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Chapter 1

Harry sat down lazily in the great hall, grabbing a goblet of pumpkin juice. He swallowed the contents and twirled the glass around in his hand. He wondered silently if Katie Bell would make them have quidditch practice today. After all, it was a bright, sunny day. Harry felt unnaturally relaxed. Perhaps that was because it was Saturday and he finally had some time to rest after the long week.

Ron sat down next to Harry and began stuffing his face full of sausage and toast. "Mornumph Hurry," Ron said with a mouthful of eggs.

"Good morning Ron," Harry replied lethargically. He crossed his arms on the table and laid his head upon them. He was really… tired.

Harry didn't even raise an eye when the owls came with the morning post. Hermione opened the Daily Prophet and read quietly. She rolled her eyes with annoyance.

"What's up?" Ron asked, looking up from his fourth piece of toast with blackberry jam.

Hermione sighed and glanced at Harry. "Just more stuff about Harry being 'The Chosen One' and all that. Nothing new." She scanned the rest of the page. "They did arrest a potential Death Eater. Harce Flaghorn."

"Y'think he is one?" Ron inquired.

Hermione shrugged. "Who knows?"

Harry lifted his head. "Probably not," he said, "It's just the Ministry trying to look like they're doing something. Do they say why they took him in?"

Hermione read the article aloud. "Harce Flaghorn was apprehended at 6:00 on November 16 for possession of numerous dark objects in a public pub." She looked at Harry and Ron raised a brow. "Dark objects?"

"That's what it says." Hermione rolled up the paper and set it aside.

"Hermione!" Hermione turned in surprise as Lavender Brown came running towards her.

"What is it Lavender?" Hermione asked, worried. Lavender was panting and looked on the verge of frantic.

"My love potion!" Lavender gasped, "You know, the one I showed you!"

Ron gave Hermione an odd look. Hermione turned slightly pink and turned back to face Lavender. "What about it?" she asked.

"I can't find it!" Lavender was practically crying.

"What's it matter? Get a new one or something," Ron said, slightly peeved and eager to get back to his breakfast.

Lavender glared. "I came down here with it and got a pumpkin juice. I was about to pour in when Parvati called me and- and I don't remember if I poured it in or not, but I can't find my glass to make sure."

Hermione's eyes widened with understanding. "Can you at least find the vile?" she asked quickly, standing up.

"What's the big deal?" Ron looked at them dumbly.

Hermione let out a kind of growl and Ron shrank down into his seat cowardly. "Because," Hermione spat, "If someone else drinks it then they'll drink the potion, Ron! That wouldn't be very good. Who knows what could happen."

Ron looked at Harry, but Harry was off in a different world. He wasn't listening to their conversation. In fact, he didn't even look aware that the conversation was being held at all. He was too busy looking. Looking at Professor Snape.


Harry woke out of his trance and looked over at Hermione. "What?" he growled. Hermione shrunk back at his tone. He hadn't meant to sound so angry.

"Sorry," he muttered, "What is it?"

Lavender gasped and pointed to the glass in Harry's hand. "That's my glass!" she exclaimed, "I marked it with my lipstick before I left."

Harry looked odd. "What?" he asked. He had no idea what was going on.

Ron grabbed the glass from Harry's hand. Sure enough, there was a small line of pink lipstick on the handle.

"Oh no," Ron groaned.

"What!" Harry was beginning to get peeved. "Will someone tell me what the bloody hell is going on?"

"Weren't you listening?" Hermione chastised him.

"Obviously not!" replied Harry, exasperated.

"Lavender put a love potion in there!"

Harry paled. "A love p-potion?" he stammered, "F-for who?"

"For me!" Lavender shouted, making a few Hufflepuff heads turn curiously. "It's called a Fate potion. It makes you er… notice the person you're meant to be with. I was going to use it to figure out whom to ask to the school ball. Now what will I do!"

Harry twitched a little. The person you were meant to be with, huh? He looked at Hermione and didn't feel anything special. Okay. So it wasn't her. Maybe it would be Ginny or Cho. His brows knotted together as he looked around the great hall and it's occupants. The first he glimpsed was a girl named Alyssa. No, not her. Then came Ginny, and then Parvati, Cho, Lavender, Neville (thank God it wasn't him), Katie, Seamus, Priscilla, Dean, Malfoy, McGonnagal, Snape. Harry felt his heart skip a beat. Snape? No, it couldn't be. He stared, aghast at the potions professor and his jaw began to quiver as if he would burst out crying.

