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Sarai Angel, had never felt so betrayed in her entire life. And that was saying a lot. There she was, desperate, borderline helpless, and scared and no one was helping to make it stop. Something terrible was about to happen to her, and everyone was just going to let it. In fact, the person she trusts most, Angel, was the one who was the top authority figure in allowing this...this...well, there wasn't a word bad enough that Sarai would see fit to use. "I can't believe you're going to make me do this!" an outraged Sarai exclaimed, with a scratchy voice.

"Sarai, let it go," Angel answered.

"You don't care do you? You're really just going to send me in that room and let those people do things to me?"

"Sarai, those 'people' are doctors, and they're going to remove your tonsils. They're not putting you in the electric chair," he then explained as they sat in her Pre-Op waiting unit of the hospital. Everyone else, was also around her bedside.

"Do any of you care? Will you at least miss me after I go?"

"The procedure isn't that long," Wesley replied to her.

"I meant after they put me to sleep and I don't wake up."

"Sarai, you won't die. I've had it done, Dawn's had it done, most of the people in this room have," Ryan explained. Of course, it was useless.

"That's what you want me to believe. Gunn, you're my lawyer, did you get the copies of my will?"

Gunn sighed, "what you mean the one you left on my doorstep, e-mailed, and taped to my car windshield? Yeah, I think I got it."

"Hey, I'm just being efficient."

"Oh, Sarai-ikkins, you know you'll be fine and bossing us all around in no time," Lorne said, via the cell phone Doyle had, since he couldn't be their in person due to his appearance, plus, he was babysitting Sophia for Fred and Wes.

"How can you all be so...so...so...like this? " she over dramatically replied. "I'm going to get you all for this."

"I thought your not going to live through it?" Spike taunted.

"I'll come back and haunt you," she locked eyes with Angel, "especially you!"

"But that's my thing! I knew you always wanted to be like me," Spike teased.

"Weeny," Sarai childishly replied.

"Is that a request?"

"Get out, Spike!" Angel demanded. Sarai and Spike laughed. "That's not fair. It's two against one."

"Well, it will go back to being one on one, once they take me into that room. You do realize that this whole 'tonsil' thing is probably just a cover story, I bet they're going to do experiments on me!"

"Eh, well, you'll be asleep, so it's not like it will hurt," Faith told her.

"Thanks for the concern. You people only want me to have this done because, if I live through it, I won't be able to talk for a few days after." Not one person disagreed with her. "Oh that's it, I am so completely haunting your ass' if I don't survive. And if I do survive, then you'll all really pay."

"Okay, we need to get the patient prepped, so I'm afraid that you're all going to have to leave," a nurse announced, coming into the room. They all said goodbye and started to leave. The nurse stopped Angel, "you can stay until she's taken into surgery."

"Surgery. Sure. That's what they're going to do," the teenager huffed.

Everyone left, and Sarai and Angel were alone. Angel went and sat at the edge of her bed. "Come on, it won't be that bad. This doctor is excellent."

"There is no such thing as an excellent doctor unless they are John Carter, Peter Benton, Doug Ross or the late Mark Greene."

Angel laughed, "those are fiction doctors."

"Which is why they're great. There's no chance I'll ever be one of their victims, unlike this quack you hired."

"You mean patients."

"No, victims."

Angel began to run his fingers through some of her hair, "when this is all over you'll get ice cream, lots and lots of it."

"Not if they kill me first."

"You are not going to die. Nothing will happen. I swear."

"I don't believe you."

"What will it take to convince you?"

"You already know." Angel thought about what she could be talking about. When it finally hit him, he let out a whine. "That's not it. Come on, you what you have to do to show me you're all serious about this."

He took an unnecessary deep breath. "I swear on my hairgel," he mumbled.

"I'm sorry, what? I need it repeated," she lied.

"I swear on my hairgel everything will me fine!"

"Much better. Now admit one more thing."


"That this whole thing is a sham, and my tonsils are fine. You only want me to have this operation cause I will be unable to talk for a day or two."

Angel smirked, "no, that's not the reason, it's just one hell of a bonus. A day of you mute? Yeah, definitely a great bonus gift. I swear on my hairgel."

"Poopie head. "

"Everything really will be fine," Angel then sincerely promised. Sarai responded by holding out her arms, much in the same way a small child would if they wanted a hug or to be picked up. Thus proving once again she has many sides and the ability to go from sarcastic-pain-in-the-ass, to a needy, scared, at times even insecure, child. Angel smiled and hugged her.

