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The Witch and her Broomstick

First Year: Chug Along Choo-Choo

A loud 'toot' sounded from the scarlet train announcing it's five-minute departure time. All across platform nine and three-quarters families shared hugs and last moment farewells before students boarded the Hogwarts Express. For many it was not their first time making the journey from London to the highly acclaimed wizarding school known as Hogwarts, but that of course did not cover the excited and in some cases nervous first-years.

"Oh, my dear, make sure that you write the moment you arrive. I want to hear all about your first night and what house you're sorted into. And make sure that you talk to the other children and introduce yourself. It wouldn't due to be without company for weeks on end. Oh, and I've packed extra-" a tall blond woman ranted excitedly to a small girl she was kneeling in front of. Her fair face was flushed pink with emotion as she anxiously smoothed out the wrinkles of the young girls muggle jumper.

"Saby, continue on like that and you'll embarrass her," interrupted a deep voice from the broad shouldered man standing left of the pair.

The woman (called Saby)'s blush deepened and she reluctantly pulled away from the girl after dropping a kiss her own golden curls. The child smiled at her mother's unwillingness and she clutched the woman in a final hug of comfort. There was a soft 'cough' as the dark haired man cleared his throat and opened his own arms expectantly, and the petite blond flew into her father's embrace a large grin stretching across her face.

"I'll miss you, Dad. And don't worry," said the girl in a whisper. She pulled away gently knowing that her father was not one for public displays of affection. He was after all a hardened businessman with a no nonsense reputation to uphold (that thought always made her mother giggle).

"I promise to make you proud," she said confidently.

He nodded brusquely. "Oh, I have no doubt, Bunny. I'm sure Slytherin will be glad to except someone who can weasel their way out of trouble as you do."

The small blonde scowled at the hated nickname she had been dubbed with since birth. And as her mother wasn't the most adept at reading others Saby assumed the frown was brought about by the mention of Slytherin. "Now, Dayton, Gryffindor is just as fine a house. It served me well in my years at Hogwarts," Saby told her husband with a prideful nod.

"And don't call me, Bunny! Serena is a perfectly usable name," she pouted cutely.

Her mother beamed brightly at her daughter. "Of course it is, Bunny! It's my name and your grandmother's name, and your great-grandmother's name and your greatgreat-"

"Serena, you mustn't pout like that. It's unlady like," warned Dayton in a kind but firm tone. Saby rolled her blue eyes heavenward and sent a wink at Serena. From over her husbands shoulder she mouthed 'I packed you a package of chocolate frogs'. Serena's eyes widened gleefully at her mother's thoughtfulness and before her father could question the expression she began to climb aboard the train. All the while waving enthusiastically at her parents.

Now aboard, Serena's delight at the prospect of traveling away from home for the first time was quickly overtaken by the sensations of knots forming in her stomach.

She was leaving her parents.

For some reason Serena was just now beginning to grasp that concept fully and it left her feeling ill at ease. Ever since the day she was born she had been hovered over and fussed over at every turn. A sheltered life in her family's mansion was what she had grown up with and now she was being thrusted into a new world where her mother wasn't there spoil her and her father wasn't around to keep her inline.

She felt utterly naked.

A sharp pain in her head drew Serena from her self-pitying and a quiet curse caused her to look up at the boy she had run into. Her cheeks immediately turned a light shade of pink when she noticed the boy was very handsome and was massaging his side from where her elbow had given him a good stab.

She gave a feeble stutter. "Uh…um, sorry, I-I didn't see you."

Apparently he found her discomfort amusing because his lips twitched upward and he said in a condescending voice, "Obviously." And then he stood there expectantly as if waiting her to say something else. Serena groped around for something to say but found her brain frozen.

"Well are you going to let me through or just stand there all day?" said the boy in that same tone as if he were talking to a three year old. Serena flushed.

