: (Laughs Evilly) you fool! My plan has already begun.

Sam: What are you talking about?

Yami Bakura: As we speak, our little shadow game is attracting almost all of the participants of this tournament. The game is only a distraction while my minions do the actual dirty work.

The scene changes to outside of the shadow game, in Team World. In the alleyways of most of the building, figures in black cloaks sneak their way through the shadows.

Danny: (voice over) Minions?

Yami Bakura: (voice over) my new recruits of elite duelist. Much similar to the Rare Hunters belonging to Marik, these duelists follow my will, with only darkness in their hearts. These duelists travel through the shadows, which is why I've given them the name "Shadow Riders." As we duel, my Shadow Riders are out there, causing duel chaos.

We now see that the five figures, or Shadow Riders, are now facing a duel team. Team XJ9 to be precise.

Yami Bakura: (voice over) Attacking any unsuspecting team that threaten to get in their way.

Jenny: (sees the Shadow Riders) who are those guys?

Brad: I don't know, maybe it's another duel team. (To the Shadow Riders) hey, does the Grim Reaper know you guys raided his wardrobe? (Laughs)

The five Shadow Riders said nothing, only activating their Duel Disk.

Sheldon: Oh great! I think you got them Mad!

Jenny: Well, we can take them.

Sam: (Voice over) what do you mean whoever gets in their way? Are they looking for something?

Danny: (voice over) more like a "someone." The other millennium items and whoever owns them

Yami Bakura: (voice over) that's right. And my Riders won't discriminate between the ones they are after, and the ones that get in their way.

The scene changes back to the shadow game.

Yami Bakura: Once all the Millennium items are under my control, the world will be covered in endless darkness. (Maniacal Laugher)

Danny: Dude, I thought Plasmius was one, but you…You are one Seriously Crazed-Up Fruit Loop! Your plan is never going to happen.

Yami Bakura: Is that so?

Danny: Uh, yeah. I may not look it, but I'm a lot stronger then you think. And once we win this duel, I'll blast your butt right into the Ghost Zone where you can't hurt anyone again.

Yami Bakura: I think not. End your turn.

Danny: Fine, I will.

Inaba White Rabbit glows and disappears as it returns to Danny's hand.

Danny: And in case you forget: Spring of Rebirth increases my Life Points by 500 every time a monster returns to the owners' hand.

Umbra: Not this time! I have a trap card.

He pushes a button on the arm part of his Duel Vest and one of his facedown cards flip up.

Umbra: Bad Reaction to Simochi.

Danny: What does that do?

Umbra: This continuous trap card reverses your Spring of Rebirth increasing effect. So now, instead, you lose 500 for every monster that returns to the owners' hand.

Danny: WHAT?

Danny: 2000

Yami Bakura: (Maniacal Laugher) oh my, has the tables turned. Now your best benefit is against you.

Danny: well, since my Spirit monster returned to my hand, my Sprit's Invitation activates. When a Spirit monster comes back to my hand, well I can then return one of my opponent's monster's to their hand. So say goodbye to that Diabound!

Danny's trap card glows, as does Diabound Colonel. Diabound disappears and returns to Yami Bakura's hand.

Yami Bakura: Hmm, A slight setback. However, you'll be the one who pays the price. Your Spring of Rebirth will now do damage to you.

Tucker: Hold on, golden eye. That magic card might do damage, but Danny is still allowed to transfer it to another teammate. (To Danny and Sam) you guys are low one Life Points, let me take the damage.

Danny: Alright, Tucker, I hope you know what you're doing. I transfer Spring of Rebirth's effect to Tucker.

Tucker: 6250

Yami Bakura: Well, it's my turn now (Takes pushed card). Perfect! I play Pot of Avarice.

He puts the magic card in the arm part of his Duel Vest and the card is shown.

Sam: "Pot of Avarice"? That's one of the Rarest and strongest magic cards I've seen.

Yami Bakura: Too true. Pot of Avarice can only work if I have five or more monsters in my graveyard. First I choose five monsters and return them to the decks, and thanks to Team World rules, a magic card can either target me, or all of my teammates, so I return three monsters from my teammates graveyards to their decks: Two Masked Beast Des Guardius, and one ritual masked beast.

Lumis and Umbra's graveyards glow as the cards describes pop out from them and return to their hands.