Professor Snape turned and met Harry's gaze, a look of annoyed curiosity etched in his features.

Harry's heart jumped into his throat. He tore his eyes away from the professor and looked at his confused friends with desperation. Without a word, Harry stood and took off running out of the hall; turning the heads of quite a few students and a very addled potions master.

Harry burst into the Gryffindor common room appearing quite disquieted. Snape? There was no way he could fall in love with Snape!

Harry paced chaotically. "No. That's not right!" he said vociferously, "It can't be! I know! It's a potion, right? That means it's not real. It's just a potion!"

Hermione, Ron, and Lavender ran into the common room. They looked worried.

"Harry," Hermione cautiously asked her agitated friend, taking a hesitant step towards him, "Harry, what's wrong?"

"I'll tell you what's wrong!" Harry shouted back at her, "The bloody potion, that's what's wrong!" He turned suddenly to Lavender and grabbed her anxiously by the shoulders. "Tell me," he panted, "This potion is just a potion right?"

"Well yeah…"

"What I mean is," Harry tried to regain his composure, "It's not like you really love the person when you're under the influence of it right? It's just a silly love potion. Meaningless?" Harry looked intense.

"N-no," Lavender stammered, "It's supposed to make you fall in love with the person you're meant to be with. Your true love."

Harry let out an exasperated cry. "No. It can't be! There must be a glitch or something! He can't possib-" Harry stopped short and turned away, flushing a bright red.

"He!" Ron exclaimed, "You're in love with a he?"

Harry rounded angrily on Ron. "I am not!" he replied defensively.

Ron stifled a giggle and Harry glared daggers at him.

"It's… it's just messed up," Harry said, "It's bloody wrong. Tampered with or something." He frowned, looking morosely depressed.

Hermione tried to smile comfortingly. "Maybe Snape has an antidote. We'll just go-"

"No!" Harry spat vehemently, "I don't want help from the greasy, old git!"

"Fine!" Hermione looked taken aback, "We'll try Madam Pomfrey then. She's bound to have something."

Harry nodded thoughtlessly and followed her out the portrait hole, repeating the same words continuously in his head. "The potion's wrong. The potion's wrong…" It had to be, it just had to. There was no way…


Harry twisted his fingers together uncomfortably as the potions professor glided quickly into the dungeon classroom. Pomfrey had been able to give him an antidote, but even so, Harry had not been able to look at Snape since.

"Open your books to page three hundred and thirty-seven," Snape's throaty voice resounded through the cavernous classroom with an eerie ascendancy.

Harry slowly turned to the indicated page, trying desperately to concentrate on the directions before him. This was something he had never really tried to accomplish in Potions before.

"Today we will be making the Redolence potion," Snape continued, "Can anyone, besides Miss Granger," Hermione lowered her hand, crestfallen, "tell me the use of the Redolence potion." Snape looked around with an agitated expression. "No one? The Redolence potion is a potion that produces a color specific to its brewer's emotions towards who he is with or what is happening at the moment. Every color means something different. If you all create a proper potion, I may tell you what your color means." He smirked. "However," he glanced at Harry, who sunk lower into his seat, "some of you may not like what color your potion possesses." He turned suddenly and waved his wand at the empty chalkboard. Twisty text appeared on the green surface. "The ingredients are on the board," he continued lazily, "Instructions are in your book. Get to work." With that, he strode back to his desk and sat down, busily grading papers.

Harry collected the necessary ingredients and began to brew his potion.

Ron and Hermione exchanged bemused looks as Harry tediously chopped roots, his expression twisted with concentration.

The time came for the potions to be completed and Snape sulked around the room, reading a description of what each student's potion meant. "Malfoy, winning and talent. Good job indeed." Draco Malfoy beamed arrogantly. "Longbottom, confusion and stupidity." Neville frowned sheepishly down at his muddy brown potion. Snape smirked. He continued his voyage around the classroom, inspecting and commenting on every potion. Harry felt his throat tighten and the Professor came near. Snape stopped in front of Harry and peered down his large nose into Harry's potion. His expression changed for a fleeting moment and he glanced suspiciously at Harry. Without a word, he turned and continued to Ron's slimy green colored potion, ignoring Harry completely.

