Chapter S

Harry stood and retrieved a large package and handed it to Draco, warning him to be careful. Draco nodded and opened it carefully. When he opened it he found a white ferret in a green cage. Now that he understood the meaning of a gag gift he laughed along with the others.

" I even took the liberity of naming him Dragon." Harry said.

" Doesn't your name mean Dragon?" Ebony asked.

Draco nodded. He wasn't laughing anymore because he knew exactly where she was going with that.

" Drakie is a ferret. Drakie is a ferret." she siad in a sing-song voice.

Draco jumped off the floor and began to chace an already fleeing Ebony. After chasing her around the table a few times he managed to tackle her to the gound and tickled her profusely.

" What is it with you and chasing down my baby sister?" Satiana spoke for the first time since she and Ron had back into the room a moment before. No one had time to comment on her question as all of their heads snapped toward a sound. Standing in the dorrway was a very shocked Snape.

" Well my holiday is ruined." Satiana said sarcastically bringing everyone out of their trances.

" Do you have any flavor other them sarcastic?" Snape asked her, sarcasum dripping form his voice.

" No, and apparently neither do you." she replied.

Snape sighed and turned to his Godson who was still sitting on Ebony. Draco quickly got off her.

" Uncle?" Draco asked.

" Draoc please tell me I am not seeing what I think I am seeing."

Draco looked dowm at his hands.


Snape sighed and placed a pale had on his forehead.

" Please tell me you're not friends with…Gryffindors." he said restating his original question.

" I don't think I can do that."

" Why the hell not?" Snape yelled.

Ebony stood up and placed a comforting hand on Draco's shoulder.

" Back off greasy." she threatened.

" Ebony." Satiana said reprimanding her.

" What? You can call him a ' freaking Dracula freak', but I can't call him greasy? That's not fair Sati."

" You called him that?" Draco asked.

" Yes, but that's not the point. Could we change the subject please?"

" Yes, how about we talk about why you all are here," Snape stated.

" Umm….okay." Draco said hesitantly.

" What did u so that for?" Ebony whispers to him as they walked across the room and sat down.

" Well it was bound to happen eventually so we might as well get it over with now, besides he won't leave until we tell him anyway."

Satiana, Ron, Harry and Ginny sat on the couch. Ebony sat in an overstuffed arm chair while Draco sat next to her on the armrest. Snape sat in the other armchair and all was silent for a moment.

"Look we're friends. Draco is dating my sister. Get over it." Satiana said when no one moved to explain.

Snape stood up angrily and looked at his Godson.

"It's either them or me" Snape told him.

Draco stood and walked over to Snape.

"I'm sorry it has to be this way, but I chose them"

Snape was angered by his answer and stormed out of the room slamming the door behind him while hearing Satiana say " Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out."

" I don't want to be the one to come between you and your Uncle." Ebony told Draco after Snape had left.

Draco went back over to her and kneeled in front of her.

" But you're my girlfriend." Draco reasoned.

Ebony sighed heavily.

" And he's your Uncle. Now that both your parents are in Azkaban he's all you have." Ebony explained.

Draco sighed and tried to figure out the best way to say what he was about to tell her.

" That's not true and you know it. In the past week you and the others have become more of a family then my own has ever been. No one in my life had treated me with as much love, respect, and that you all do." Draco admitted.

"Really?" Ebony asked.

Draco nodded and pulled her into his arms and hugged her.

"Aww isn't that nauseating." Sati said.

Ebby pulled away from Draco to glare at her sister and noticed for the first time that Ron was wearing Satiana's necklace.

" Aww…Sati loves Ronnie. Sati loves Ronnie." She said in a sing song voice.

Ginny joined in singing "Ronnie loved Sati."

"Shut up." Ron and Sati said together as they lightly hit their siblings.

Draco and Harry exchanged confused looks.

" I speak for Potter and myself when I say….HUH?"

"She gave Ron her necklace," Ebony started

" And Ron's wearing it." Ginny finished.

" That means what?" Harry asked

" It means they love each other." The girls said together.

"We still don't get it."

" Why don't I explain." Satiana said. "It's like a tradition in our family. When the holder of The Evenstar finds the one person they love and want to be with they give that person the necklace as a symbol of giving that person their heart. If the person excepts and wears it, it shows that they share the givers feelings. Grandmother did it with Grandfather, Mother did it with Father and I continued it with Ron."

"Aww Sati….I would never of guessed you had a heart to give." teased Draco.

Ebony smacked him in the arm. Earning her an "ow" from Draco.

"What was that for?" cried Draco.

"That's for making fun of my sister. Only I can make fun of her." Ebony said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Ebby!" exclaimed Satiana.

"What?" Ebony asked faking dumb.

Satiana just rolled her eyes. Draco stood and motioned for everyone to follow him.

"Let's go have breakfast." Draco suggested.

They followed him into the dining room. When they walked in they saw the table covered from end to end in food.

"Wow! I think I'm in heaven ." Ron exclaimed.

"You would." Satiana told him.

After everyone had sat down Satiana started thinking about how they had driven Snape out and started to feel very bad about it.

" What's the matter Sati?" Ron asked.

" I feel bad about the way we treated Snape." she replied.

Everyone's attention snapped to her and stared at her as if she had grown another head.

"Really. It's Christmas and he looked kinda like a lost greasy puppy." Satiana added.

Everyone continued to stare at her with their mouths agape. Satiana just rolled her eyes and excused herself before heading outside. She found Snape sitting on the front steps and sat down beside him.

"I thought you would have left by now." she told him.

He glared at her.

"Here to rub Draco's decision in my face?" he snapped at her.

Satiana shook her head.

"It's Christmas and Christmas is about family and right now you're the only family he has."

Snape sighed.

"I'm not mad about his decision." Snape admitted, " I'm just worried he wont need me anymore."

"Weather he admits it or not he will always need you. Ebony can only do so much to lead him to the light. You'll be the one that keeps him there." Satiana explained.

Before he could respond she got up and went back inside leaving him to think about what she said. A few minuets later after much thought Snape rose and entered the manor. He found Draco and Ebony in the parlor lying under a blanket on the couch. They were to wrapped up in their whispered conversation to notice him until he spoke.


Ebony and Draco looked up and were surprised to find Snape standing there.

"I thought about it and I want to apologize." Snape said.

Draco and Ebony exchanged glances, unsure if it was really Snape or not.

" I know you don't expect me to apologize, but I realized that you're my Godson and I should just be happy for you."

Ebony stood and walked over to the tree. She pulled out a small box and walked over to Snape.

"Merry Christmas from us to you." she told him.

Draco moved to stand beside her trying to hide is surprise.

"Thank you." Snape said.

He didn't understand why they would get him something even after the way he treated them. He opened the box. Inside was a silver ring with the Slytherin crest on it.