Peculiar Incidences

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The Justice League is responding to an armed robbery in Gotham City:

As the seven heroes approached the Bank of Gotham, several gunshots rung in the distance. They silently bowed their heads in respect and sadness as four occupied stretchers passed them. By the looks of the body-shaped lumps under the clean white sheets, the Leauge guessed they were 3 police and a child.

"It would probably be best to split up, and search the city for the criminals that robbed Gotham Bank, since the police said there were quite a few" Batman suggested. " That way, we can cover the city faster."

"Good idea. Diana and I will take this side of the street" Superman raiseed his hand in acknowledgement after he studied his surroundings. "Flash, you and Batman patrol the convenience store on the left."

Flash though that would be a good time to tell one of his jokes.

"Why am I always stuck with Mr. Dark and Mysterious when we have two lovely women on our team just wishing they could team up with the Flashmister for a change?"

Superman shook his head in disaproval at Flash, inferring that it wasn't the appropriate time for a witty comment.

"Shayera and I will search down that side street with J'onn. We dont have time to wait around while burglars loot the city!" Green Lantern interjected impatiently, managing to end the already tense conversation.

An old, rusty-red car sped away from the bank in the distance. Two large, scraggly men occupied the decaying front seats.

"Hahah, that was easy enough. The Stupid League will never find us now! We're miles from the crime scene and we've got two fully-loaded pistols." one of the robbers snickered.

"Yeah, and just look at all the loot we made off wi-"

SMASH- the car suddenly slammed into something collosal, causing it to stop.

"What the!" The robbers struggled to get a glimpse of what they hit, but the deployed air bags were making it difficult. A clearly-angry Superman stood in front of the car- a dent the size of his fist buried in its grill. Wasting no time, the larger of both robbers reached under his chair cushion and pulled out a dangerous looking pistol.

He took a moment to pause as he aimed it at Superman's chest and said, "Who's the tough guy now superfreak? The criminal pressed down on the trigger, which realeased a large bullet through the shattered windsheild and directly at the Man of Steels heart. It bounced off his chest with a "clank", leaving the burglar speachless.

The smaller criminal slapped the other's head. "My God you are stupid. Didja really think a freaking pistol would even phase the dude? He can bend steel idiot. Do I gotta to do this all myself?"

"Oh yeeah! Dang, where's that glowy thing that boss gave us?" He rummaged around. "Ahh, here it is"

The robber whipped out a huge stick of kryptonite and chucked it out the seriously abused windshield at Superman. Instinctively, Superman grabbed out of the air. He slowly looked down at the piece of rock in his hand as he felt himself grow abnormally groggy.

"Shoot…" Superman gasped before he collapsed onto the filthy pavement.

"Lets get out of here!" The robber growed as he stepped on the gas. The car accelerated forward and away from a very dazed Superman.

They traveled down the road for a few seconds before the car jerked to a violent stop again. The robbers turned their necks around to see Wonder Woman grasping the bumper of the car. She lifted the car up so it was parallel to the surrounding buildings and then smashed it back onto the street, causing the men in the vehicle to pass out from the impact.

Back by the convenience store:

Batman was surrounded by three men; his back to a wall. He pulled out two batarangs and threw them at two of the three men. They connected with the criminals, knocking them out cold.

As he reached for a third batarang, the last man pulled out a gun and aimed it at Batman's head, his finger on the trigger.

"Hush little baby dont say a word, daddy's gunna buy you a mockingbird, and if that mockingbird don't sing. Daddies gunna break this Batty's wings."

Suddenly Wonder Woman dove out of the sky, her foot extended downwards, landing on the gun wielding man; breaking his neck.

"You're welcome"

Batman frowned and growled "I was handling it"

The two stood eerily quiet for sometime, until the Scarlet Speedster ran up to them.

"What took 'ya so long?" Flash laughed as he effortlessly decked a guy. " I was finished fighting hours ago"

"Sure you were" Batman said sarcastically before he ran off into the darkness.

Diana and Flash shared a look as he quipped, "I have noo idea why you would have the hotts for him over me."

In the Alley:

Hawkgirl quickly pulled out her electricly charged mace. She brutally swung it at one robber, making contact with him and sending currents through his body, stunning him at once. She did the same thing a few more times to three other criminals who had surrounded her, and then prepared to help the two John's. Suddenly, a searing pain shot through her wings like a cannon cripples a ship. She weakly turned around to find that the source of her pain was a bullet; perfectly placed between her wings. She soared to the concrete below with a sickening crunch as blackness threatened to take over. The man who shot her raised his gun again and slowly walked toward her.

"Bye bye birdie-ee-ahhhhh"

Green Lantern appeared out of the blue and used his ring to project a gigantic green fist. He punched the man into a nearby building, causing it to collapse. After he was satisfied that the man was dead, he flew down to the sidewalk to check on Hawkgirl.

"Lantern… thanks." Hawkgirl whisped with appreciation.

"Shhh, lets get you back to the Javelin and clean you wounds" Green Lantern said as he picked her up on a green platform and flew toward the ship to repair her wing.

Meanwhile, J'onn took out numerous men with his psychic ability, and even knocked out five men by phasing. As soon as every man was down and groaning, he flew off to regroup with his teammates.

On a Gotham Rooftop:

Every hero was preasent, except for Batman.

"I still think it's strange that 30+ villains would rob the same bank at the same time, in the middle of the day." Superman pondered out-loud

The rest of the League nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, you'd think they'd wait till night, or at least dinner time. Come to think of it, they would be pretty smart to rob a bank at dinner time, 'cause it takes a lot for me to miss dinner" Flash rambled mindlessly

A couple Leaguers giggled, the rest ignored his comment. They had been ignoring Flash a lot lately, most of the crap that came out of his mouth was stupid or ignorant; but he didnt seem to mind.

"Batman in, this is Batman, do you read?" Batman asked over their intercoms

"Superman here, what is it Bruce?"

"I think I've found something. Meet me on the rooftop of Gotham Pizza Palace ASAP. Batman out."

"Batman's found something, lets go"

Gotham Pizza Palace's Rooftop:

"Hey Bats, long time no se-" Flash started to say

"Shh, be quiet." Batman frowned as he pointed to two policemen in the alley below.

"Hey, that looks like the man who was shot earlier and then put on the stretcher." J'onn observed.

"It is" Batman said, as he leaned forward to get a better look

"Eww" Flash whispered as the man below took a towel and wiped off fake blood from his, so called bullet wound and high fived another police officer next to him.

"At this rate, we could retire! I'm making more mulah now than I've made in a lifetime!" The officer exclaims below.

Then one of the officers cell phone rang. He answered it after silencing a laugh, "Okay boss, we'll be right with yuh." He placed his phone back in his uniform pocket and motioned his partner to get in a cop car with him. They back up out of the alley, and drive away.

"That was really weird" Hawkgirl stated with some difficulty. Her bullet wound was still very painful.

"Whoever that was, we can be sure he wasn't really shot earlier today. I've never seen a dead man laugh" Batman said.

"What about the bystanders that were injured? The child? Were they really hurt?" Wonder Woman asked, looking concerned. It was in her blood to defend those who couldn't defend themselves.

"I don't know, but lets hope we can find an answer at the watchtower" J'onn replied obviously puzzled.

So, the Justice League split up. Some Flying, others floating, two running. They all meet back at the Javelin 7 and took off toward the watchtower. But when they got there, a big surprise was wating for them.

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