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"A good friend left me, and I miss her all the time... but I always know we'll be best friends forever."

Max blinked in surprise, and his eyes slowly brightened in understanding. But Ash didn't see that, his gaze following the stars and moon, lost remembering old friends. Pikachu glanced at her trainer in understanding, smiling.

What's she doing now... he wondered.

"Thanks Ash." The smaller boy mumbled, smiling.

His words jerked Ash out of his memories. "No problem," he said, smiling back.

"I'm going to play with Jurachi a bit more before I go to bed. See ya!" and with that, Max carried the strange Pokemon off.

Distracted, Ash nodded absent-mindedly. "Misty..." he murmured, leaning back into the rock.

"Pika." Pikachu landed on his shoulder, both of them remembering the temperamental girl that had become a fixture in their lives for so long.

What was she doing now, he wondered? Was she looking up at the same star dusted sky, with the massive silver moon as the crowning jewel?

Was she thinking of him, like he was thinking of her?

By God he missed Misty. He missed her quips, her temper, the way she smiled and her blue eyes sparkled with joy in the sun, all for him.

"Misty." He whispered, sighing.

From a short distance away, May, who had been eavesdropping, frowned. Who was this girl from the past, who seemed to have a hold on this young man.

"Hey Ash?" she asked softly.

The black haired boy glanced over at her, surprised. "Yeah, May? What's it?"

Slightly unsure, the brown haired girl shifted where she stood. "Uh... who were you talking about?" she blurted out, barely aware of how much like a jealous girlfriend she sounded like.

"What?" Ash said, surprised. "Oh, it was an old friend of mine. She had to go away to take over the Cerulean city gym while her sisters were away."

"Oh." Well, that was great. Probably an older girl, May thought sourly. A gym leader who was beautiful and talented and smart and good with Pokemon. "What was she like?" she asked, hoping she did not sound at all overly curious.

"She was..." how could he call his dearest friend? Wonderful? A hole in his world now that she wasn't there?

"A very good friend." Ash smiled, glancing back at her. "I miss her a lot... but I have you and Max and Brock. And I'm happy about that."

May blushed slightly, happy that she could help Ash. But there were still a few nagging questions.

"You wanna sit?" the trainer asked, motioning to the rock next to him.

Nodding, the brown haired girl sat herself down. For a while, the two were silent, Ash lost to his thoughts, May to her silent questions.

Finally, she screwed up her courage. "Am I a good friend too, Ash?" she asked quietly, glancing at him from the corner of her eyes as she stared up at the moon.

Ash looked at her in surprise. "Of course May! If you went away, I'd miss you too!" he exclaimed truthfully.

Still, it wasn't enough to satisfy the girl. "More than you'd miss that girl?" she asked, a tone of earnest desperation in her voice.

Blinking, the question threw the trainer for a loop. "Wha-" a sense of foreboding drew upon him, that innate sense born into all men. The sense that one wrong word, one mistake would draw a woman's wrath was about to fall upon him like fires of Hell.

"You're both important to me May," Ash said diplomatically, "And I don't know the answer to that question. But I would miss you."

Knowing that there was nothing more to be said, May nodded. That other girl might have Ash, she might not. But for now, she wasn't here, and May was.

"I'd miss you too Ash." She smiled, and her eyes sparkled in the moonlight.

And Ash found he couldn't tell if May reminded him of Misty, or if Misty reminded him of May.

Author's Notes

Sort of inspired by that one scene in the movie. Not much else to say.