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Chapter 10-New Beginnings

Hay Lins' POV

"Five hundred words", Cornelia grumbled as the girls walked out of Sheffield about a week later. Will had been back in school for a few days, and for the most part, everything was normal. Well, as normal as things could get for the guardians.

"Five hundred", Cornelia muttered again.

"Wait a minute!' Irma exclaimed, "Am I the only one getting a déjà vu vibe here?"

Taranee, Hay Lin, and Will all ceacked up, but Cornelia just glared at Irma, who smirked at the blonde girl in return.

"Very fnny Irma", Cornelia finally said, "I'm serous though: I think teachers live to make our lives miserable"

"Where've you been?" Irma asked as they walked, "Mars?"
"Or Meridian", Cornelia muttered, "Could be either one, really…"
Will shook her head with a bemused grin, "You guys wanna come over? My mom might be home, or she might not be, it's anyones' guess, really…"

"Sure!" the girls said at the same time. Theyw alked to Wills' house, talking and laughing the whole way.

"Mom!" Will yelled as she walked in, "You home?"

Silence. Will grabbed her cell phone out of her pocket to make sure it was on, then turned to her friends with a smile, "What you guys want for a snack?"

"Anything's fine", Hay Lin said with a shrug. The othergirls nodded in agreement, so Will made her way into the kitchen muttering, "You girls can't make it easy, no, I have to actually find something, give me a few options here…"
Hay Lin giggled at her friends' attitude, and thought with a smile, Nice to have us all back together. At least Cornelia and Irma have stopped fighting. Well, as much as they can stop fighting anyways…

"How do cookies sound to you?" Will asked from the kitchen, snapping Hay Lin out of her thouhts.

"Fine", they all said. Will sighed and shook her head as she tried to find some cookies. Okay, so Will was right, they couldn't make things easy, but what fun was that, right?

"Got 'em", Will said with a grin as she walked back out with a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

"So Will", Irma said as she grabbed a cookie, "Tell us again what happened?"

"Irma", Will said with a groan, "Come on…"

"What?" Irma asked with a grin, "I'm interested, is that a crime?"

"No", Cornelia said, "But the fact that you've asked to hear the story for about two billion time is"

Will smiled, obviously greatful for the save. Ever since Will had told them about her adventures in Candracar, Irma had been one hundred percent mesmorized by the story, and Hay Lin kept getting the feeling that Will wasn't telling them something. She wished Will would tell tehm her secret, Hay Lin didn't like knowing Will was hiding something from them. She soon got her wish.

It was a little while later, maybe an hour. Wills' mom had gotten home, and everyone else had left. Except Hay Lin. She wanted to ask Will a question.

"So what aren't you telling us?" she asked Willa s soon as she got the chance.

"What?" Will asked, looking surprised, "I-I don't know what you're-"
"Don't give me that", Hay Lin said, a little imaptient, "I know you're hiding something. What happened that you aren't telling us?"

"Well…" Will was hesitant, but Hay Lin coud see her cracking, "I was given…a message, from someone in Candracar…"
"And?" Hay Lin asked as Wills' voice drifted. Will looked at her, a pained look in brown eyes.

"Your grandmother sends her love"

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