"Weasley, you call this a potion?" Harry barely heard as Snape chewed out Ron. Why had Snape passed over him? Was there something wrong with his potion? No. Snape would have made a comment. Harry craned his neck over his cauldron to look at the contents. They were a pinkish red. What the heck did that mean?

"Class dismissed," Snape said loudly. Harry awoke as if from a trance and picked up his things, quickly hurrying out of the classroom with Ron and Hermione close behind.

"What do you think that was all about?" Ron asked, struggling to keep Harry's pace, "Snape passed up the opportunity to tell you off about your potion. Has he gone off his knockers?"

"It looked to me," Hermione interjected, "like Professor Snape didn't want to say what Harry's potion meant. He looked kind of uncomfortable."

"Why would my potion make him uncomfortable?" Harry said through gritted teeth, "He doesn't get uncomfortable by anything. He's a cold stone who doesn't care what anyone else thinks. He probably just didn't have the energy to harass me today." Harry's fist knotted into tight balls as he spoke.

Hermione raised an eyebrow.

"Since when does Snape not have the energy to harass you?" Ron inquired.

"Since today, I guess!" Harry replied, "I don't really care. Let's just go to lunch okay? I don't want to talk about it."

Hermione and Ron nodded to each other, deciding not to push the subject any further, and followed Harry quietly to the great hall.

It had been almost three weeks since Harry had taken the potion. He had done his best to avoid Snape, even in classes, but at points contact with Snape was unavoidable. At these times, Harry took on a quiet, fuming disposition. He hoped that no one had ever seen the blush that tinged his cheeks whenever Snape was near him.

"Detention, Potter," Snape hissed.

Harry scowled but said nothing, crossing his arms angrily. Malfoy snickered behind him and he grit his teeth together with such force that he thought he felt them crack.

"The rest of you," Snape turned to the Slytherins in particular, "Class is dismissed."

Ron and Hermione gave Harry a sympathetic look and pat on the shoulder and followed everyone else out of the dungeons.

"Since you now have a free period, Potter," Snape turned back to Harry, a sneer twisted contemptuously on his face, "I thought you could spend it here."

Harry didn't reply, so Snape continued, "I believe we need to discuss something, Potter."

Harry looked up as Snape walked in front of Harry's desk, hands clasped. "Ab-about what, Professor?" Harry asked nervously.

Snape stared at him with an unreadable expression and spoke with a hint of awkwardness in his deep voice. "You've been acting more odd than usual," he said, "I do not know if this strange behavior is limited to my class alone, but I would prefer if you did not bring your personal issues into my dungeons."

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked, trying unsuccessfully to sound innocent.

Snape rolled his eyes slightly and spoke, his voice laced with severe annoyance. "You know exactly what I mean, Potter. I would appreciate it if you could keep your ridiculous emotions and abnormal attitude out of my classroom."

"What do you mean by that?" Harry exclaimed angrily, standing up. "Is this about my Redolence potion or something?" He placed his palms on his desk angrily and leaned forward, glaring heatedly at Snape.

"Smart, Potter," replied Snape, "but that's not the only strange thing going on with you when you're here. To be quite frank, your disposition is making me quite unnerved." He unclasped his hands and placed them on Harry's desk, leaning dangerously close to him. "I suggest that you get things straight, Potter. Lust, is not a subject in this class at the moment. Talk to whoever it is causing this. I don't need a hormonal teenager to distract me from my classes."

Harry was frozen. Lust? What did he mean by that? Harry began to sweat nervously.

Snape stood straight and waved his wand towards the door, causing it to open. "You may go, Potter."

Harry grabbed his belongings and speed-walked out of the class with a vengeance.

"Distract him?" Harry muttered under his breath, "Why would it distract him? He thinks the problem is because of someone else." Harry frowned and picked up the pace, turning out towards the Quidditch pitch. He had to get his mind off Snape.