Yami Bakura: and as for me, I return Makyura the Destructor and the Souls of the Forgotten.

His graveyard glows and the cards describes pop out and returns to his hand.

Yami Bakura: Now we Shuffle the cards right back into our decks.

The three duelists take their returned cards and shuffles them back to their decks. Once finishes, they load them back into the Duel Vests

Yami Bakura: Now I'm allowed to draw two cards from my deck (Does so). Oh, isn't this perfect? I've drawn another of my most powerful monsters.

Danny: Oh, crap.

Yami Bakura: to summon this monster, I must remove three Fiend-type monsters, so I remove my Headless Knight, my Earl of Demise, and my Archfiend Solder, in order to summon…

He puts the card on the arm part of his Duel Disk. His graveyard glows a black light and fog, his newly summoned monster appears.

Yami Bakura: Dark Necrofear!

ATK: 2200
DEF: 2800

Yami Bakura: Sure, she may not all that strong, but her powers make up for it.

Sam: Oh, boy. I know what you're planning!

Yami Bakura: Do you, now?

Sam: Yes. I have that card as well, and I know all of its powers.

Yami Bakura: then you won't be surprised when I do this: I sacrifice my Dark Necrofear to re-summon my Diabound Colonel.

He puts the card on the arm part of his Duel Disk. Dark Necrofear disintegrates and his Diabound take its place.

ATK: 1800
DEF: 1200

Tucker: Hey, I thought you said it keeps the ATK points it gains.

Yami Bakura: fool! I was merely bluffing when I said that.

Tucker: So you just Physiced us out! You little…

Yami Bakura: Temper, temper. You wouldn't want to lose your head, now would you? The fun's only starting.

Tucker: What do you mean?

Yami Bakura: By sending Dark Necrofear to the graveyard, I can now activate my Field-magic card.

A card is pushes out of his deck and he takes it. A small slot opened above the wrist part of the Duel Vest and he puts the card in it. Once it closed again, it glows as the playing field starts to change: Nightmarish scenery and open eyes and mouths appeared everywhere.

Yami Bakura: Welcome to my Dark Sanctuary. This powerful Field card will be the end of you all. And don't bother trying to destroy it, for as long as my Dark Necrofear stays in the graveyard, it can't be destroyed. Now I play the magic of Jam Breeding Machine.

He puts the card in the arm part of his Duel Vest. The magic card is shown and a large machine appears from it.

Yami Bakura: Confused? It will all come clear in the next turn, but for now, Diabound, attack Danny directly with Helical Shockwave!

Diabound creates electricity and fires it at Danny.

Tucker: hold on, Fool. I have a trap card.

He pushes a button on his Duel Disk and one of his facedown cards flip up.

Tucker: Go Draining Shield!

As the attack from Diabound makes its way to Danny, a shield appeared in front of him, blocking the attack.

Yami Bakura: What happened?

Tucker: Thanks to my trap, not only was I able to block the attack, but now Danny gains Life Points equal to the attacking monster's ATK points.

Danny: 3800

Yami Bakura: Humph! Lucky move! I end my turn.

Sam: And that's my cue. (Draws card)

Umbra: Hold it right there, Samantha. (Pushes button) I'm activating my second trap card.

One of his facedown cards flips up.

Umbra: Ominous Fortunetelling.

Sam: Ok, what does that do?

Umbra: You'll find out when it's our turn again. But don't worry about it now; go ahead with your turn.

Sam: Uh…Okaaaaaay. I'll set just one card facedown.

She puts the card in her Duel Disk and it appears facedown in front of her.

Sam: Next I switch my Reaper on the Nightmare back into defense mode.

She changes the position of the card and the monster kneels in defense mode.

Sam: Finally, I'll set one more monster facedown in defense mode.

She puts the card on her Duel Disk and the facedown monster card appears in front of her.

Sam: That's all.

Lumis: Now it's my turn (takes pushed card). And now our Ominous Fortunetelling card activates.

The face up trap starts to glow and a crystal ball appears from it.

Lumis: During each of our Stand-by Phases, we choose one random card from the hands of either of you three. Once we choose, we have to guess whether it's a monster, magic or trap card. And if we guess right, the card holder loses 700 Life Points.

Danny: Oh boy. (Thinking) I don't know about the others, but most of the cards in my hand are monsters. If they find that out, I'm as good as dead.

Lumis: Now I choose.

