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"The Yuma's dead, we must be off." Sailor Uranus grabbed her partner's gloved hand and easily hopped onto the roof of a building. Both Haruka and Michiru changed back to their human forms and sat on the roof's edge. Their bodies ached too much to go much further. "Your hair is a mess Michi." Haruka snickered as her long, slender fingers reached up to move a few pieces of stray aqua hair from Michiru's face.

Her delicate face crinkled when Haruka's fingers touched a small cut near her left ear. "Ow!" she jumped back slightly with, what felt like, a bee-sting on the back of her neck. She stumbled back as she reached up and pulled out a tiny tranquilizer dart.

"Michiru!" Haruka reached out to grab her as she fell back to the ground with a loud thud. The tall blond crawled eagerly to her love. Each in she moved, the more men started appearing on the roof. Each dressed in solid black, special forces uniforms. One of the men shot a slightly larger tranquilizer dart into Haruka's upper left thigh. It didn't take long for the dart's effects to overcome the blond, who fell to the concrete next to her fallen Michiru.

"Get them both into the chopper, NOW!" A tall man, dressed in a black business suit yelled from his seat in a silent military helicopter.

"Right away Mr. Gatou. You heard him men!" The commander raised his mask to watch a group of his men pick up the two unconscious women and load them into the helicopter.

Chapter 1 coming soon!