Yu-Gi-Oh Diaries - Adventures of Mary Sue
Rioki Kataru/Sye Ceiran
April 2003 - August, 2005

Pokes fun at Self-Insertion characters through personal character entries. I was going through old files on my computer and found this. I'm sharing it's genius with the world! Read it, or you'll wish that you had!

- I do not have a beta, but I do continuously check over my work.
- I understand that Otogi and Seto Kaiba do not attend school with the rest of the characters. This was done to preserve the AU that is created around any existing Mary!Sue. Like a vortex.
- There are no separate bodies for spirits and their hosts.
- Phear t3h love that is Malik 3 Bakura. It's my story. I can add pairings if it pleases me so.

Original Intro (June 2003):

Somewhat annoyed at self-insertion characters on I went ahead and wrote this. The diary concept of it is essentially from Nine Men And A Little Lady. "Legolas-lust bunnies." And the Very Secret Diaries by Cassie Clare.

I tried to write parts of this, those describing the Mary Sue and her actions, as closely as I could to how it would be in an actual self-insertion fic: indicating her appearance, stressing her talents, having main characters falling for her, the mysterious past, and an Eighth Millennium Item. And if anything seems out of place, or just not right, it's because I have to write this backwards. Which sucks.

The story behind the teacher acting so odd up was that the Pharaoh screwed him up like those dimfucks in the manga up after the teacher gave Yugi a "C" on a report he had to do on poultry.

Day 1

"Class!" the teacher announced, instantly silencing his students. "We...uh...have--new student...today!" Lifting his hand from his desk, he struck it straight out towards the door, from which a pretty young girl strolled in. She had sparking dark blue eyes and her black hair, dyed with streaks of silver, flowed behind her in waves. The school uniform accentuated her figure. She stood smiling in front of the entire class, her hands clutching her case filled with school books in front of her.

The teacher introduced her. "Cl-ass," he said, "this is Mary Sue. She moved here to...our wonder-full city...just the other--squawk--day..."

"This city sucks ass!" Malik shouted, cupping his mouth with his hands, nearly rising from his set. He got a couple snickers from the class, but most seemed intent on watching Mary Sue as she stood rooted to the ground in the front of the room. Malik growled, not liking the fact that he usual attention was being adverted to someone else. He sunk back down into his set.

Yugi's Journal
Day 1

Journal-Thingy, today was okay. Passed math quiz with help of Spirit constantly muttering the answers to himself. Grades in other courses have greatly improved also. At lunch Anzu got all chummy again. Though not as bad as spoon feeding attempt last week. Honda didn't show up for school today at all.

Oh, and yes. New exchange student. Teach said she was from some obscure part of lower Japan. Wasn't listening anyway, to busy listening to Pharaoh singing to himself and Duke muttering something under his breath about finely chiseled dice. Seems like a nice girl. Though found it very strange that I unconsciously took notice to her beautiful dark blue eyes and gorgeous raven black hair with what appears to have unnatural streaks of silver...

Fell mysteriously drawn to new student. Wait. What am I saying? GRAMPA!

Ryou's Journal
Day 1

Lance asked me out again today. Don't think he'll ever get the point that I am not a girl. I hate perverted jocks.

Was innocently doodling in my notebook when in the middle of class a girl came into room. Was strangely surprised that for once Lance stopped watching me draw from over my shoulder and stare...hungrily at her. Sick bastard. I hate stupid lustful jocks.

Her eyes I think were some kind of dark blue at first, but they actually changed colors halfway through for no apparent reason. She was playing some sort of happy "I'm so glad to be here," game, but at the same time seemed very uneasy and nervous, like she had something to fear. Like something was wrong or something had happened so long ago... Only I don't think anyone else noticed.

Ehh. She creeps me out. The teacher, who obviously no one else notices acts like a possessed turkey, gave her a spot behind me, in front of Kaiba, beside Joey, across from Yugi. Anzu, for some suspicious reason, now sits in the far corner behind all of us. I never knew we all sat so close together before...

Kaiba's Online Diary
Day 1

Class sucked today. Stayed extra buried in Quantum Physics book. New girl, so very beautiful. Her eyes are like the warm color of the melting night sky...No. The blue of her eyes rivals even those of my once true love, the White Dragon. Her hair is the backdrop for the very stars themselves. Wait. Doesn't sound right. Her hair is like the fleeting movements of White Lighting attack. Yes...

Feel suspiciously queasy. Am beginning to think that I'm actually not gay at all and was just not attracted to anything but myself. That...was before her, who's name I forget because it is so uncommon but probably would make my heart swell with joy if I heard it once more...

Mary Sue's Diary
Day 1

Diary, I have a good feeling about school. I met so many new friends, all of which happen to by guys. I'm giggling right now, but they're all extremely nice. Yugi and Ryou are both pretty shy, and Kaiba seems pretty paranoid, but Joey was more than happy to let me have some of his food. I just hope the school doesn't find out I'm working after school, I heard it was against the rules. And I really don't want to be kicked out now, after meeting so many great people. Maybe they'd understand when they find out I live alone?