Title: Morning Sickness
Author: Laura
Rating: K+
Summary: Anna's been throwing up in the morning and only she seems to know why.

Anna lay next to Yoh in their futon. He was breathing heavily next to her. She stared up into the ceiling, thinking about one topic in perticular. Two weeks ago she'd woken up early in the morning feeling fine then had rushed into the bathroom to empty the contents of her stomach. Then same thing had happened every morning to date and she was positive it would happen this morning aswell. Yoh, being the dumb cute that he is, thought that she was ill and was now always found at least three feet away. Anna didn't know whether pregnancy was a sickness. Maybe it depends on which way you look at it?

Anna was also thinking back to when this incident might have happened. Two and a half weeks ago Anna had woken up in the middle of the night and, wanting to go back to sleep, had wrapped her arms around Yoh before kissing him on the chin then snuggled into him. Yoh had taken this the wrong way and Anna didn't get anymore sleep that night. Yes, that was probably the reason for her state. She smiled. Not that she hadn't enjoyed it.

She began to think about how to break the news to Yoh. Everyone was in the house today, she could tell him in the morning. She turned her head to look at him. He was so cute when he slept, she thought as she ran her finger through his long brown hair, no, scratch that, he's cute, period.

She cuddled closer to him, burying her head into his tanned, muscular chest. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, he was her Yoh and nobody else's, he always would be.

A light breeze carried into the room making Anna shiver, Yoh felt this and brought her closer, wrapping his arms around her. Maybe I could tell him now? Anna thought. She raised her head and looked at him. "Yoh?" Yoh gave a small mumble before opening his eyes and looking at her.

"Yes, Anna?"

She looked at him, he was half asleep, he'd probably forget whatever she said by morning. No matter how important it was. Tomorrow, she thought, definitely tomorrow. "I'm cold, Yoh-kun."

Yoh gave a small smile before tugging the cover closer around them and bringing her as close as possible to his warm body. Once again she buried her head into his chest, and he buried his into her soft hair. They fell asleep in a matter of minutes.


Anna woke up early again the next morning to find herself back in the bathroom, the noise waking everyone else up. As they all ate round the table, Yoh and Horo horo eating at top speed, Anna put down her bowl and sticks and looked straight at Yoh. "Yoh-kun?"

Yoh swallowed all the food in his mouth without chewing, which was quite remarkable, and looked back at Anna. "Yes, Anna? What's wrong? You're not feeling sick again are you?" This drew everyone to the conversation.

"No, Yoh. I need you opinion on something."

Yoh's face gave a look of confusion and concern. "What? You think you need to go to the doctors?"

She shook her head. "No, Yoh, I just want to ask you something."

Relief rushed over Yoh's face. "Oh, well want do you want to ask me?"

"Do you think, baby-blue is a good colour for the nursery?"

She smiled as, over the girls screaming for joy and the boy's jaws dropping with their bowls, she heard Yoh hit the ground with a thud.