Shadow: Hi, everyone! I'm Shadow, a.k.a. RavenVsDestiny, the writer of this fic. Here with me are my co-hosts: Beast Boy and Cyborg. (Gestures to stage curtain that looks like it was stolen from an opera house. Curtain opens, revealing Beast Boy and Cyborg playing on a GameStation.)

Shadow: Uh, guys you can do that later. Show time.

Beast Boy: What? Oh, sorry. (Puts down controller and rushes over to Shadow.)

Cyborg: Boo-yah! You have once again been defeated by Cyborg the Great!

Beast Boy: Dude! That is so not fair! I came over here, where we were supposed to be a couple minutes ago.

Cyborg: What? No one told me it's show time.

Shadow: Yeah, actually, I did.

Cyborg: Oh.

Shadow: BB, you do the disclaimer, Cyborg, dedication please.

Cyborg: (Reads off of indexcards.) This story is dedicated to HappySun, Shadow's cuz who hates Terra. Shadow was going to write a Terra-comes-alive fic- and so Shadow decided to make this fic too. Shadow has a message for HappySun: "Read this fic or feel my wrath."

Beast Boy: I hope she feels her wrath anyways, hating Terra-

Shadow: (Sighs) Disclaimer, BB.

Beast Boy: Shadow doesn't own the Teen Titans. Hopefully if she did, she would make it so Raven and Robin weren't getting so close.

Cyborg: Now why would you say that?

Beast Boy: No reason!

Shadow: Cyborg, quit insinuating that Beast Boy likes Raven.

Cyborg: Only if you pay me. While we're on the subject, how much are we getting paid?

Shadow: Didn't you read your contracts?

Beast Boy: Yeah, we get free food and other legal junk.

Shadow: Section IV clearly states that you have to pay me in order to be my co-host.

Cyborg: It did NOT say that.

Shadow: (Pulls out contract and microscope, not magnifying glass, and shows them the section.) See.


Shadow: It is an honor for you to be working with an experienced writer like me!

Beast Boy: This is only your second fic!

Shadow: A minor technicality. Here's the Fanfic.

Miss Teen Jump City Beauty Pageant

Chapter 1: I'm Not Competing


"Let me get this straight," said Slade in the process of making a deal with Control Freak. "You will give me all of these explosives and weapons if I promise to use a portion of them to destroy the girls in the Miss Teen Jump City Beauty Pageant?" Control Freak nodded.

The Teen Titans looked at each other from behind the pile of crates they were hiding behind. They had two questions, and so did Slade.

"How did you get all of this," Slade said (pointing at the various weapons), "... and why do you want a bunch of stupid girls destroyed?"

"Stole it," Control Freak stated simply. "As for those girls... They were always mocking me and my superior knowledge of the Alternative Dimension as seen in the Intergalactic Showdown 5, and calling me a dork-"

"You are a dork."

"And your point is?" It's not like he can honestly deny it.

"Never mind. It's a deal." Saw that one coming.

"TEEN TITANS GO!" Robin shouted lunging towards Slade. Slade saw this and with a quick motion he threw down a smoke-screen.

"Coward!" Robin yelled as he and the four other Titans coughed in the now smoke filled warehouse. When it cleared...

"Dude! Where'd he go?" Beast Boy asked. Control Freak and Slade were no where to be seen.

"What I want to know is where did all of the explosives go?" (Robin). Those were gone too.


"Okay y'all," Cyborg began. "We need to get someone in there. It'll take more than Jump City Theater's light security system to ensure the safety of those girls." He was correct too; it wasn't that the theater didn't have cameras or a metal detector- they had them. If you walk through the metal detector and it goes off, show the security guards a belt and they'll assume that's what went off (leaving you free to smuggle any weapon of your choice in).

"What about Star? She's beautiful," Robin immediately volunteered.

"Thank you, friend Robin!" Starfire exclaimed, clearly delighted that Robin thought she was beautiful. "But what exactly is this 'pageant of beauty'?"

"Sorry, dude, don't see it working," Beast Boy said.

"Am I not pretty enough?" Starfire asked worriedly.

"You are pretty enough. You just don't understand enough of earth's customs," Raven replied.

"Who else is there?" Robin wondered aloud.

"How about Raven? She's got great legs," Beast Boy said. Everyone stared at Beast Boy in complete shock (except Raven who had put her hood on and turned away from the rest of them to hide the fact she was blushing). "The girl wears a leotard and a cape! C'mon, guys, you've got to admit you've noticed them," Beast Boy said to the two other boys.

"No, actually, I hadn't noticed them," Robin uncomfortably replied while a certain Tameranian princess glared at him.

"Well, yeah I had noticed them, but I'm not dumb enough to tell her. Then again you are the definition of dumb," Cyborg added as an afterthought.

"Well, you-" Beast Boy began.

"Nice legs or not I won't compete in a pointless beauty pageant like some bubble-headed prep," Raven interrupted. It was going to be a long day.

Cyborg: This is going to be interesting.

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