Chapter 1: Fired!

In the year 1987, Mega Man 1 was released. Besides Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, it became one of Capcom's greatest series ever.

In ensuing years, more and more Mega Man games were released. Dr. Wily came back, new characters were introduced, and Robot Masters got more and more ridiculous names. It was a glorious age.

But after Mega Man 8, Capcom abandoned the series. The new generation preferred their spinoffs, like Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero, and Mega Man Battle Network. But still Mega Man waited for his next job offer…

…until now.

"I'm getting FIRED!" The Blue Bomber slammed his fist on the desk angrily. "How does this logic work, exactly?"

The executive behind the desk sighed. "You don't appeal to the new market, Mega Man. Nowadays, kids need more excitement than the original series provided! Like…" He struggled for excuses. "…fighting a bald guy! Or, well… you know!"

"No, no I don't," Mega Man replied, trying to sound calm. "I signed a twenty-year contract with you bastards. You said I was your cash cow."

"We ripped up your contract," the Capcom executive said bluntly.

Mega Man's rage boiled over. "Why, you SON OF A BI-"

"Security, escort Mr. Mega Man off the premises."

Mega Man rubbed the side of his head. "You didn't have to throw me so HARD!" he yelled, as Guts Man walked back inside.

"So, you got fired, too?"

A very familiar whistle played in the background.

"Proto Man?" Mega Man looked behind him and saw the familiar, yellow-scarfed figure standing next to a dumpster.

"Sheesh, what gave THAT away?" Proto Man remarked sarcastically.

Mega Man looked around confusedly. "Where's Bass?"

"MMMPH! Mmm mmm mmmmph!" He suddenly noticed black and white, gold-trimmed legs waving out of the dumpster.

"Oh," Mega Man said, sheepishly. "Someone ought to pull him out."

There was an awkward silence.

"Okay, okay, I get the hint," Proto Man grumbled. He grabbed the legs and, with one quick jerk, yanked Bass out of the dumpster.

"Thanks, man." Bass dusted himself off.

He then noticed Mega Man's presence. "MEGA MAN! DIE!" he yelled, charging at him.

A red-gloved hand held him back. "Whoa whoa whoa, easy," Proto Man said, in a reasonable voice. "We've ALL been fired here."

"Rrrgh." Mega Man kicked the dumpster in frustration. "I can't believe it! How could they do this to us? We were here FIRST!"

"Well…" Proto Man hesitated. "Think of it this way. At least we're not Auto."

All three robots thought of Auto playing a harmonica in front of a cardboard box in the sidewalk, and shuddered.

"Eugh," Mega Man vocalized.

"Yeah," Proto Man agreed.

"But we STILL have to do something, Proto Man!" Mega Man crossed his arms. "This isn't right! We can't go down not fighting!"

Bass's eyes lit up. "Yeah! Let's kill each other!"

Mega Man sighed exasperatedly. "That wasn't exactly what I meant, Bass."

"Well," Proto Man remarked thoughtfully, "If we want to take our jobs back, it won't be easy. The Capcom headquarters is pretty well-guarded, and the main characters of the X and Battle Network series are still under contract with them. In fact," he paused, "It's almost like suicide."

Bass and Mega Man looked at each other.

"Your point, Proto Man?"

Proto Man shrugged. "Nothing in particular. Let's do this!"

"Whoo!" Bass fired a buster shot up in the air.

And so it was that Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass embarked on a fantastically dangerous journey to get their jobs back. Friendships would be forged, bonds would be severed, and toast would be made. Will they succeed? Will Capcom pound its humongous boot of corporate power down upon our heroes? Find out in the next chapter of The Originals Strike Back!