Harry lay in his bed wide-awake. He twirled his wand slowly between his fingers. He couldn't sleep. Glancing towards his trunk at the end of the bed, he thought of taking his invisibility cloak out for a spin. It was under a bunch of his things, however, and might cause too much noise, waking up one of his fellow Gryffindors. Without much thought, Harry stood and pulled on his trainers. He didn't bother putting a jacket over his blue pajamas as he quietly walked down the stairs towards the common room. I don't care if I get caught, he thought, I just want to get out of here.

Slowly, he swung open the portrait against the protests of the Fat Lady and wandered downstairs through the halls. Every now and again, lighting up his route with the lumos spell.

Harry walked aimlessly; corridor through corridor, lost in thought. He thought about Snape, the potion, Quidditch, Ron and Hermione, Snape…

"Potter! What do you think you're doing?"

Harry looked up suddenly to see Snape, not five feet away from him, pointing a lit wand in his face. Great.

"What are you doing sneaking around the halls at this time of night? Up to something no doubt." To Harry's surprise, he didn't seem all that angry. "Well, answer me."

Harry sighed. "I'm not sneaking, I'm just walking," he said contumaciously.

"I don't need any lip from you, Potter," Snape replied.

Harry was glad it was dark, or else Snape would have seen the crimson blush that now covered his face. "I-I wouldn't think to do anything of the sort Professor," Harry stuttered.

Snape didn't seem to get the double meaning. "Why are you down here?"

"I couldn't sleep."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Snape gave his trademark smirk, "But do you realize that you are breaking school rules by being out of you dorm at night?"

Harry lowered his head. "Yeah. You don't think I realized that… Professor?"

Snape's eyes narrowed angrily. "Watch how you speak to me boy!" he growled.

"Yeah, sure," Harry replied boldly, his ire rising, "Why don't you give me detention for it Professor? You seem to enjoy doing that."

Snape's face contorted with rage. "Fifty points from Gryffindor," he spat venomously.

"That's it? Come on. Take more. You know you want to," Harry grinned devilishly as he provoked the potions master.

"Potter, I'm warning you-"

"You know you want to," Harry smirked.

Without warning, Snape grabbed him by the shoulders and shoved him violently against the wall. Harry gasped in shock as the Professor angrily pushed him against the wall. "You know… you want to…" Harry breathed.

Without a word, Snape kissed Harry roughly on the lips. Harry thought he would die as the potions professor kissed him passionately, his tongue ravenously exploring Harry's mouth. Snape ran a hand through Harry's tousled, black hair and deepened the kiss desperately. Harry lost control and kissed back madly, wrapping his arms around Snape's waist.

As suddenly as it had happened, Snape pulled away, breathing heavily. Harry struggled to stand as he looked at Snape, who seemed to tremble. "Go…go back to your dorm… Harry," Snape said weakly. Harry stole one last glance at the professor before taking off down the hall at full speed. What was he going to do now? Would he be expelled? Would Snape hate him even more? Or would Snape want to do it again? Harry was so confused and lost in thought that he didn't notice Peeves drifting lazily above him.

"Potty's out of bed," Peeves cried happily, "What's Potty doing hmm?"

"Get lost Peeves," Harry whispered.
"Oh, Potty's in a bad mood he is. I might just have to tell Dumby what Potty's been doing, I might." He giggled in a high-pitched voice.

"That will not be necessary, Peeves," came a silky voice from behind Harry.

"It's Sevy!" Peeved squealed giddily as he flew up threw the ceiling, making a rather inappropriate sound as he left.

"Uh, thanks," Harry said, bashfully scratching the back of his head.

"Look, Potter," Snape said. Harry twitched at the use of his last name. "What I did back there. It was wrong. I understand if you report me and will accept full responsibility, but I would prefer if we just didn't speak about it again. I'm… sorry."

Sorry? Snape had never apologized to Harry before. Harry tried to smile reassuringly. "I agree," he replied, "Let's just forget about it. I won't report you or anything. After all, I did kinda take part in it."

Snape nodded and Harry thought he saw a slight smile pulling at the corners of his lips.

"Very well, Potter."

Harry frowned. "You think you could call me Harry?"

"Not in class."

"Yeah, but," Harry looked at his feet, "I mean. You don't have to. I just thought it would be nicer if you could call me that."

"We'll see…" Snape paused and looked at Harry thoughtfully, "Harry."

