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As Angel and Darla stared at one another, Sarai rolled her eyes. "Does everything have to be so tense over dramatic all the time? This isn't Dawson's Creek, people. Can't you just answer the question and move on?" she questioned. Angel quietly went into his bedroom, Darla followed. "Why do I even bother anymore?" the teenager sighed.

"We can't send her back," Angel told Darla.

"Oh we can't, huh?" she replied, annoyed.

Angel was slightly shocked. "You mean you want too?"

"I mean I don't want you deciding on your own! She's mine too you know, I have a say," Darla scolded. "For the past weekend we can barely agree on how to raise one Sarai, is adding another really the best idea?"

"It's better than sending her back there," he argued.

"Unless she ends up thinking the reason you and I can't seem to agree on anything is her fault and ends up blaming herself. As of now, we know that Sarai ends up okay. Do you really want to risk screwing one up?"

"Since when are you afraid of taking a risk?" Angel questioned.

Darla looked sad, "since a few hours ago when she was nearly panicking thinking she'd done something wrong. I just... I don't want to cause that."

"We can't send her back," Angel repeated.

"I know," Darla finally confessed. "So, what are we going to do?"

"Find some way to be civil to each other?"

"Think we can handle it?"

"We did for a hundred years."

"We did a lot of other things during those years too. Most of which I don't think either girl should ever try and do," Darla slightly laughed. "Although I wouldn't be surprised if Sarai's thinking about trying some of them with Ryan."

Angel scowled. "Don't ever go there again."

"Oh come on, it's sweet. Don't you remember what it was like to have your first love?"

"It got me sent to hell," he countered.

"Yes, but you're the male. That girl was the one who sent you there," she pointed out, with disgust at the fact he was talking about Buffy. Angel had a mental image of Sarai sending Ryan to hell, and slightly smirked. And Darla knew it. "Oh yeah, the soul has made you completely good."

"Well, he would deserve it," Angel weakly defended. "And that's not our biggest problem right now. What are you and I going to do?"

Darla shook her head. "I already asked that. God you're impossible."

"Am not. I just... wanted to know if you had any ideas."

"If I did then I would've told you!" she snapped back. "This isn't going to work, is it?"

"Not sure, honestly."

"Well, let's start with the basics for now. When will I get to see her... I mean them?"

Angel shrugged. "I don't know. When you want to?" Suddenly, an idea entered his head. "Okay, this may be a bad idea in the long run, but it's an idea. There's another penthouse in the building. At the end of this hallway, actually. And I don't have anyone using it."

"Are you suggesting we live that close to each other?"

"It would be convenient for Sarai, both of them."

"That it would be," she agreed. "But it would also be inconvenient for you and I, being so close."

"That it would be," this time Angel said. "So, should I have it made up to be lived in?" he then questioned.

"Yeah. We'll just, stay away from each other's personal lives."

"Right. Of course. We can do that. We can."

"Yes, we can."

"I won't interfere at all if you decide to have a relationship with that jackass." Darla scowled at Angel. "I mean Lindsey," he corrected. "This is going to take some time."


They exited the bedroom and rejoined everyone else. "Little Sarai, if you can stay here if that's really what you want," Angel told her. The child was extremely happy.

"Don't I get a say?" Sarai questioned.

"No," both parents told her.

"Just checking."

"I'm not staying," Vampire Sarai decided to remind everyone.

"We know, and honestly? Don't give a crap," Sarai replied. "I'm not sharing my room! It's taken me a long time to get it the way it is."

"Yes, we know. A mess that big doesn't develop over night," Angel agreed.

"There's nothing wrong with my mess once and for all. It's my mess. I know where everything in the mess is. It's an organized mess, if you will."

"Right. Sure it is," Angel replied.

"So, should I attempt a teleportation spell to send Vampire Sarai back?" Willow interrupted to ask.

"Yeah, that would be a good idea, thanks," Angel told her.

"If you want I can he-..." Sarai was going to offer to help with the spell.

"No," the adults and Ryan interrupted.

"Do you people not trust me or something?" No one answered her. "Meanies."