"You know you're going to be my slave if I live through this."

"Yeah," Angel sighed, "I already figured that out."

"What? Really? Yay, my smarts are rubbing off on you."

"Joy," he muttered.

"Hello, was is everyone today?" Dr. Williams, Sarai's ENT, asked as he entered her room.

Sarai stared at him. "Howthe helldo you think I am?" she snapped, pointing to herself, her hospital bed, and IV.

"Sarai, be nice," Angel instructed.

"No, no, it's perfectly fine. She has a point," Dr. Williams agreed, as he walked to her bedside, revealing a needle.

"What is that?" she asked nervously.

"It's a sedative, Sarai. This way, by the time you're in the operating room, you'll already be somewhat asleep, even before we give you the anaesthesia."

"You want to drug me up more? Why? What don't you want me to see?"

The doctor looked over at Angel, "did they already give her something?"

"No, that's just how she is," Angel replied before hugging his daughter. "You'll be fine and I'll see you right after. I promise."

The doctor sedated Sarai, and then wheeled her bed into the OR.

For the hour the surgery took, Angel paced in the waiting room. Sarai's paranoia clearly got to him. He was relieved when the doctor came out. "How is she?" he asked right away.

"The surgery went well," the doctor replied.

"That wasn't what he asked," Ryan said, the paranoia spread to him too, of course Sarai could never find out about it though.

"She'll be fine in time. She's a very strong willed girl. We had to give her extra sedatives and anesthesia to put her out, because she refused to go lightly."

"How much extra?" Angel asked.

"A significant amount. At first we thought it was because of a strong immune system, we see that sometimes. But she was mumbling something about not wanting to 'go under' and she kept mentioning some sort of conspiracy. So I tend to think it was more a mind matter then physical. But she will be fine. She's kinda out right now and will probably remain groggy for quite a while considering how much we had to give her."

"At least she finally put her mind to something," Angel sighed, trying to find a bright side. "Can I see her?"

Sarai laid in her bed, in her little cubical of the recovery room unit. Her head was fuzzier then the time she ate 30 Fun Dip in a row, followed by guzzling down an Iced Coffee. She opened her eyes, and was fairly pleased by what she saw... or what she was pretty saw she saw through the blur. "Hi, how's my darling girl feeling?" Darla questioned, stroking her daughter's hair. The sound of her voice, and touching of the hair confirmed to Sarai that she was in fact seeing who she thought she was. It was comforting. Sarai shrugged lightly.

"What's going on?" Angel asked as he walked in and saw the back of a blonde woman's head sitting on his daughter's bed. The woman turned around and Angel saw it was Darla. He was stunned.

"Hello," she plainly greeted.

"How... what are you doing here?" Angel questioned.

"I'm here seeing our daughter, and I'm staying for good."

Angel blinked a few times, "and... how is this possible? You died."

"Yes, I did, and not for the first time if you remember." Darla got off the bed and walked over to him, "here's the story. After I died, the Powers made me a deal, since my death was really a sacrifice to bring their 'miracle child', into this world. The deal was I had to work for them, being a messenger, helping people get on their path if their lost, or in between life and death. And in return, after I did enough work, I'd get to come back here. And my work has been done."

"Done... you mean you're here," Angel began a lump in his throat. "Forever?"

"About as forever as any vampire can be. I can be killed again by stakes and beheading, if that's what you mean."

Before Angel could say anything else, Cordelia, Doyle, Dawn and Ryan entered, "we couldn't wait any longer and we were the only ones talented enough to get passed security..." Cordelia announced, "and what the hell?" she added when she noticed Darla.

"Cordelia," Darla said with false sincerity.

Everyone looked over at Angel, "Darla's back," he simply explained.

"Got that already. Someone wanna explain the how?" Cordelia's asked.

"Darla?" Doyle cut in, "so your Darla... and supposed to be dead."

Having gotten annoyed by being post-op and ignored, Sarai decided to put the attention on herself, by using all her energy (which wasn't much) to throw the barf bucket kept next to her bed, just in case, at the six people in her room. She didn't have a specific target, but didn't complain when it ended up hitting her father right in the head. "Nice aim," Darla observed.

"Don't encourage her," Angel ordered.

"Don't tell me how to talk to her, she's my daughter too, Angelus."

