Luthor turned away from the clown when he heard a distant voice calling his name.


It was louder this time, spoken by a woman. Suddenly he felt his body float away, as if it was light as air and delirium took over as he lost consciousness.

"LEX you fat pig!" a woman yelled venomously.

"I told you to be ready with those files! I clearly told you on the phone 'be ready with those files before the big executives arrive because the future of LexCorp's merger rests on this meeting'.

Lex rubbed his eyes roughly, trying to clear the haze from his head. He still couldn't completely comprehend the words being spat at him, or the person who was spitting them for that matter. There was a sizable pond of drool on the desk infront of him though.

"You boss me around non-stop! 'Get my coffee, get my bagels, answer the phone, fix my super-suit', but then when I ask you to do one thing yourself, one tiney tiny thing that would benefit the company, you FALL ASLEEP!"

Fall asleep??

Lex lifted his head quickly and found himself face to face with his secretary/assistant Mercy. He snapped his head to the right, then the left. His face turned a deep burgundy as he slammed his fists on the desk, leaving deep cracks on the surface.

"Mercy! Where are the Justice League?" Lex growled as reality dawned on him.

Mercy's jaw dropped in anger. "What do you mean where are the Justice League? Did you even hear a thing I just said? Geez! Sometimes I just want to...hey!"

Lex smacked her across the face, fury practically dripping from his pores.



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