"I'll get the spell started," Willow stated.

Little Sarai approached her parents. "Thank you for letting me stay," she told them.

"Not a problem," Darla replied.

"Yeah, we're happy to have you," Angel added.

"Um, yeah, I'd like to take this time to point out something you people clearly haven't thought of," Sarai said. "What are we gonna call her? Cause calling her Sarai will be confusing and I have issue's with calling her 'little Sarai', it sounds like 'Junior Patrick' on Coupling, which is just nasty. Funny on the show, nasty in this real life situation, just so I am clear on that." There was a pause. "We could call her Mini. That'd be okay."

"No," Angel and Darla said at once.

"We could call her by your middle name," Angel suggested.

"You gave her a middle name?" Darla asked.

"Yeah, you gave me a middle name? I've been meaning to ask you if you did for a while, but forgot," Sarai said. "What is it?"

"Blair," Angel answered.

"Blair?" Darla repeated. "Figures you'd go with an Irish name," she muttered.

"Well it's not like you were around for me to ask your permission."

"Well, excuse me for being dead!"

"Sarai Blair?" Sarai said, cutting off her parent's argument. "Huh. Interesting I guess. And it sounds like Selma Blair, which isn't exactly a bad thing. I mean I've watched all five hundred airings of Legally Blonde on TNT and TBS."

"I am confused, am I not gonna be Sarai anymore?" Little Sarai asked.

"Well, technically, you'll still be the same, but with a different name. This was no one gets confused between you and other Sarai," Angel explained. "Is that okay?"

The child shrugged. "Sureness," she agreed.

Sarai wiped a fake tear from her eye, "she's adding 'ness' to the ends of words already. I really make myself proud."

"We've noticed," Gunn commented.

"Okay, well, this has been a blast, but I have something to do. See you peoples in a few minutes. Try not to miss me," Sarai said before going off to her room.

"What is it that she's doing?" little Sarai asked.

"It's better not to ask questions. Trust me," Angel answered.


"So, should I get the penthouse ready?" Angel asked Darla. "It'll take at least a day, it's completely empty right now."

"Penthouse?" Lindsey questioned, confused.

"There's another one on this floor, that I am taking," Darla explained. "Would you like..."

"Where will I live if other me doesn't want me in her room?" Little Sarai asked, cutting off Darla's question for Lindsey.

Angel looked over at Willow, who was setting up the spell, "Willow, is there some way, if you're able, to make another room in both places?" he asked awkwardly.

"Or you could sleep on the couch here and give her your room," Sarai popped her head out of her bedroom door to say to Angel. He was going to reply, but she disappeared back into the room completely.

"I can try," Willow answered. "I think I can."

Lindsey cleared his throat. "So, there was something else you wanted to say to me," he reminded Darla.

"All done!" Willow announced, pointing to the set up teleportation spell, before Darla could answer.

Vampire Sarai was extremely happy. "I can finally go home!" she exclaimed.

"Just stand in this spot," Willow instructed, pointing to the center of a candle-lit square.

"See ya evil me," Sarai once again briefly appeared from her doorway to say.

Angel waved to the vampire. "Have a safe trip," he told her, in a very fatherly way, which caused the evil girl to roll her eyes.

The vampire stepped in the center of the candles, and Willow recited an incantation. Within seconds, the vampire was gone and the flames on the candles were out. "One spell down, one to go," the witch commented. "I'm going to have to look up a way for the next one, though. Where are all the magic books kept in this building, again?"

"I'll show you," Faith offered. The two women left.

Suddenly, Fred began to look around the room nervously. "Where's Sophia?" she panicked.

"Still in Sarai's bedroom, remember?" Wesley reminded her.

She sighed in relief. "Right. Sorry. There was just a teleportation spell done, and I didn't see her around here, it slipped my mind and I panicked."

"Well no one was about to accuse you of being calm," Sarai countered, exiting her bedroom, with Sophia behind her. "You," the teenager pointed to Lindsey, "my bedroom, now." Puzzled, he followed her into the bedroom. "Merry January," she told him as she shut the door. She followed that by handing him a piece of paper.

