Author's Note: Hey peeps, this is my first shot at Vergil/Mary pairing, so do bear with me -grins- This won't be a fluffy fic though, but not overly dark either. More to come soon! Enjoy! And don't forget to review please!

"Fade away in a quest for life

Until the end, don't judge me nice"

"The Devils Cry" –DMC3

He was falling. Fast.

Sparda's spell had been broken and victory had eluded his grasp, much to Vergil's bitter, angry disappointment.

He had to trigger the devil's form, but Vergil felt his demonic power ebbing, a numb sensation enfolding him, as he plunged into the darkness below…

Hours later, when the black vertigo faded, the blue half-devil felt strength and life returning to his numb body, and his mind began to function again. Pale sapphire eyes glanced about the ill-lighted, shadowy room quickly, long hands, encased in gloves of brown leather, twitched once, and immediately searched for the keepsake katana.

"Are you looking for this, by any chance?" The voice came from a female, standing in front of him, holding the Yamato to his throat, giving him an icy blue brown stare.

The brooding line of Vergil's cruel mouth tightened with immense irritation at his unpleasant predicament.

That accursed nuisance of a girl, Arkham's daughter, was not only brazenly pointing his own sword at him, but keeping a pistol firmly levelled at his head point blank as well. Though Vergil noted her ebony rocket launcher was nowhere in sight, she must have lost it during the fall. What a shame Vergil sneered inwardly.

"You're not so tough without your toy, are you, devil-scum?" Mary spat.

Vergil made a quick mental note to punish the girl for her insolence and silence her smart mouth with the said "toy" as soon as he could figure out a way to get back to his feet without getting skewered in the process.

"Devil-scum? I would have thought a girl of your intelligence would come up with something more creative than that." Vergil said deadpan, his dark voice formally polite, yet edged with bitter sarcasm.

Mary narrowed her eyes. Who the hell did he think he was? Arrogance must run in the family, she concluded.

"And I would have thought a man in your position would know better than to open his mouth at all, let alone smart off like that. I could blow your brains out right now, although judging from your attitude; you don't even have brains at all to begin with." She said with an icy scowl.

Just like her father, all talk and no walk, Vergil thought to himself. If she wanted to kill him, she would have pulled the trigger by now, in fact, she would have had plenty of chance to finish him off while he had been unconscious.

His frosty blue eyes drilled into hers, searching with a cold analysis for the motive behind her reason to keep him alive.

"I can't say I particularly relish this delightful little chatter either, but I do sympathize with your lack of originality, given you must have spent too much time in my dear brother's company." He said smoothly, casually.

Then, before she could formulate another comeback, Vergil moved with a lightning swiftness and swept her legs out from underneath her. Taken completely by surprise, Mary fell on her back with a grunt, the weapons knocked from her hands.

Vergil extended his arm and caught the Yamato's hilt with a deft flick of his hand, before it could even hit the floor; he sprung to his feet, gaining the upper hand.

Mary acted quickly and whipped out her desert eagle, firing the whole magazine at him with an accurate shot, grinding her teeth aggressively.

The blue devil spun his katana in front of him with a lethal grace and violently blinding speed, deflecting the spray of bullets, which promptly bounced off the whirling shield and ricocheted across the room, expanding out in random directions. Mary's eyes widened and she quickly rolled out of the way behind a pillar. She immediately reloaded the semi-auto, before the demon swordsman could get within close range.

Her heart raced with the thrill of the fight, her eyes blazing blue brown fire, determined to make him pay for that sorry display of a male bravado. Instead of shooting, however, Mary bided her time until he was well within radius; then she pivoted on her heel with catlike dexterity and slammed her steel capped red boot hard into his face, eliciting a pained groan from Vergil.

The half-demon staggered, spitting blood, but held onto his sword. When the next, deadly burst of bullets rained upon him and embedded in his chest, Vergil channelled his cold demon anger and superhuman strength and resilience to heal the wounds that would kill a lesser mortal ten times over, striding towards her slowly with grim purpose all the while she kept shooting him, unblinking glacier blue eyes holding her gaze fast as he did so.

Mary took a step back uneasily, her face, glistening with sweat, etched with a look of disgust and apprehension.

Vergil suddenly lunged forward and disarmed her skilfully, kicking the gun away from her reach before she could react.

Mary glared into his face defiantly, balling her hands into a tight fist and panting softly, preparing to accept defeat with a bold composure. Then she blinked in surprise when Vergil sheathed his katana in one swift, fluid motion, instead of running her through with it.

"Why are you sparing my life? I don't need your mercy!" Mary shouted at him in sheer frustration, her temper snapping.

"I'm afraid my decision to let you live has nothing to do with mercy or gallantry." Vergil said crisply. "Whether you like it or not, we are both trapped in this place." He gestured around the eerily lit marble room that had no apparent exit with the Yamato to emphasize his point. "I don't know about you, but I will not waste time here more than I have to. I suggest if you want to see daylight again, you'd better drop the attitude and learn to cooperate." His voice was deep, dark and resolute.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures…Mary grudgingly thought, glancing around. As much as she hated to admit to herself, the silver haired half demon had a point.

She picked up her desert eagle from the floor and holstered it, missing the reassuring weight of Kalina Ann against her back already.

"Thanks, but no thanks. I'll find my own way out, Sir Galahad." She said stubbornly anyway, turning away from him with a frown.

Vergil arched a silver eyebrow thoughtfully, wondering how she was planning to do that.

"Suit yourself." Vergil said with an uncaring tone.

With or without her, he was determined to get out of this claustrophobic room, as soon as possible.

If there was one thing on earth more infuriating than his brother, it must have been women….