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Brian put his head in his hands, and sighed; he could remember every word that the judge had said,as if they had been said minutes ago, not months.


"The jury has found you guilty, and you are therefor sentenced to two years in prison, for aiding and abetting a wanted criminal. You will be staying at Lompoc, not at some low grade security prison. That is my sentence, Mr. O'Connor."


That had been eighteen and a half months ago, today. They hadn't caught Dom, Letty, or Leon; and Vince had only gotten six months for his part in the heists. Only five and a half months to go for him, and he had a feeling, that his good luck wouldn't hold out much longer; that he wouldn't make it out of this hell hole. He had pissed off the leader of just about everythin, the second day that he had arrived. The guy had thought that he was gonna have a new playmate, but that wasn't Brian's idea, and he had decked the guy. The guy had broken his wrist, and Brian felt himself subconsciously rubbing where the break had been.

He now saw what Dom meant when he said that he would die before going back to the prison; Lompoc was slowly killing Brian. At least he hadn't given Dom up, and that made him feel a lot better about the whole prison situation. They had offered him just parol if he had told them where Dom was, but he had refused. He wouldn't even tell them that Vince had been a part of the heists, hence his short sentence. The good feeling he had, didn't last long though, as he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around, only to find a fist meeting his jaw. Staggering back, he immediately charged the person who had hit him. He rammed his shoulder into the guys stomach, and smiled as he heard something crack.

He was grabbed, and kicked in the cut so hard, that he fell to the ground. "I told you, that you wouldn't be making it much longer, O'Conner." Jay spat. Brian started to get up, only to have his arms grabbed, and be yanked to his feet. He was held up, and punches and kick were sent to his abdomen. There were loud cracks, and snaps. The pain in his chest was making it hard to breathe.Guards finally came over, and grabbed Jay, and his thugs.

A medic came over to Brian who was now on his side, in a fetal postion, wheezing in air, that didn't seem to come fast enoungh. The medic told the guards that he needed to be taken to the hospital, and they reluctantly agreed A few minutes later, he was loaded into an ambulence, and taken to the hospital. Once he was on a bed, his wrists, and ankels were put into restraints. That was when the blackness finally engulfed him.


"Yo Dom!" Vince called.

Dom came into the room, and asked, "What's up man?"

"My contact finally found Brian. It's a wonder that all this shit wasn't on the news. You are not gonna believe this. They sent the kid to Lompoc, he got two years, and refused to give up anything on any of us, even when they offered him parol if he talked. But that ain't even the worst part. He was in a fight a week ago, and it was so bad that he had to be taken to the local hospital."

"Oh man. Do you know who was on the other end of the fight?" Dom asked, his worry for the kid, escalating.

"Yeah, Jay, and his guys. They outnumbered him, or he would have been able to take Jay down. My contact said that before they teamed him, Brian managed to break one of Jay's ribs." Vince and Dom both smirked. "But I got an idea, since Bri is still in the hospital, and he hasn't tried to escape, they lowered the guards that were on him. This is the perfect opportunity to break him out."

"Yeah man, you're right. Get the team ready, we're going on a road trip, and we are leaving at noon. That gives them an hour to get ready." They both smirked, and Vince ran to tell the team.


Brian awoke in the same room he had been in for the past week. There was an oxygen tube hoked under his nose, that had been put there the night before, when he had, had trouble breathing again. The pain that had been intense when his breathing had gone bad, was still there, but it was numbed. If he could have, he would have looked at his bruised chest, but his hands were restrained. There was nothing he could do, no way to escape, and he was pretty sure that when they took him back to the prison the next day, Jay was going to kill him, and there was no one that would be able to stop it.

All of the sudden, he heard a commotion outside the door, and a muffled, "Hey, you can't go in there!" There was a couple thumps, and then the door opened. Standing in the doorway was Dom, Leon, and Vince. It was a good thing that he was in scrubs, and not a hospital gown, that would have been really embarrassing.

"Hey Bri, long time no see. Would have broken you out sooner, but well couldn't find yah man." Dom said.

"Why would risk getting caught to come and break me out? I deserve this, for betraying you guys." Brian said, his face, and voce confused.

"Brian, man, no one deserves this, and besides, you made up for it when you saved Vince, and me. Then you just had to take all of the blame for everything, wouldn't even tell on Vince, and you guys hated each other's guts. If that ain't loyalty in a man then I don't know what is. Now maybe we should get you outta here, before someone comes up here, they had to have heard that somewhere." He looked at Brian, who was still confused, but was now smiling. Same old cocky ass white boy. When the straps around his wrists and ankles were undone, the places where they had been were scraped raw, so they wrapped them up.

As they helped him off the bed, Brian winced, the pain in his chest coming back at full force. Dom noticed, and asked, "You alright man?"

"Yeah, just got a bad rib cage at the moment." Brian answered, and despite hisprotests, Dom lifted up his shirt, and gasped, at all of the marks. In the bruises, he could see the distinct imprint of boots, and fists, and that was only the part of his stomach, that wasn't bandaged heavily.

"Ouch, what's the diagnoses?" Dom asked.

"Four broken ribs, and two others cracked." They all gasped, and he added, "Not a big deal, at least I have the use of my arm back from the first time."

"How did you manage to make him this mad?" Vince asked, remembering that even when he and Dom were in Lompoc, Jay had never beat them this bad.

"He wanted a new playmate, in ways that I wasn't willing to commit to." Brian said, his voice harsh. "But lets get out of here, before someone comes looking." They all nodded in response, and Vince and Dom put his arms over their shoulders, helping him to walk, while Leon checked to make sure the coast was clear. They slipped out the back door, and Brian smiled to see Dom's read RX-7 waiting for them. Brian was helped into the passenger seat while Dom got into the driver's seat. Leon and Vince went to a different car, and they pulled out, just as the alarms in the hospital started blaring. Brian leaned his head back, against the head rest, and breathed a sigh of relief that he had been holding for eighteen and a half months.

He was brought back to reality, when Dom put a hand on his shoulder, and said; "Good to have you back man. Andwhat you said about deserving this..." He paused waving his hand at Brian's injuries, "we need to have a long talk later man, but for now, let's just have some fun in this car on the way home."

"Home." Brian muttered, as if it was a word that he never thought he would hear again.

"Yeah, home. You have a home with us now, down in Mexico. You saved our asses and took the rap for us, and as far as I am concerned you have earned my trust, and now I am in your debt; so yeah, home." Dom said, his voice doing all the explaining that his words didn't.