Machi sighed.

It was summer and it was hot. The air was stale and heavy and Machi's long skirt didn't help.

Maybe she should wear the shorter skirt?

Machi looked in her closet, she had the summer uniform, short sleeve shirt and all. She looked out of her bedroom window it was going to be hot today…

"MACHI" Kakeru's eyes popped out of his sockets! "W-WHAT! Wh-why! WHEN! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN! WHAT ARE YOU WEARING! That skirt is to short!" Machi sighed…"Kakeru it's the same length as all the other girls skirts. Unless you haven't noticed its really hot."

"MACHI! THAT SKIRT IS NOT HOT! WHERE DID YOU LEARN LANGUAGE LIKE THAT! KIMI RIGHT! THATS IT YOU CAN'T TALK TO KIMI ANYMORE!" Kakeru screamed. One of Machi's eyes twitched "I meant the weather Kakeru…and you're making a scene people are starting to stare" Her brother blinked, and than smiled that idiotic smile of his rubbing the back of his head sheepishly "Ha ha sorry Machi guess I got a little carried away."

Machi looked down at her school uniform "Its not that short is it?"

And it was than that Yuki decided to show up.

Yuki sighed, his day started of on the wrong foot.

Everyone in the Sohma household became more unbearable because of the heat wave.

Shigure kept complaining that if he didn't have to pay for everyone ruining the house he would have enough money to pay for more air conditioning.

Tohru was clumsier and more out of it. Spilling food twice and apologizing constantly.

Kyo, Yuki groaned, Kyo was the WORST he yelled at everyone and everything.He kept complaining and yelling till Yuki lost it and threw him through a screen door and into the fish pond "There! Is that cool enough for you!"

"Yukiiiiiii, can't you be a civilized person and open the door before you throw Kyo out!" Shigure had large crocodile tears running down his face.

Yuki closed his eyes in annoyance

"Shut up Shigure."

So was it to much to ask to be greeted by a normal group of friends?

Apparently yes.

"YUKIIIIIIIII!" Yuki felt Kakeru's hand slam into his face pinning him against a wall. "YUKI DON'T LOOK!"

"KAKERU GET OFF ME! What is wrong with y-" Kakeru had let go already and gave Yuki a very nice view of Machi in a short skirt.

Yuki laughed "Anyone ever tell you that you're a really overprotective brother?" Kakeru shrugged embarrassed "sorry sorry I overreacted again."

He turned and smiled at Machi "you look nice Machi."

Machi blushed and looked down at her feet. Still smiling Yuki stepped forward and patted her on the head letting his hand rest on her soft hair. She looked up startled that he was so close and blushed furiously.


Machi and Yuki let out a sigh at the same time and then turned to grin at each other.

Short one shot. Hope you like it!