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"…Okay Harry? You know what you're doing now don't you?"

"Umm… yeah … don't worry Hermione, I'll be fine. How hard could it be? Even Dudley can do it! It's only a computer!"

The next day, whilst the Dursleys were out, one Harry James Potter snuck into his cousin's war zone … I mean bedroom. He crept over to the computer, not even sure why he was being so quiet, and switched on Microsoft Word. Ten minutes later he was done, and just waiting for the results. He longed for them to come quickly, and wished that it were over before he left at the end of July.

…Later that week …

"Mum, I've finished my homework from Mr. Matterson. Can I go and hand it to him now please? Oh and because I was such a good boy, can I go to Alan's house until dinner please, mummy?" they weren't really questions, as Dudley knew that he would get exactly what he wanted.

From his doorway, Harry sniggered. He really hoped his cousin hadn't proof read the essay his tutor had set him!

… Next week …

"Mrs Dursley, I have never seen such a disrespectful essay. I hope you read this for yourself, but I the meantime, I have set Dudley five extra essays to do, and these better be much better than this one here.

"After those essays are completed, I refuse to teach your son at all. I resign from this position, and good luck finding another tutor on such short notice!"

Petunia and Vernon Dursley read the essay, and the grounded their son for the first time EVER.

But then, it was a very disrespectful essay.