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Chapter 4: Bump

Yoh lay on his back on top the futon that he shared with Anna. He winced as he heard the sounds that emitted from their en suite bathroom, as his wife went through the daily routine of bringing back her supper for an encore. Usually, Yoh would be in the bathroom with her, holding back her hair and rubbing her back. Today, however, Anna had screamed and thrown an assortment of things at him (not that this was a new development in their relationship) and told him she didn't want him in the room. Unable to go back downstairs without first making sure the mother of his unborn child was okay, he had planted himself on the futon and waited patiently for her to appear.

Eventually, Anna emerged from the bathroom; half dressed in today's clean underwear and Yoh's white shirt, and came to stand in front of the large mirror that stood against one of the walls in the room she shared with Yoh, ignoring him laying there in the middle of the room. She scowled at her reflection.

"Look!" She half-yelled at herself more than Yoh. "It's bringing me out in spots!" She prodded the mirror at where the object of this outrage was supposed to be. Yoh sat up and squinted his eyes too look at where she was pointing with no avail, to him he could see nothing but the same pretty pale skin that graced the rest of her body. He decided not to comment.

Anna didn't react to Yoh lacking to voice his opinion and instead began to point out to herself all the things pregnancy had done to her to make her look terrible. Not that this was the case, to consider Anna now had to put up with throwing up, changing attitudes more often than clothing and being unable to control what she ate and when all in one day only to start all over again the next, she looked, well… pretty.

However, it seemed that Anna had now spotted something in the mirror that annoyed her so deeply she had to inform Yoh. She swiftly turned around and frowned deeply at him, hands planted firmly on her hips. "Do I look fat?"

Yoh, who had been taking the opportunity to take a look at his lover's wonderfully curved bottom, needed a quick recap of what they were talking about. "Huh?"

Anna fixed him a look that could burn toast and strode over to their wardrobe to find some jeans. "I think I've gained weight." She mumbled as she found the pair she was looking for and began to slide her feet into the legs. Yoh watched as the jeans followed the curves of her legs up to her thighs. Then, she slid them over those too and tried to button the jeans up.

Sadly, the jeans didn't agree with her plan. She gave a few grunts and sucked in her stomach as best she could but the button refused to be fastened. Sensing an impending storm, Yoh crossed his legs and closed his eyes. Somewhere in his brain a little light was popping on and off, something he remembered about pregnancy and weight.

"I knew it!" Anna yelled and glared at her own stomach. "I've gained weight."

In an effort to cheer her up, Yoh forced himself to stand and walked over to his fuming lover. Wrapping his arms around her, he rested his chin on her head. "I haven't noticed much."

He felt Anna frown. Uh oh. Perhaps not the best thing to say.

This is what you had to be careful of with Anna, even more so with pregnant Anna. Any comment had to be carefully said, because if it could be taken badly, it would be.

Anna pushed him away slightly so their eyes could meet. "But you have noticed?"

Yoh need something to save him, but his brain was blank. "Erm, a-aren't you supposed to gain weight when your pregnant anyway? I-it's a sign the baby's healthy, a-and it's the baby's weight not yours, an-"

Yoh stopped babbling when saw that Anna expression showed no sign of letting up. He also saw that past the anger she looked slightly upset. No girl would like to know that her lover noticed she was putting on weight, even if it wasn't fat she was putting on.

Yoh gave Anna a loving smile and rubbed her tummy affectionately. "I think it's a very cute little bump."

Anna blushed.

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