Behind Team Phantom, appeared all the cards they each had in their hand, all facing away from Team Phantom. Lumis was looking at each one, thinking on which to choose.

Yami Bakura: (thinking) Lumis is having trouble deciding on whom to choose. Well, perhaps my millennium eye will solve that problem.

The millennium eye flickers as he uses it to read Team Phantoms' minds and to discover what the cards in their hands are. It was then when he was focusing on Sam that he saw the three pieces of Exodia in her hand.

Yami Bakura: (Thinking) WHAT? That Gothic little runt has Exodia? This could be a problem. We have to get rid of her before she has all the pieces. Lumis!

Lumis: (through thought) don't worry master, we know what to do. (Aloud) alright, I've made my decision. I will choose a card in Samantha's hand: the middle one.

All but the middle holo-card in Sam's hand disappears.

Lumis: Now, all I have to do is guess right and Samantha loses 700 Life Points. Now let's see… (Thinks for a moment)… I'm going to say… (Long Pause)… Monster card!

The card turns around, revealing the Right Arm of the Forbidden One.

Danny: No! He was right!

The crystal ball glows and shoots a beam at Sam. She guarded herself with her Duel Disk as the beam hits her.

Sam: 1950

Danny: (thinking) great! Not only was that Lumis guy right but now they found out that Sam has Exodia. They might try and get rid of her first!

Lumis: I think I'll end my turn with two more facedown cards.

He puts the cards in the arm part of his Duel Vest and the cards appear facedown in front of him.

Tucker: Now it's my turn. (Draws card, thinking) Ok, things look bad, very bad. I don't have much in my hand or on the field that can help us. The only thing I got is my Dragon Catapult Cannon. One of its effects is to remove a card on the opposing side of the field. I've got three choices: either remove that Diabound, that "Bad Reaction" card, or that Fortunetelling card. If I get rid of that Ominous Fortunetelling card, Sam and Danny will be safe. However, Danny would still be in trouble because of Spring of Rebirth being backwards because of Bad Reaction to Simochi, so I should get rid of that. But that would be a moot point because Diabound Colonel will waste anything and take half its ATK. This is a tough spot. What to do, what to do?

Umbra: Hmm, you seem stressed. Perhaps I can make it better, (pushes button on Duel Vest) or make it worst!

His last facedown card flips up.

Umbra: My Raigeki Break destroys one card that's on the field, and I choose that Megazord Wannabe.

He sends one card from his hand to his graveyard. A lighting bolt shoots out of the card and hits VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon, destroying it.

Tucker: NO!

Umbra: So much for that.

Tucker: I'm not licked yet. My magic card, Frontline Base, lets me Special Summon a low level Union-type monster. So I summon my Heavy Mech Support Platform.

He puts the card on his Duel Disk and the summoned monster appears in front of him.

ATK: 500
DEF: 500

Tucker: But wait, there's more. Next I use my Normal Summon on my second X-Head Cannon.

He puts the card on his Duel Disk and the summoned monster appears in front of him.

ATK: 1800
DEF: 1500

Tucker: Now I can activate this.

He pushes a button on his Duel Disk and one of his facedown cards flips up.

Tucker: Thanks to my facedown card, Roll Out, I can take one Union-type monster from my graveyard and equip it to a correct target. So I bring back my Y-Dragon Head.

The trap card glows and Y-Dragon Head Returns.

ATK: 1500
DEF: 1600

Tucker: And now I combine Y-Dragon Head and X-Head Cannon.

Y-Dragon head opens a compartment on its back and X-Head Cannon attaches to it.

Tucker: Say hello to XY-Dragon Cannon.

ATK: 2200
DEF: 1900

Tucker: Now I activate its card effect. I discard one card to destroy one magic or trap card, and I choose Bad Reaction to Simochi. (Thinking) This way, Danny can still give Life Points to Sam.

He discards from his hand and XY-Dragon Cannon shoots energy beams at the chosen trap, destroying it.

Tucker: I have one more card in my hand and I'll use it, (Put card in Duel Disk) Machine Duplication, which I use on Heavy Mech support platform.

The magic card is shown on the field. It scans the first Heavy Mech Support Platform and two more platforms appeared next to the first one.

Tucker: Now I equip one of them to XY-Dragon Cannon and increase its ATK and DEF by 500.

One of the platforms attaches itself to XY-Dragon Cannon.