Harry grinned and waved as the professor turned to leave. Then, turning towards his own dorm, he closed his eyes, remembering the feeling and taste of the kiss. He smiled. Little did he know, Snape was thinking about the same thing; and he was smiling as well.

The days drug on and Harry continued his normal routine, not daring to tell Ron or Hermione what had happened that night with Snape. Excepting the occasional glance between the two, Harry and Snape had tried to go about things as they usually had, although Snape seemed to lessen the amount his detentions. Harry tried to forget about everything, but he couldn't help finding himself looking off into space every once and a while thinking about the kiss. Although he was no experienced kisser, he knew enough to know that that was no average everyday kiss.

Even so, Harry knew that it was better not to think about it. Not only were student-teacher relationships forbidden, but Snape was a man and twice his age! It was practically as forbidden as it gets.

Harry jogged lightly towards the changing room to get ready for Quidditch. They were playing Slytherin today.

Harry pulled on his Quidditch robes, grabbed his firebolt and head onto the pitch. Hundreds of people cheered as the teams rose into the air and the game began.

Harry circled overhead, his eyes searching for the snitch, when he caught the eyes of Snape staring up at him. Harry barely had enough time to dodge an oncoming bludger as it viciously flew past his ear. Malfoy was hovering a few feet away, laughing mockingly at him and mimicking Harry's dodge. Harry scowled and continued to look for the snitch. Then he saw it. It was near the base of the tower that Snape was sitting in, along with a few other Slytherins.

Harry shot down at full speed, Malfoy close behind. The snitch took a sudden turn upwards and turned to shoot across the field at the same level as the tops of the towers. The spectators watched in awe as Harry and Malfoy battled to get the snitch. Malfoy continuously elbowed Harry in the ribs as they raced towards their goal. Harry ignored him. They flew higher and higher until they were just within the sights of the cheering crowd. They both reached for it.

Suddenly, Malfoy slipped off his broom, his eyes wide in shock, and plummeted with a scream towards the ground that was a skyscraper's height below.

Abandoning the snitch, Harry dove after him as Malfoy's broom flew away from the pitch. Harry angled his broom straight down, trying desperately not to fall off. He shot like a rocket towards Malfoy whose terrified cries had joined in with the now horrified onlookers. Where was Dumbledore? Harry remembered he had not come to this game for a reason he couldn't recall. It was up to Harry to save his rival.

The game had stopped and they all watched as Harry grabbed Malfoy's arm tightly and pulled the now unconscious boy onto his broom. There were cheers. Then pain and cries of terror. Harry slid slowly off his broom, still holding onto Malfoy as he fell to the ground. He hit hard with a sickening crack as Malfoy flew from his grasp. And then there was darkness.


"Hey, I think he's finally waking up."

"Oh thank God!"


Harry's eyes slowly opened. Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, and Luna surrounded his bed. They watched him as he took in his surroundings. He was in the hospital wing. "Where…" he groaned. It hurt to speak.

Suddenly, it all came back in a flash. The game. Malfoy falling.

"Harry," Hermione sat down next to him and gently placed a hand on his. "When you saved Malfoy, you got hit in the side of the head with a bludger. Zabini did it. He hadn't realized you were there." A tiny tear ran down Hermione's cheek.

Ron continued for her. "You fell off your broom. A good sixty feet," he said, "Your body cushioned Malfoy's, so you got the worst of it. He's in here too." Ron gestured towards a bed across the room. Malfoy lay there, sleeping, covered in bandages. Harry didn't dare look at himself. He didn't want to know how bad it was.

"Y-you nearly broke your neck Harry," Neville stammered, "Most of your ribs, and your legs were broken. Dumbledore saw it from his window and he and Snape brought you to Madam Pomfrey."

"Snape?" Harry croaked.

"Yeah, as soon as he saw you falling, he took off towards the pitch. He carried you up to the school and Hagrid took Malfoy," Hermione answered, "Malfoy just broke an arm and an ankle. He got scraped up pretty badly though. You did a brave and noble thing, Harry. He surely would have died if you hadn't caught him."

Harry grunted and glanced back over at Malfoy, who was grumbling in his sleep.

"How long?" Harry asked, "How long have I been here?"

Hermione and Ron exchanged worried glances.