"Oh…yeah. I mean sorry." And she scooted out of his path so he could enter the nearest compartment. Just before his slid the door shut after him she caught a glimpse of two other figures already sitting down. Both had pale skin but the shorter one's hair was straggly and black and the others fine blonde. The handsome boy winked at her and then disappeared behind the door.

Deciding that standing there dumbly wasn't going to find her a seat, Serena made her way down the aisle hoping to spot a familiar face. And after a few moments of walking she was able to regain her composure and mentally scolded herself 'Oh get over it, Serena. He wasn't that cute. Besides, he was soooooooo rude!'

Feeling better, Serena opened the closest compartment door and smiled brightly at its occupants.

"Hello, I'm Serena Tsukino!" And she gave as small wave. "Do you mind if I sit with you?"

The boy sitting closest to the doorway rolled his eyes but it was the girl by the window who said, "Sure, knock yourself out." Not put out at their obvious disinterest Serena gladly sat down next to a round mousy looking boy who twitched when she smiled at him.

"What's your name?"

He twitched again and said barely loud enough for her to hear, "Peter. Peter Petigrew."

She nodded committing the name and face to memory and then turned to the girl.

"Lita." The tall Amazon of a girl jerked a thumb in the direction of the dark haired boy who had rolled his eyes at her arrival. "And that's James Potter. He's not normally that much of a jerk, but don't be offended he's moody."

Blue eyes glared but Lita didn't even blink. "You would be 'moody' too if your parents were forcing you to go to some boarding school just so they don't have to put of you anymore."

It was Lita's turn to roll her eyes, but Serena was to deep in thought to take much notice. Potter? He couldn't be…

"Are you by chance related to Charles and Joyce Potter?"

His eyes darkened. And in a dull voice he said, "Unfortunately. They're my parents." And at his words Serena's entire face lit up. So this was the infamous James that she had heard so much about. She'd always known they were the same age but didn't think that they would ever end up in school together. Charles and Joyce had said he was going to be privately tutored.

She explained enthusiastically to the starring Lita and disgruntled Harry, "Your parents are my parents best friends! They come to stay at our mansion every summer, but you stopped coming with them after you turned four. I always wondered why."

James seemed to gain a tad bit more life. "Oh. So you're that Tsukino. Your-"

Lita interrupted saying loudly, "Seriously! So your father is 'the' Dayton Nimbus. Wow. You've gotta be rolling in the dough!"

Peter seemed to perk up at this news as well, no longer pretending that he wasn't listening in on their conversation. Lita leaned forward in her seat causing the blond to squirm uncomfortably at the attention now focused on her.

"Mrs. Potter told me all about your home and how you have your own Quidditch pitch. That must be wonderful! I bet you're really good to," said Lita with stars in her eyes.

This new topic of conversation seemed to bring the four passengers out of their shells as James sat up straighter and Peter scooted closer to the glowing blonde. Serena nodded her head and they all dove into a thirty-minute discussion about the magical sport played on brooms.

As conversation went on Serena discovered that Lita was a keeper for a London Junior League of Quidditch team called the Shakers. And James was able to vouch for her excellent goal tending skills as he had been to a few of her games over the summer (the two were neighbors). And it turned out that James lived and breathed Quidditch, and the reason he stopped visiting her home so many years ago was due to the summer league he played seeker for. And Peter…well…he admitted to having never actually flown before but did very much enjoy watching the game.

"What's the next model they're putting out? The Nimbus Racer is going to be a tuff act to follow."

Serena gave a mischievous grin. Her father always let her test ride the new broom model before putting it out on the market, and the newest one was going to be his biggest hit yet. "You'll just have to wait and see. I happen to have the very first one produced packed away in my trunk."

James' eyes widened behind the black rims of his glasses. "Surely you can at least tell us what its called."

"Yes. Yes. I want to know too," Peter chanted in a high-pitched voice that hurt her ears.

Serena shook her head in an attempt to clear the ringing noise in her eardrums and raised a pacifying hand in the air. "Alright. I'll tell you. But you mustn't tell anyone else yet. My father would be most displeased, because it isn't going to be released for another month."