XY-Dragon Cannon:
ATK: 2700
DEF: 2400

Tucker: XY-Dragon Cannon, take out That Diabound with Dragon Cannon Assault!

XY-Dragon Cannon's guns charge up until they are a full power. It begins to fire but then something unexpected happened: A ghost appeared from XY-Dragon Cannon and it rushes towards Tucker, hitting him strait on his chest.

Tucker: 4900

Tucker: Ow! What happened? Why didn't my monster attack and how did I lose Life Points?

Yami Bakura: (Chuckles) you fell victim of my Dark Sanctuary. You see, there is a ghost living in the Dark Sanctuary and once per turn, he possesses one random monster on the opponent's side of the field. And if you're foolish enough to attack with it, the owner of the monster loses Life Points equal to half of the possessed monster's ATK points. Of course, they won't go to waste, all the Life Points you lose go strait to me.

Yami Bakura: 2250

Danny: Oh great, more bad news. It just keeps getting better!

Tucker: you win this round, but next time you won't be so lucky.

Umbra: I'm so scared. (Takes pushed card) now I activate my Ominous Fortunetelling.

Behind Team Phantom, appeared all the cards they each had in their hand, all facing away from Team Phantom.

Umbra: I'm going to guess that Samantha's right card is a monster card.

The card chosen turns around, revealing the Left Leg of the Forbidden One. The crystal ball glows and shoots a beam at Sam. She guarded herself with her Duel Disk as the beam hits her.

Sam: 1250

Danny: (Thinking) damn it! They were right, again!

Umbra: Now all that's left is to set a monster facedown in defense mode, and one more facedown card.

He puts it on the arm part of his Duel Vest and the defensive monster card and facedown card appear in front of him.

Umbra: I end my turn.

Danny: Then it's my go (draws card). I pay 500 Life Points to keep Sprit's Invitation on the field.

Danny: 1500

Danny: Next I play a magic card: (puts card in Duel Disk) Mystical Space Typhoon!

The magic card is shown on the field.

Umbra: That lets you destroy any one magic or trap card that's on the field. Let me guess: you're going to destroy my Ominous Fortunetelling.

Danny: You're right that I'll destroy that one, but not with Mystical Space Typhoon. I'm going to destroy that Masked Doll magic card.

Wind started coming from the card and strikes the Masked Doll magic card, destroying it.

Umbra: What? Why would you destroy that card?

Danny: You said that the Masked Doll protects Life Points from card effects that work with life point cost, and I can use something like that. So for me to use it, I had to destroy it first.

Yami Bakura: Why's that?

Danny: Because now the stage is set for this magic card: (puts card in Duel Disk) Double Spell!

The magic card is shown on the field.

Danny: Thanks to this card, when I discard another magic card to the graveyard, I can use a magic card in my opponents' graveyard.

He shows a magic card, Fissure, and sends it to the graveyard. The Double Spell card glows, as does Umbra's graveyard. A lone card pops out of it and flies towards Danny. Danny catches it in mid-air.

Danny: And I guess you know what I want: Masked Doll!

He puts the card in his Duel Disk and it appears in front of him.

Danny: Now with this card on my side, I won't need to pay Life Points to use my Ultimate Offerings. So get ready for a massacre!

Tucker: Danny, wait! Use our monsters. XY-Dragon cannon…

Sam: Reaper on the Nightmare….

Tucker and Sam: Control-shift to Danny and follow his orders.

The two monsters move towards Danny's side of the field.

Danny: Thanks guys. I first activate Tucker's XY-Dragon Cannon's card effect: I discard this and the Crystal ball goes to pieces.

He discards from his hand and the monster's weapon's charge up. They fire energy beams at Ominous Fortunetelling, destroying it.

Yami Bakura: Hmm, not bad. You've managed to buy yourself some time, but it will be for naught. In case you've forgotten, my Ghost of the Dark Sanctuary is still in the field, in possession of any of the monsters you have, and you have no way of knowing which one is possessed.

Danny: That may be, but you've seem to have forgotten that I have my own kind of powers. (Thinking) Ever since Walker overshadowed all those people and framed me for being an evil ghost, I've been practicing trying to find a ghost even if they're overshadowing someone. Since all the cards and monsters turned real in the shadow realm, this should still work. Activate Ghost Vision!