"How long have I been here?" Harry repeated angrily.

"Well Harry," Ron started, "You got hit in the head full force with a bludger."

"What he's saying is," Hermione interrupted, "You were knocked into an unconscious state bordering on a coma. You've been in here for two weeks."

Harry was horrified. He'd been unconscious for two weeks! That meant he had slept through the rest of the first semester! The year was more than half way gone!

"Why is Malfoy still here?" Harry asked, "He didn't get hit in the head with anything."

This time, it was Ginny who answered. "Madam Pomfrey let him out five days after you two got here," she said, "He was still in bad condition. He decided to be and idiot and show off. He fell down the stairs."

Ron stifled a laugh and Harry grinned. "Git," he said. But the insult didn't have the hate that it usually bore. After all, he had just risked his life for Malfoy.

Madam Pomfrey entered the room and hurriedly shooed away Ron and Hermione from Harry's bed. "Gracious you're awake!" she exclaimed. "I always said you'd be just fine. All thanks to mine and Professor Snape's potions!" She stripped Harry of his covers and began poking at his legs, mumbling incomprehensibly. Harry smiled up at his friends. They nodded and turned to go.

"See you later Harry," Ron said.

"Glad you're okay," Ginny waved.

Hermione pat Harry on the shoulder. "Bye Harry."

Harry waved as his friends left and turned to a rather hyper looking Madam Pomfrey. "Well how does your head feel?" she asked, surveying him carefully.

"Um, it kind of hurts a little," Harry replied earnestly.

"Well of course it would!" Madam Pomfrey exclaimed, "You got a bludger straight to it! Violent game, Quidditch. I don't know why the headmaster allows you all to play." She hmphed and turned to pour a clear colored liquid into a cup. "Drink this," she said firmly, handing the cup to Harry. Harry eyed the contents suspiciously.

"Don't worry, it's not like the one that grows bones. It tastes rather pleasant. It's for your headache. Surely you have a headache?" She eyed Harry severely.

Harry nodded and swallowed down the thick liquid. It tasted a lot like cough medicine.

"You can leave tomorrow if you're up to it," Madam Pomfrey took the now empty glass from Harry and bottled up the medicine. "I need you to stay here at least one more day."

With that, Madam Pomfrey turned and walked back to her office.

Harry sighed and relaxed into his pillow, drifting of into a troubled sleep.

Harry woke to someone continuously poking at his arm.

"Bloody hell," he moaned. It was still pitch black out.

"No need to use such language, Potter," said a deep, throaty voice.

Harry's eyes snapped open. "P-professor?"

Professor Snape was sitting in a chair pulled up next to Harry's bed. His black robe hung loosely around his shoulders. He looked on serenely with an expression of… was that worry? "Yes," he replied, "Heard you woke up, Harry."

"Why are you here?" Harry asked. He moved to sit up against the back of the bed.

"Don't get the wrong idea," said Snape, "I'm just here because you saved a member of my house. For that, I am grateful. And honestly surprised."

Harry looked at Snape, his expression steady and somber. "Is that the only reason you came?"

Snape sighed and laced his fingers together. "I thought we talked about this," he said, "You are my student, nothing more." He looked as if it pained him to say such words.

"You're the one who started it!" Harry said, upset.

"Me? You're the one who ogled me every potions class!" Snape retorted.

Harry glared. "I didn't ogle!" he ejaculated angrily.

"That's not the point," Snape reached a hand towards Harry. He stopped mid air and let his arm hang there. "You know it would be inappropriate, not to mention against the law and the rules of this school. I could get fired, you expelled." His arm fell back to his side.

"Then why are you here?" Harry persisted, "Why did you come if that was all you could say. All that could happen?" He swung his legs over the side of the bed and leaned towards Snape. "You're telling me you don't want this?" Quickly, he cupped Snape's face in his hands and kissed him tenderly. Snape kissed back. Harry had gotten his proof. He pulled back and looked at Snape, a look of sheer determination etched in every line of his face.

Snape brushed Harry's hands off his face and looked away. "Potter…"


"Don't tempt me, Harry."

Harry grinned slightly. "That's my goal."

"You know the consequences." The professor turned to him.

"Yes, I do," Harry replied bluntly.

"You don't care?"

"No, I don't."