Lindsey looked at the paper. "Directions?" he questioned.

Sarai nodded. "Yup. Very good, they're directions. And they're to the W Hotel."

"Why are you giving me directions on how to get there?"

"Because, like I said, Merry January. I just booked a room there. It's a gift from me to you and my mom, but I can't give it to my mom cause that would be icky. Just walk in and give them your name. And also, never, ever, ever, ever, let me actually find out what you two do there. Cause in my mind? You're gonna be ordering room service and watching TV."

Lindsey was shocked, to say the least. "You've... your... I can't accept this," he stammered. "It doesn't seem right."

Sarai glared at him. "It's perfectly alright to give you a place to...watch TV and order room service, instead of you people using my favorite couch again... and I already booked the room and I refuse to let my money go to waste. So you will use it," she insisted. "Come on, you know you're dying to... watch TV and order room service with my mother. You must. You're a guy, it's like embedded into you when you turn thirteen or something," she added. Although he did want to accept the room, he still felt a bit wrong doing so, and Sarai could tell. "Either go there now, or I'll put it to use myself by taking Ryan there. Do you want that on your conscious? Hm? Do you, do you?"

"Well, when you put it that way. If I'll be preventing you from doing something you really shouldn't by, watching TV and ordering room service," he said, using her 'code', "then I guess I really have to."

"That's what I thought. What are you waiting for? Go on, go. No need to stand here talking to me more." Sarai put her hands on Lindsey's shoulders, turned him around and pushed him toward the door.

They both left the room, and saw that in the few moments they were talking, people had left. Wesley, Fred, Sophia, Gunn and Ryan, to be exact. Sarai looked to Angel for an explanation. "Gunn and Ryan went to get something... not really sure where or what, and the other's went home," he told her, as Lindsey took Darla aside to a corner.

"What's going on? Why did Sarai take you into her room?" Darla questioned.

Lindsey prevented himself from grinning. "She wanted to give me something. See..."

"Your hand," Darla interrupted, finally taking notice of the fact that Lindsey had two real, human hands, and not one prosthetic one. "It's...back?"

He didn't want to seem annoyed. He wasn't, not really. But there was a room waiting for them, and he wanted to put it to use. Fast. "Yeah, I had an operation," he explained quickly, "I'll tell you the story later. Right now..."

"Did it hurt?" she inquired.

"The operation? No, not really. Not nearly like when it was actually cut off. Then again, I don't think anything's more painful than that."

Darla slightly rolled her eyes. "No offence, but until you've had a small person ripping through your insides trying to make an exit, you really can't talk about what the most painful thing in the world is," she corrected.

"How creepy would it be if that happened to him and one day he could talk about it then?" Sarai interjected, joining the two. "Although I'm sure he'd get mega-rich off it. But anyway, why are you two still here? Lindsey, what did I tell you about not letting my money go to waste? When a person gives you a non-refundable gift, it's only right to use it."

"I'm trying," he argued. "I just haven't had the chance to tell her."

"How hard is it? Mommy, go with Lindsey. Now."

"Go where?" Darla asked.

"The W Hotel, there's a room there for us to...catch up in," Lindsey explained.

"No!" the teenager exclaimed. "Catch up? Why'd you have to put it that way! It's the universal obvious code, the type that makes me think about what will actually go on and then further add to the already long list of psychological traumas. It was order room service and watch TV, remember?" she scolded.

"Sorry," he apologized.

"You should be. Now go."

Darla grabbed Lindsey's hand, "well, if you insist, talk to you later," she said. As they left she waved goodbye to little Sarai. And Lindsey gave a wave of sheer gratefulness to Sarai.

"What's going on?" the child asked her teenage self.

"The mom and Lindsey leaving thing? They went out, but they'll be back later, or maybetomorrow."

"Where'd they go?" Angel questioned. Sarai gave him a look that clearly begged for her to not have to verbalize it, even by code. "Oh."