"It's Angel."

A tissue box was the second item thrown, only it was an even weaker throw that didn't hit anything/one. Sarai then pointed at her throat. "Oh I'm sorry, princess, how are you feeling after the surgery?" Angel asked, sympathetically. Sarai managed to motion for a pen. Angel handed her one, along with a piece of paper that happened to be laying in the room.

'How nice of you to finally remember,' was written, barely legible, on the paper by Sarai.

"I got distracted," Angel defended.

"Yeah, with your mother suddenly being alive," Dawn added.

'Your taking his side? You don't care about my suffering either!' Sarai wrote and held up for her friend. Dawn rolled her eyes. 'Why are you all covered in white spots?' was the next thing written. Everyone looked at one another.

"I think you're seeing things. Maybe you should close your eyes?" Ryan said and suggested.

'Nuh-uh. You are. Just like the floating green elephants around you all.' she replied, the hand writing worsening, and her head was getting worse.

"I'm getting the doctor," Angel declared after reading his daughter's last statement.

The doctor stated Sarai's loopiness was due to the anesthetic, which Angel suspected. Sarai fell back asleep and the doctor speculated it would wear off during her sleep. Surprisingly enough, Sarai was not asleep for long, a few minutes at the most. When she woke up, she found there was a dry-erase board waiting for her on the bed. She picked it up, along with a marker. 'I had a dream... I think. About mother-person being here,' she wrote.

"I am here, you didn't dream it," Darla said, making herself noticed to her daughter.

'Oh. Yayness. I was promised ice cream though I believe, and I'd like it now,' was her written reply.

"And here you were afraid you'd be unable to communicate," Ryan teased.

Sarai ignored his comment and went on to another topic, 'were the elephants real too?'

No one in the room touched that question... they didn't know how to answer. "So, ice cream? I'll see what can be done," Doyle said, changing the subject. "There's this nurse I saw that I think can be of some help."

'Hit on her if you want, just get ice cream, please.' Sarai wrote. Doyle left. At the same time, Gunn and everyone else entered.

"Hey, hey look who finally snuck in," Gunn announced. "Darla?" he then questioned.

"The one and only," she replied.

"How?" Fred asked.

'Hello? I'm the one that was sliced into!' the patient complained.

"You weren't cut open!" everyone corrected at once. The teenager scoffed.

Angel filled his friends in on what Darla had told her. "So... is she evil or not?" Gunn asked when the story was done. They all looked at Darla.

"I have some soul," she explained.

"Some? That makes sense," Spikes rolled his eyes.

"Shut up, Spike," Darla replied. "Yes some. After I gave birth, I retained a little of the soul Sarai and I shared."

"You mean Sarai really does have a soul!" Gunn, Sarai's one true BFF, couldn't help but tease her. Sarai smiled and stuck her tongue out at him.

"What do you mean a little? How little?" Angel asked.

"Not enough that I'm going to shun society for a hundred years over my guilt. But enough that I don't want to kill you all," Darla explained. "Well, most of you," she added, shooting a glare at Wesley.

"Darla I..." Wesley began to explain.

"I don't need your explanations, thanks," she cut off.

"Darla, that was a while ago. We've moved passed that now, so please try and do the same. And be nice," Angel said.

Darla shook her head, "well, I wasn't here then, when Wesley here exercised his right to play puppet master with our child's life. But I'm here now, and I intend on making up for missed time," she replied.

A ringing sound was then heard in the room. Faith quickly answered her cell phone before she got in trouble. The conversation was quick. "That was Willow, she's at the airport, I'm going to go pick her up," she announced.

"I'll come," Dawn offered.

The two said goodbye to Sarai and left. As they left, Doyle and a nurse walked in. The nurse had the beloved ice cream. Fred excused herself to call Lorne and Sophia to tell them Sarai was awake and okay.

"Eat this, and if you can keep it down, and aren't hallucinating, in a little while we can release you," the nurse told Sarai. The teenager happily ate the ice cream.

She was the only really happy person in the room. Everyone else was still disturbed and confused by Darla's sudden re-appearance. Angel and Darla stared at each other from opposite ends of Sarai's beside, with tension between them. Sarai ignored the tension, and as she ate her ice cream, planned on how to fix the relationship of her parents to her liking. And also how she was going to pull off lying and saying her head wasn't still foggy, to make her get out of the evil hospital hell faster. She had her work cut out for her.

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