Stone Circle

This story mainly takes place one hundred years after the events of the original adventure. Also, other stories that were talked about in the game are included, while giving a nostalgic view of the original adventure. Because Imagineer could not financially support the planned sequel to my favourite game, "Quest 64", or "Holy Magic Century" as it is in Australia, I wanted to expand on the story they seemed to have planned, the story of Leohn and Sophia. I am in Tokyo at the moment so I may not have much time until I return to Australia. I'll give it my best.

Chapter One: The Desert

Epona the Witch:

"The child is born…" I muttered. Lavaar's power had become so great that it had wiped out his mind. He was no longer in control of it. Even his body was crippling under the pressure, and it couldn't hold it in any more. Something escaped his mouth in an instant, in a form I couldn't comprehend. It moved at a speed I couldn't see. It tore up the Earth and became a storm. The whole kingdom of Dindom shattered, the fortress crumbling under the pressure and falling to the ground in massive shards of steel and rock. The houses were swept away in the wind.

Staring in awe at the fury before me, I heard a low moan uttered from Lavaar's mouth, dictated to him by the darkness clutching his soul. "I hate you… the pact that binds you…", he growled at me. The green grass swaying in the gentle wind and the blue sky had become covered in dark vapour. The Earth was shaking, and the air was choking. I watched as the darkness shafted into the sky, and ripped the wings from the birds, some trapped, beating their wings into rock, broken and bloody.

Lavaar's flesh appeared to simmer, his fingertips glued to the book. He wouldn't let go. He wanted the power so much. Staring at his face, I realised he had no humanity left in him at all. The shimmering heat of it made me tired, my vision distorted. I fell to the ground, and the vegetation beneath my fingers curled and simmered to black. I tried to get up, but the souls of my feet were cracked and burnt, and I slipped into the rocky interface of a deep shaft where the ground had cracked open, the flesh of the Earth peeling underneath the pressure of the birth.

The once soft zephyr was now a writhing storm, tearing down the walls of the kingdom. The birds fell from the sky, and to me it looked like the stars falling from the heavens. I pulled myself up onto the ground, rolling onto my back. Dindom itself had been turned upside down. It seemed as if the blood in my head was boiling and I was about to vomit. I moaned. "What vile form does this creature take?"

The sun was so strong, its beams filtering through the broken sky. All I could hear was the roaring wind, until I felt rough fingers wrap around my neck. I bolted upright, and stared into pale, bloodshot eyes. Lavaar was possessed by the rampant nightmare that escaped the book. His lips curled, uttering: "Tear apart the seed… dissolve the pact… banish art… invoke sleep…"

His other bloody hand grasped my neck. I felt my breath being choked out of me, and I desperately tried to pull his hands away from it. I pushed energy into my thighs and booted him in the stomach. Blood dribbled out of his mouth and splattered on my dress. My burning hands sifted through the dirt and found a sharp rock, and after thumping it into his cheekbone, he rolled off my cut body. I deeply inhaled air, but it felt like smoke in my lungs. I coughed and hacked tirelessly.

Lavaar's red tunic was torn and dirty, his grey hair knotted and broken. The picture of his crooked body was the consequence of his blind ambition. A man should have never turned those pages, and the text should not have been read. I couldn't help but wonder if the spirits had re-written the pages on this day, the language spelling a sick story of loss and hatred. Maybe the pact is broken. Do the spirits still have faith in humanity? Will mother go to sleep and let its fruits die? How could I kill him?

A sonic rush of fire suddenly escaped the cracks in the Earth. The child had left Lavaar, its steadily growing brain already tracking any sign of life and slaying it. The remaining trees burst into flames and disintegrated. Dindom plain had dried out; its water evaporated. Would all of Celtland suffer the same fate if the child's strength continued to grow? Without Lavaar, I was possibly the last hope for Celtland. I staggered across the ground, moving south towards Shamwood. The child was climbing in and out of the Earth like a drill, hacking away at the roots. I called, "child!"

The storm and flames in the distance rapidly turned and moved towards me like a pillar of fire. I tried to summon some energy inside me. I could feel it deep down. I relaxed, and let it rise inside me. My pulse fastened, the blood rushing faster around my body. I felt as if the spirits were confused by the imbalance in the sky, and were contemplating whether to share their energy. The flaming pillar, carrying the child, ripped across the plain, very close to me now. I managed to summon a magic barrier. "I'm too weak…"