Danny's neon-green eyes glow even brighter then before. Through his point of view, Danny could see right through the two monsters on the field and sees the same ghost that attacked Tucker, only it was in Reaper on the Nightmare.

Danny: (Thinking) found you. (Aloud) First I summon my Yata-Garasu.

He puts the card on his Duel Disk and the summoned monster appears in front of him.

ATK: 200
DEF: 100

Danny: Next I use Ultimate Offerings to summon my Asura Priest

He puts the card on his Duel Disk and the summoned monster appeared in front of him.

ATK: 1700
DEF: 1200

Danny: Now I attack! XY-Dragon Cannon, attack Diabound Colonel!

Yami Bakura: (thinking) No! He didn't choose the one that was possessed!

XY-Dragon Cannon fires its weapons at Diabound Colonel. They make a direct hit, destroying the monster.

Yami Bakura: 1350

Danny: Asura Priest, it's your turn! Finish him off with Shiva Swords!

The monster's four arms produce swords and it throws them towards Yami Bakura.

Lumis: Activate Trap!

He pushes a button on his Duel Vest and one of his facedown cards flip up.

Lumis: Astral Barrier!

The attack changes direction, hitting Lumis instead

Lumis: 600

Lumis: As long as this card is in play, any attacks can be re-directed towards any of us.

Danny: Great. Well, I still have my Yata-Garasu. Fiend Peck!

Yata-Garasu files towards Yami Bakura.

Lumis: Sorry, Danny, but my Astral Barrier is continuous.

Yata-Garasu pecks Lumis a few times, but it didn't faze him.

Lumis: 400

Lumis: It will perform the same effect as long as it says on the field or if I'm still standing.

Danny: Then maybe I should take you out. Yata-Garasu keeps you from doing your Draw Phase if he causes damage to you. Now, since Sam's monster is overshadowed by the Dark Sanctuary Ghost, I won't use it.

Yami Bakura: (Thinking, in shock) how did that little whelp find out where the ghost is?

Danny: I end my turn.

Yata-Garasu and Asura Priest glow and disappear as they return to Danny's hand.

Danny: And I gain 1000 Life Points now, thanks to Spring of Rebirth.

Danny: 2500

Yami Bakura: My turn! (Takes pushed card) and now my Jam Breeding Machine activates. Once ever Stand-by Phase, the machine will create a token monster and summons it to the field.

The machine makes a whole lot of noise and it produces a ball of ooze with an evil smile on its face.

ATK: 500
DEF: 500

Yami Bakura: The Slime Tokens are a great use for my Dark Sanctuary. Once per turn, I have to sacrifice a monster to keep the field card active.

The darkness around the Slime Token started to consume it until nothing was left.

Yami Bakura: All that's left for me is to set this facedown.

He puts the card in his Duel Vest and it appears facedown in front of him.

Yami Bakura: That's all for now.

Sam: Good. (Draws card) It's my turn.

Coming from the ground was the Different Dimension Capsule.

Sam: Now that it's been two turns, I get the card I removed from play and add it to my hand.

The Capsule completely shatters, releasing the card she removed from play. The card glows and it goes right into Sam's hand. Suddenly, all the cards in her hand begin to glow brightly.

Sam: Oh, how sweet it is. This duel is ours!

Yami Bakura: What are you talking about?

Sam: I'll give you a guess. It's something that only works with five cards. What do you think?

Yami Bakura: No… You have all five pieces?

She turns over the cards in her hand, revealing all five pieces of Exodia.

Sam: Survey says: yes!

Yami Bakura: OH-NO!

Sam: Let's see you stop the all powerful Exodia the Forbidden One!

She puts all five cards on her Duel Disk and an image of a green star appeared in front of her. The five stars are shown on each point of the star. First, a right arm is pushed out, then the left, and then the head until finally the whole monster comes out.

ATK: Infinity
DEF: Infinity

Sam: (Thinking) this is Risky. Thanks to Team World rules, if Exodia is out, it has to take out a duelist one buy one, and it has to be on the field to do that. But I can still control-shift the pieces to my teammates so it shouldn't take long. (Aloud) Alright, since that Astral Barrier will protect Bakura, I'll have him get rid of Lumis first. EXODIA, OBLITERATE!

Exodia creates a fireball in its hands and throws it towards Lumis. Lumis gets the fill blast as he screams in pain.


