Chapter Three: Leohn

A young black-haired boy stands at the foot of a hill. He has climbed over the ruined stone walls, around the jagged broken steel fences, and through the overgrown foliage. Everything is very quiet; no one has been here for a long time. He can hear the waves rushing up against the cliffs nearby. He is carrying a black staff in his hand. As he looks up the bluff, feeling the warm sun relax his body, a nice feeling makes its way across his body and up to his head, and he shuts his eyes for a moment…

"What a beautiful place." He pauses before continuing on, making his way further up the hill, following what seems to be a spiraling path around the edge of the cliff. Walking up, he can see the green valleys of Kennishire in the distance. Finally at the top, he slowly walks to the edge of the bluff. Far below, there is blue sea until the horizon. A small boat drifts in the distance.

Turning around, he realizes that the top of the mountain is flat. Only ruined stone is scattered there, in a small pile near the center. He walks over to the pile, feeling the wind brush up against his face. Curious, he begins to shuffle through the shards of stone with his foot. Shhh… he hears sounds somewhere, but not around him, as if inside him.

An old lady's voice speaks to him: "Brian?..."

Stunned, the boy stands straight up. But he can't feel anything any more. Nevertheless, he says, "I'm Leohn…" Silence.

Frightened, he sifts through the shards furiously until an old tablet is revealed. He scans the tablet.

"As the people stand side by side in loving care,

The shadows have all been forgotten.

The demon Mammon lies in rest,

And his puppet long gone, across the seas.

Time has taken the people of the monastery,

And fate decides this time is over.

The spirits mould this changing land,

And blow the monastery down.

People forget the ways of nature,

And refuse to accept the gift.

As I spend my last days alone by the sea,

I bury my power where the walls once stood."

Abbott Brian

"GRRR.." Leohn spins around. A wolf is staring at him with blood red eyes. Shaking now, he backs away until he stands at the edge of the cliff. Not knowing what to do, he stays still, until the rock underneath him begins to collapse. He looses foothold as the stone crumbles beneath his leather boot. Instinctively grabbing a tree root in the dirt, he struggles to get back up on the cliff. "Grr…" the wolf growls, then pounces onto Leohn's fingers, digging the claws into his flesh. Leohn screams in pain, blood trickling down his arms. The wolf retreats for a moment, and his left arm looses grip on the tree root. Holding on with one weak, painful arm, he starts feeling tired. He looks down below him, to the jagged rocks in the sea.

He looks back at the wolf, turns slowly as if about to attack again. He realizes how dire the situation is, and feels so tired… hand growing so weak… and faints…