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Chapter 5

Three Days Later

Once again they were assembled in the break room, with their varying articles of edibles. Tobias, with his left arm in a sling, sat on the couch, with his right arm around Rebekah's shoulders. She stared boredly at the bottle of juice in her hand.

This was the last day that the Vegas CSI's were going to be in LA, and they were there discussing the hell out of the Annette Pearson case. Greg had been thoroughly commended for bringing down a dangerous killer. Martin Elroy was now in the hospital, under heavy guard, and would be facing trial as soon as he was released. He kept insisting that he played a relatively small role, but they paid no heed.

"Now this guy," Greg was explaining, gesturing to Tobias. "This guy is the real hero here. He masterminded a rescue mission in… five seconds." He offered Tobias a cupcake in recognition.

"So," Vivian asked. "When does your flight leave?"

Nick looked at his watch. "Not for a few hours. We've still got time to kill."

Rebekah looked up suddenly. "How did he find me?" she asked quietly.

Anthony thought about it for a moment. "Well, apparently, once he escaped from county lockup, he camped out in an alley across the street from the lab. Then he waited for someone of interest to come out. You just happened to fit his profile for a victim."

Rebekah shuddered, and Tobias turned to Anthony. "How do you know all that?"

"I questioned him in the hospital yesterday, because I was wondering how he found her. It's not like she's in the public eye very often. He wouldn't even know that she was working on his case."

Rebekah stared at him incredulously. "You mean it was just luck of the draw? I just happened to be there at the wrong time? What kind of screwed up shit is that!"

"I know this probably won't help, but most of his victims were chosen at random. He just hung out at bars until he spotted a pretty girl in her mid-twenties." Anthony told her cautiously.

"What about Annette Pearson?" Sara asked. "How did he find out that she was in LA?"

Nick looked at her. "I know that one. When I first heard the victim's name, it sounded kind of familiar, but I couldn't figure out why. I thought it was all in my head. But now I remembered. A few days before we came out here, there was something on the news about some local girl who was going to make it big in Hollywood. It was Annette Pearson. Martin Elroy must've seen it and remembered her. So he decided to come out here and kill her for what she did to him."

Anthony nodded. "That's pretty much what he told me yesterday."

Tobias shook his head. "This guy is seriously screwed up. I hope he doesn't get off easy with an insanity plea."

Rebekah stared coldly at the floor. "I hope he gets the death penalty. I'm sure as hell not paying for that bastard to get free food and cable for the rest of his life."

Anthony looked nervously around the room. "How about we talk about something else."

This was met with nods of assent and mutters of agreement.

Greg thought a moment, before looking at Tobias. "How about… where'd you get a key?"

Several pairs of eyes turned toward him.

He looked back at the innocently. "What? It's not what you think… last month she had to go visit her family, and I was watering her plants," he explained.

Greg looked suspicious. "I didn't see any plants."

"That's because he killed them," Rebekah said softly.

"I did not! They were alive when I left, I swear!"

Rebekah leaned toward Greg and gestured at Tobias over her shoulder. "This one here, he's a professional shrub killer. He's even got a rap sheet." She pointed to the bulletin board on the wall. "Three counts of herbicide, and intentional endangerment of a cactus." She wiped away a mock tear. "It was the only survivor."

Tobias reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys. He took one off of the ring and held it out to Rebekah. "You want it back?"

She shook her head. "Nah, keep it. It might come in handy again someday." She leaned back against him, then twisted around and wrapped her arms around him. "How are you supposed to come to my rescue if you can't get in?"

They continued talking and laughing for the next few hours until the Vegas CSI's had to leave to catch their flight back home. The plane lifted off as the sun went down over the Pacific Ocean.

It's the edge of the world

And all of western civilization

The sun may rise in the East

At least it settles in the final location

It's understood that Hollywood

Sells Californication

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