Lumis: 0

Once the smoke cleared, there was nothing left of Lumis except his mask, but that disappears too.

Sam: This shouldn't take much longer. Two more from him and this duel is done.

Yami Bakura: That's what you think! This duel is far from over.

Sam: What do you mean? Exodia is practically invincible. With an ATK of Infinity, there's no way to stop it.

Yami Bakura: It's true that Exodia is invincible, but that doesn't mean that the one using it is!

Danny: What are you talking about?

Yami Bakura: If Samantha goes, so will Exodia. And I have the trap to do it!

He pushes a button on his Duel Vest and his facedown card flips up.

Yami Bakura: My trap, Just Desserts, will take care of That Exodia. Team World rules state that when using Exodia, it can only obliterate one opponent by one. During that time, the five pieces have to be on the field, and each one is its own monster card. Just Desserts causes damage to the opponent. 500 Life Points for ever monster out! You do the math.

Danny: You're asking the wrong guy, I'm bad at math.

Yami Bakura: It means that Exodia and your Gothic girlfriend are as good as dead. Just Desserts activate!

The trap card glows as a ghostly form appears from it. It goes through all of Exodia's body and then it reaches to Sam. The form turns into a hand and grabs Sam's body. Her body becomes negative as energy is being drained.

Danny: SAM! NO!

Sam: (in pain) Danny, it's up to you and Tucker now! Finish that freak off!

Danny: But what about you?

Suddenly, Exodia started to beak up, first it was in five pieces, then more. Finally there was nothing left. Reaper on the Nightmare was also destroyed.

Sam: 0

Sam: I'll be fine. If you win, I'll be free. But incase we don't, I just want you to know that I…

She never got to finish, because at that moment, the darkness of the shadow realm took her in, swallowing her until nothing was left. Danny continued to look at that spot in shock: Sam lost her Life Points and the shadows took her. A few tears came from his eyes as his face showed a rage so powerful, his eyes started to glow. Even Yami Bakura looked a bit surprised at Danny's reaction.

Danny: You've done it now, Bakura. NOW I'M MAD! This Ends Now! I return XY-Dragon Cannon to Tucker. (To Tucker) It's your turn!

XY-Dragon Cannon returns to Tucker's side of the field.

Tucker: (Draws card) Thanks Danny. (To Yami Bakura) I should be safe to attack. Sam has that same Dark Sanctuary card so we know that if a monster with the Ghost of Dark Sanctuary is destroyed, you can't get him back to use again. So I think I'll use my last two Heavy Mech Support Platforms as sacrifices, so I can summon this!

He puts the cards on his Duel Disk. The last two Platforms disintegrate as the new monster appears.

Tucker: Meet my all powerful Perfect Machine King.

ATK: 2700
DEF: 1500

Tucker: And I'm not done yet. I break up my XY-Dragon Cannon back into the three monsters it became.

XY-Dragon Cannon disassembles and returns back into the three monsters it became.

X-Head Cannon:
ATK: 1800
DEF: 1500

Y Dragon Head:
ATK: 1500
DEF: 1600

Heavy Mech Support Platform:
ATK: 500
DEF: 500

Tucker: Now Perfect Machine King can benefit from all three of them.

Perfect Machine King:
ATK: 4200
DEF: 1500

Tucker: Now I reveal my last card.

He pushes a button on his Duel Disk and his facedown card flips up.

Tucker: My second Limiter Removal!

The card glows as do all the other cards

X-Head Cannon:
ATK: 3600
DEF: 1500

Y Dragon Head:
ATK: 3000
DEF: 1600

Heavy Mech Support Platform:
ATK: 1000
DEF: 500

Perfect Machine King:
ATK: 8400
DEF: 1500

Tucker: Alright. First, I'll have Heavy Mech Support Platform attack that monster.

The platform shoots a laser, hitting the facedown monster, which was Mask of Darkness.

ATK: 900
DEF: 400

Tucker: Now the rest of you, FINISH HIM OFF!

The last three monsters combined their energy and shot a great big energy blast.

Combined monster strength:
ATK: 15000

Umbra: It's not that easy, Tucker. (Pushes button) for if I go, I'm taking you to the Shadow Realm with me! Activate Contagion of Madness! (A/N: from Deja Duel part 2)

His last facedown card flips up.

Tucker: NO! That will give me have the damage you get!