Sarai looked over toward the doorway. She was amused. "So, how much do you want to put a foot up his ass, on a scale of one to ten?" she asked Cordelia, who had been standing there silently since Ryan and Willow walked in earlier, after vampire Sarai was found, waiting for Angel to say something to her, which hadn't happened yet.

"Twenty," Cordelia replied. Angel tensed up and mentally tried to prepare himself for what was about to come. It wasn't going to be pretty by any means.

"Interesting, and but keep it down because I'ma go attempt to finally rest off this fever, from the operation o' doom," the teenager told her before going to her room.

"Cordelia, look, I'm..." Angel began to say.

"You're what?" she interrupted. "You're finally willing to fit time into your schedule for me? I know this is has been a busier then usual weekend for you, but two minutes, you couldn't even fit in two minutes to clue me in at all! This is the first time you've said anything to me since I came back here with Willow!"

"You go girl," Sarai yelled from her room. She figured now that she had her mother around for good, she could ease up on Cordelia. A lot.

"I'm sorry," Angel apologized.

"You should be," Cordy agreed. "You should be very, very sorry. It's like you completely forgot I exist!"

"That's not true. I knew you were around."

"Around? Around? Is that what I am to you? Around? Some kind of convenience? Because let me tell you something, buddy, Cordelia Chase is no one's convenience!"

"Of course you're not. I didn't mean it that way. I... I... didn't mean to make you feel left out, either. I'm sorry. Very, sorry."

"You should be," she repeated. "However, I am sure there's someway you can really make it to me," she added, forgetting that there was still a child in the room.

"Really?" Angel questioned, happily, also momentarily forgetting.

"How? He already said he was sorry," said child questioned, making both adults mentally slap themselves, "is there another way it is also done in this world?"

"Um...well..." Angel stammered.

"Does it have anything to do with that 'horny' word mentioned before and the tongue thing? What are they?"

"Well, I will be going now, call you later, Angel," a giggling Cordelia said.

"Wait, no! Help me!" he begged.

"Nope, sorry," she replied, taking joy in his obvious discomfort.

"Well, what does it mean?"

"Okay, um well, it's a grown up, see, when too people," he continued to stammer, completely at a loss for what to say.

Meanwhile, Sarai laid in her bed, listening to the conversation going on outside her room, and was highly amused by it. She continued to listen until she fell asleep. Of course, that didn't last long. She was woken twenty minutes later by the sound of two people entering her bedroom. "What!" she grumbled to her visitors.

"Do you want us to come back?" Gunn asked.

"No, I'm already awake," she replied, looking at her best friend, and then at her boyfriend, "why do you guys have plastic bags?"

"We got you some things, like a little 'Get Well Soon' gift basket...but without the actual basket, as you can see," Ryan explained as he and Gunn handed her the bags.

Sarai took a look at the items and examined each one carefully. Her boys knew her well. "Cheese cake, strawberry ice cream, hot dogs, tuna, peach snapple, cherry coke, chocolate covered cherries, and Hershey's Cookies n' Mint bars" she said the name of each thing as she took it out of the bag, "you got me all eight major food groups!" Then it was on to the bag. "A picture frame?" she questioned, confused staring at the plastic frame with butterflies on it, attached to a blue base.

"Read the box," Gunn pointed out, "it lights up, and the light changes color."

"Fascinating," she replied as she ripped it open, installed the batteries and turned it on. "Extremely fascinating."

"We thought you'd see it that way."

There was one more thing in the bag. She looked to see what it was, and then leapt out of bed and hugged both males tightly. "My heros! I fricken love you two!" she exclaimed, delighted by the fact that she was once again the owner of an oral thermometer.

Although things didn't go as she originally planned, all seemed right in the world of Sarai. After all, nothing in her life ever went as originally planed, causing her to improvise and at least make everything to her satisfaction. And they were. Her mother was back for good and happy, she could use her sickness and the operation as a guilt trip and to annoy everyone for at least a week, the proper thermometer was back in her home, and of course, the best part of all in her mind, if the conversation in the living room was any indication, Angel would be driven doubly crazy from there on out.


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