"About any of it?" The potions master looked doubtful. "The age difference, the sexuality, the rules, the moral?"

"I've always seemed to have a knack for walking through forbidden territory," Harry answered.

Snape smiled. It was a look that was actually quite handsome on him. "Well, I can't believe I'm saying this to you, but I guess I'll be seeing you later."

Harry nodded and looked at his covers. "So what does this mean exactly?" he asked, wringing his hands together nervously.

"I guess it means that our relationship is in for a drastic change, Potter," Snape sneered at him characteristically and then smiled.

"Does that mean I can kiss you if I want?" Harry blushed as Snape looked at him.

"If no one's looking."

Harry smirked and asked, "Is anyone looking?"

Snape grabbed Harry's hand and pulled their faces close together. "Let's hope not."

Snape and Harry's odd affair had been going on for six weeks now. They had easily disguised their 'rendezvous' as detentions or potion tutoring. Harry had even used his invisibility cloak to sneak to the professor at night. Snape kept up his normal sneer in class, but no one seemed to notice the fervent gazes that were exchanged when people had their backs turned.

The two had gone no further than kissing and tender caresses, and neither one was close to gathering up the nerve to take the relationship to the next level of intimacy. Even so, for the moment, they seemed content. At least that's how they liked to perceive it. In fact, their courting had caused a great deal of stress. Constantly having to hide their affection and terrified they would be caught, Harry and Snape often quarreled over mediocre things. However, their gravitation towards each other was much stronger than such disagreements, and they always ended up back in each other's arms again. Snape had even agreed to let Harry call him Severus when they were alone.

"Severus," Harry breathed, pulling away reluctantly from a kiss. He was panting heavily. They had been going at it for quite a while.

"Yes, Harry?" Snape had a slight flush to his skin, adding color to his usually pale face.

"Nothing," Harry replied, "I just like to say your name." Harry grinned and leaned forwards to kiss the potions master.

They were in Snape's classroom in the dungeons. Snape's robe was flung across the room and Harry's were loosely hanging off his shoulders. Harry snaked his hand in between the buttons of his teacher's shirt, stroking the surprisingly soft skin beneath lightly. Harry had learned rather quickly that a great deal of Snape's bulk was actually caused by his overly sized robe; and once he was rid of the burdensome clothing, he was unquestionably lean and fit.

Harry had pushed Snape up against his desk and he stood between his legs, his arms wrapped around Snape's neck and hands resting in his not greasy but velvety hair.

Snape ran his hands underneath Harry's robes casually, sliding his long fingers up the back of Harry's shirt. Pulling his mouth away from Harry's, he moved to his neck, licking sensually and sucking tenderly on his earlobe.

Harry smiled and groaned. It was a surprisingly loud groan, and Snape quickly realized why. Then he found out he had the same problem. He put his hands firmly on either side of Harry's waist and pushed him away gently.

"Come on," Harry groaned, rather displeased.

"You know we can't," Snape said.

"Why not?" Harry inquired. He was dangerously close to whining. "We've been together for more than a month and a half. Let's take it up a notch." This was the first time either had said anything about this.

Snape knit his brows together and replied, "That's not long enough. And besides, we're already risking things enough as it is."

"So we'll get in less trouble for just kissing?" Harry crossed his arms defiantly, "It's all the same to the rules. Any sexual interaction whatsoever is enough for the full penalty. Even a kiss! What difference does it make? If we're caught, we're dead anyway."

Snape rolled his eyes. "That makes me feel so much better about it, Harry," he answered sarcastically.

"What I'm saying, is what do we have to lose?" Harry moved his hips forward before Snape could stop him. Snape couldn't help but let out a moan. "I know you want it," Harry said seductively. He could tell Snape was unsure of himself.

Wordlessly, Harry pulled out of the professor's grasp and went to kneel before him.

"Harry," Snape protested.
Harry ignored him and began to unbutton his pants, pulling down the zipper.

"Harry, don't."

"Please don't."

"This is a mistake."

"We'll be sorry for this."

"Good Lord, don't stop!"

Harry had won the battle.


So chapter one of my first ever Harry/Snape fic from way back when. XD Chapters ahead aren't nearly as long as this, but they're not short either and my writing really improves over the months of practice.

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it!

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