All three of Serena's avid listeners nodded quickly in a promise of secrecy.

She took a deep breath and straightened her back, feeling that it was her duty that she did the broom justice. "The Nimbus Pyro and Nimbus Pyro Excel. They're the lightest and most agile brooms to ever be massed produced and my father will be selling them global for the first time."

"Wicked!" Lita exclaimed with her hands clasped together and eyes glazed as she imagined what it would be like to ride a Nimbus Pyro Excel. James was just as an enthusiastic but did a much better job of not drooling onto his cloths. Peter seemed to catch on that whatever she had just said must have been realy something for he began to clap his hands together and make 'ooo's and 'ahhh's animatedly.

"And…and you've got one already?" James asked tentively. And at Serena's nod he asked, "Do you-well…Do you think I might be able to try it out…sometime?" He looked very hopeful and she smiled reassuringly.

"Sure. I'd love to know what other people think of it."

James managed a small smile and then stood to leave the compartment.

"Where are you going, James," asked Lita.

"Stretch my legs," he mumbled sliding the door shut behind them.

Serena watched him leave confused at such odd behavior. Though perhaps it was normal behavior; she wouldn't know. Her interaction with children her own age was very limited. At her manor just outside of London she had lived with her parents and house elves cut off from the outside world. Her father's frequent dinner guests were the only other people she came in contact with, and Serena often found these people stuffy and quickly grew bored of entertaining them. There were of course the rare occasions when a younger couple would come to dinner and bring their son or daughter with them.

Serena never really took to them however and liked to label them as 'acquaintances'. One of the most common families to visit was the Malfoys: a prestige pureblood family (like her own) that commanded a great deal of respect from the wizarding community. Abraxas and Lambia Malfoy along with their son Luscious came to dinner every other month and each time Serena would try to feign illness but after the third missed supper her mother had caught on and no matter how 'sick' she felt her attendance was required.

And so she suffered through long meals that consisted of her father and Mr. Malfoy discussing the latest ministry news and her mother and Mrs. Malfoy sharing polite and short comments about the latest political gossip. And what did Serena do? She sat uncomfortably as a silent and stiff Luscious listened to every word his father said. The only time the blonde boy spoke was to say 'good evening' and 'goodbye'. Serena didn't know how he managed not to talk, for her it would be quite a feat.

An hour later James returned from 'stretching his legs' and the four raided the lunch and candy cart when it came around. They passed the next few hours exchanging speculations of what Hogwarts would be like and sharing terror stories they'd heard from friends. And so after discussing the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a Hogwarts girl a few years back it was with a certain dose of trepidation that they exited the Hogwarts train at the Hogsmeade station, and grew even further concerned when they saw a giant man that towered over the heads of even the tallest seventh years ushering them over to an expansive lake that stood between them and the Hogwarts castle.

Breath seemed to elude Serena as she gazed upon the massive building in clear wonder. Sure her mother and father had both mentioned that it would indeed be an impressive first sight but looking at it now she knew their words hadn't done it justice.

Numerous towers stretched up into the night's darkness from the main structure appearing to scrape the navy evening sky. A thin mist had settled over the grounds and the moon's beams caught it casting a very whimsical atmosphere about everything. A loud howl erupted from somewhere in the dark woods that lined the school's property causing many of the other first years to jump nervously.

"Don worry yerselves now. They can't getch ya when I'm 'ere," boomed the giant man whom said his name was Hagrid. He had them grouping off so that they could all fit in the boats that sat eerily still in the murky waters. Somewhere in the mess of students Serena, James, and Peter had gotten separated from Lita and the three were pushed into a boat along with a short freckled girl who looked as though she would faint from fright at any moment.

"And if ya see anythin' movin' in the water it's jus the giant squid and e wont bather ya unless provoked."

The girl gulped. Serena stared at the water uneasily and gave a small yelp when the boat began to move forward. And so they were off towards Hogwarts and seven years of magic.

End First Year: Chug Along Choo-Choo