The blast hits the card, spiting it into two, both hitting Tucker and Umbra.

Tucker: 0

Umbra: 0

Danny: TUCKER! NO!

Tucker: Danny, it's up to you Now…!

His voice faded as he and Umbra disappeared into the shadows.

Yami Bakura: Well, looks like another one bites the dust. (To Danny) it's just you… and me now, Danny.

Danny: Yes, it's just you and me. And once my turn begins, it will just be me left. You're going down!

Yami Bakura: Oh, I don't think so. But don't worry; you'll be joining your little friends very soon! (Maniacal Laughter)

Meanwhile, outside the shadow realm in Team World, We see Team Yugi, Team Kids Next Door and a few other teams were still outside of the Shadow Realm fog, waiting for Juniper Lee to come back with a way to see through said fog. During that time, Yami Yugi was in deep thought.

Yami Yugi: Something's not right here.

Kaiba: (Sarcastically) Gee, what makes you think that? The fact that this fog is Bakura's doing?

Yami Yugi: No, it's not that, it's the whole situation of it.

Joey: What do you mean?

Yami Yugi: The spirit of the millennium ring, attacking someone like this is not his style.

Tristan: What are you talking about? Of course it's his style, he's evil. It comes with the job description.

Yami Yugi: Yes, Tristan, but don't you think it's odd for him to attack someone in broad daylight, with everyone looking? And then create this fog where everyone can see it? Usually he attacks in secret without any witnesses.

Yami Numbuh 4: (gasp) He's right! The tomb robber would never fight like this: out in the open with witnesses everywhere, he would take them out in secret. Instead, he did this, it's almost like he wants everyone's attention.

Joey: That it, Numbuh 4! That's exactly what he wants: everyone's attention! This duel and this fog is a distraction, we're all here, trying to do something about it, and Bakura's using that advantage to formulate some new plan to get the millennium items.

Kaiba: And what, pray tell, is this plan if his, if you're so smart? A plan of this magnitude can't be done alone. And last we checked, his only allies are the ghost of duelists, and they're not all that powerful.

Yami Yugi: That may be, but nevertheless, Joey's right. He's up to something.

Numbuh 2: (looks through binoculars) hey guys, that Juniper girl is coming back.

Both teams see that Juniper Lee, her brother Ray-Ray and her dog, coming their way. The only thing different was that June now had a gold pendant with a dark purple gem in its center held in her hands.

Yami Yugi: Well. Let's see what we do now. (To Juniper) June, what did your grandmother say? Does she have something we can use?

Juniper: (catches breath) well, Ah-Mah said that this gem can let its user see through anything being hidden by dark magic. Unfortunately, she said the only downside is that it needs a sample of the same dark magic; otherwise it's nothing but a normal gemstone.

Yami Numbuh 4: It needs a sample of the same magic in order to see through the Shadow Realm fog?

Juniper: In laymen's term, yes.

Joey: That shouldn't be a problem, both Numbuh 4 and Yugi have a millennium item and it's the same magic.

Yami Yugi: I'll provide the sample. Hand me the gem, June.

Juniper: Ok, but be careful.

She gives the pendent to Yami Yugi and he puts it around his neck. The millennium puzzle started to glow and some of its energy gets transferred into the pendent. The pendent starts to glow as the center of the gem gets the glowing symbol of the Anubis open eye. The lining of Yami Yugi's eyes glow purple as his pupils glow the same color, through his point of view, he can see through the Shadow Realm fog, and the ones inside: Yami Bakura and Danny Phantom. Because Yami Yugi has never seen him before, he comes to the conclusion that he's the Danny Fenton Juniper Lee described.

Yami Yugi: I see what's going on. We were right that it's Bakura who's doing this. I can't recognize his opponent. June, what does this Danny Fenton look like?

Juniper: Well, he has black hair, his eyes are blue and he was wearing a white T-shirt with red linings on the sleeves.

Yami Yugi: Then it can't be him. The boy I see has white hair, green eyes and is wearing what looks like a black jumpsuit.

Juniper: Well, is there anyone else in there?

Yami Yugi: No, just that boy and Bakura. They're in a shadow game. Hmm, strange, I don't recognize the models of the Duel Disks they are using. Bakura's looks more like a vest.

Voice: (Male) did you say "vest"?

Yami Yugi's eyes stop glowing purple as he turns to see where the voice came from and sees a man in a police uniform. Behind the man was a few Ref-Bots, but they were dressed as police officers.

