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Chapter 2

Haruka let out a painful cry in her sleep when her arm was smacked with a billy-club. She pulled it back into her cell, cradling it in her lap. Her cry stirred Michiru, who soon after let out her own pain filled scream as the club came across her fingers. A bone-shattering crunch was heard in the small, quiet room.

"Michiru!" Haruka ignored her own pain as she leaned against the bars, watching her love. "Are you ok? You bastard! How dare you - ugh!" She doubled over in pain when a man's fist connected with her stomach.

"Her first, she's got a big mouth that needs to be quieted." Mr. Gatou stood at the main doorway, watching his two subjects. A group of men swarmed into her cell and bound her arms and legs together before she was able to recover from the blow to her stomach. "Take her to room 4." Two of the men carried Haruka from her cell and out of the room.

"No! Ruka! Where are you taking her?" Michiru reached her hand through the bars, grabbing at the thin air where her love had passed just moments ago.

"You'll find out tomorrow Michiru." he smirked at her before closing and locking the door behind him.

As soon as Haruka was placed on the examination table, she began kicking her legs. "Let me go!" a high-pitched scream escaped her lips as her ankles and wrists were strapped down to the cold table. "Let me go!" she screamed again before her eyes locked on the small wheeled cart next to her.

On the cart were several pieces of medical equipment. The glint of the scalpel kept her gaze the longest. Her body started to shake as her eyes wandered over the drills, micro saws, different sized scissors and several syringes filled with different colored solutions.

"Oh god, what are you going to do to me?" she watched Mr. Gatou put a surgical mask over his face, then pull on a set of rubber gloves.

"My team has been watching you for a very long time Sailor Uranus. We want to run some tests on you, to see where you and your precious Sailor Neptune get your abilities from." he reached for an empty needle and jabbed it into the fold of Haruka's left arm, drawing out two viles worth of her blood. "Send these to have them tested." he handed them both to one of his assistants.

Haruka ignored the stinging pain in her arm as she watched her tormentor hover over her.

"Transform, so I can take another blood sample." he placed Haruka's wand in her hand and stepped back.

Afraid for her life, she did as she was told, yelling her transformation words and closing her eyes as the yellow aura covered and changed her body. She then let the wand fall to the floor as she glared at him. "Happy?"

He hand came across her face, hard. "You're in no position to get smart with me Haruka! So watch your mouth!" he moved to her right side, taking two more viles worth of blood.

"Why are you doing this to us?"

"Because we're fascinated by your abilities. We'd love to genetically alter hundreds of top military personnel to give them your powers. We'd be an unstoppable presence in the world. Now, let's see what kind of injuries you can withstand." without warning, he grabbed a wooden baseball bat from beside the bed and smashed it over Haruka's knees.

Haruka focused on the bright light above her head, desperately trying to ignore the pain that shot up and down her legs. The harder she tried to turn her attention away, the more it hurt, until finally she let out a blood-curdling scream.

"Hmm…you can sustain broken bones, that's not good." he let the bat fall to the ground and motioned to his assistant to set and wrap up her legs. "Lets check something else."

By this time, Haruka was already in too much pain to notice Mr. Gatou reaching for a scalpel. "Just please stop." The blond tried to beg. She opened her eyes when she felt the bodice of her fuku start to be cut off of her. "Stop! Don't do this, please."

He pressed the scalpel to her bare, exposed chest, a tiny pool of blood surrounded it as he but into her skin. The initial cut didn't bother her, she'd suffered many bloody injuries in her years of fighting, but he continued pressing deeper, drawing more and more blood. It wasn't long before she let out yet another scream of pain. Perhaps the senshi weren't as immortal as the military had anticipated.

Haruka's body was so wrecked that she'd lost hold of her senshi form, the fuku soon faded and her regular, tattered clothes reappeared on her body. Her teal eyes closed as she fell unconscious.