Yami Yugi: Who are you?

Man: My name is Officer Brian Corvello; I'm the Team World police commissioner. And these robots are a few of my Cop-Bots.

Joey: I didn't know John created a police department.

Brian: Well it was because of you're little run in with Dr. Drakken that John decided on it.

Kaiba: So what brings you here?

Brian: We're trying to find the low-life who made off with an experimental duel system: The Duel Vest Mach II. That same one also stole five experimental "Design X" Duel Disk models.

Yami Yugi: Hmm. Well, Officer Corvello, you may get your suspect once this fog is gone.

He turns back towards the fog and his eyes glow purple as before.

Yugi: (In Yami Yugi's thoughts) Win or lose, Bakura always finds a way out of the Shadow Realm. I just hope that white haired kid can beat him.

Meanwhile, In the Ghost Zone, Vlad Plasmius is still following the Boo-merang that is locked on Danny's signature. It seemed that he's been wandering for hours when finally, it stopped moving. The Boo-merang was still spinning but it stayed in the same spot.

Vlad: It stopped. That means Danny is here somewhere. (Thinking) With the Skeleton Key, I'll find where young Daniel is.

He pulls out the green Skeleton Key from his pocket and it begins to glow green, illuminating the area around him. The light coming from the key revealed doorways all around, some of literal meaning, some with more of a portal look of it. The Boo-merang shifted towards a purplish fog portal and stopped spinning, making it look like it was pointing towards it.

Vlad: (chuckles) I have you now, Daniel.

At the same time, the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle had also reached Vlad and was just a few yards away from him.

Jack: He's stopped. Could he have founded Danny?

Vlad takes the Skeleton Key and points it to the portal chosen by the Boo-merang. It shoots out a green energy beam and the portal begins to open.

Maddie: He's created a portal of some sorts.

Jazz: We have to follow him through it. That way, we can get to Danny before Vlad does anything.

Once the portal has been open, Vlad files through it.

Jack: There he goes!

The Fenton RV accelerates and makes it through the portal before it closed on them.

Meanwhile, back at the duel...

Danny: Ok, Bakura. This… Ends… NOW!

He draws a card from his deck and looks at it.

Danny: I summon my Yata-Garasu.

He puts the card on his Duel Disk and the summoned monster appears in front of him.

ATK: 200
DEF: 100

Danny: Next I use Ultimate Offerings to summon my Asura Priest

He puts the card on his Duel Disk and the summoned monster appeared in front of him.

ATK: 1700
DEF: 1200

Danny: Now I use it again, sacrificing my two monsters to summon this!

He puts the card on his Duel Disk. The two monsters disintegrate and the newly summoned monster appeared.

Danny: My Yamata Dragon.

ATK: 2600
DEF: 3100

Yami Bakura: (Gasp) Oh no!

Danny: Oh yeah. And to make sure I make my shot clear and true, my last card is a magic card: (puts card in duel disk) the power of Heavy Storm!

The magic card is shown on the field. A hurricane appeared destroying all the magic and trap cards, including Dark Sanctuary.

Yami Bakura: NO!

Danny: This is for Tucker and Sam! Yamata Dragon, finish Bakura off! SEARING FLAMES BARRAGE! It's over, Bakura!

All the eight heads of the dragon breath fire and they all shoot flames towards Yami Bakura. Each flame strikes him and the areas around him, causing a big explosion. The explosion also made its way towards Danny, who goes intangible when it came. The explosion also affected the millennium items Yami Bakura had, and that cause the Shadow Realm fog to begin cracking.

Outside the fog, Yami Yugi sees the flames and explosions inside and his eyes widen in fear.


The fog started to break, much like a piece of glass, with the flames pushing back. Everyone there started to run away from it as possible, but it wasn't long until the entire dome finally explodes. Everyone duck and covers as the flames erupt. Once it was safe to get up, everyone looked on to see the flames were slowly dying down.

Yugi: (in Yami Yugi's thoughts) oh-no!

Yami Yugi: (Through thought) this does not look good.

Yugi: (Through thought) what do we do now?

Yami Yugi: (Through thought) for now…. we pray

I hate to leave this Fic in a cliff-hanger, but I have to. To see what happens, you'll have to wait for my next Fic, until then, keep reading and reviewing.