This story takes place in an alternate timeline where Hiko found Kenshin in 1986 and has trained him until 1991. In order to reasonably have Hiko still use his sword, I've made him fast enough to dodge bullets.


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Chapter 1

Himura Kenshin was by no means an ignorant 11 year old boy, whatever some people may say. Ever since he was taken in by Hiko Seijuro XIII a few years ago, he was instructed not only in Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu, which is Hiko's sword style, but also in academics. However, though academics were a little bit lower in priority than kenjutsu, it would be much more important than kenjutsu in a test he would be taking. A test unlike anything he could ever have imagined.

"Idiot apprentice."

Kenshin sighed. Perhaps it would have been easier to just have renamed him that instead of Kenshin when his master had found him. "Yes, Master?" he asked looking up from cleaning his new katana into the face of the gigantic man who had just walked out of his cottage.

"Let us test how far you have come in your education since I started teaching you my considerable skills, nearly 5 years ago," Hiko Seijuro XIII said with a small smirk on his face, his huge white mantle blowing dramatically in the cool March wind.

"An… English test?" Kenshin questioned rather hopefully.

Hiko replied with a soft chuckle. "I didn't even think of that," he remarked. "Well, since you want to have one so much, we can do that. After a little spar," he added, crushing the bright look in Kenshin's eyes.The last time the two had "sparred," it ended with Kenshin going to bed bruised and battered and Hiko leaving without a mark on him. It was by some miracle that out of all the one-sided fights they'd had, not one of them had killed Kenshin.

Reluctantly, Kenshin got up from his comfortable seat (a log) near the fire, making sure to take as much time as he could. He made sure to check that his clothes were absoluely spotless. Completely by accident, he spilled a little of the oil he was using to clean his sword on himself.

"Master, may I go…"

"No," answered a very amused Hiko.

It was worth a try, Kenshin sighed as he drew his sword.

If an outsider had walked into the small clearing where the 13th master of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu lived, they would have been greeted with a very strange sight. Hiko Seijuro- nearly 7-feet-tall, long onyx-black hair, wearing an impressive and expensive mantle, as muscular as a human can be without sacrifycing any speed, and obsidian eyes with a condescending look concealing a look of parental pride- facing Himura Kenshin- little more than 4-feet-tall, short ruby-red hair, wearing plain blue training gi and pants, rather scrawny looking, and violet eyes with a humble yet determined gaze.

"I'm ready," Kenshin told Hiko resignedly.

Hiko drew his sword too. "You should always be ready, idiot apprentice," Hiko told Kenshin right before he charged him. No matter how often Kenshin fought his master, he was always taken by surprise by how fast the immense man moved. Before Kenshin could blink, Hiko was behind him, ready to swing his katana at Kenshin's exposed back. Kenshin spun around and got his own blade up just in time to parry Hiko's sword. The force behind the horizontal swing was enough to push Kenshin back a foot though he was using both his arms while Hiko was only using his left. Not faltering a bit, Hiko brought his sword around and swung downwards aiming for Kenshin's neck. Kenshin jumped to the side, bringing his blade vertically across his body just in time to block Hiko's blindingly fast counterstrike. Once again Kenshin was reminded of his master's amazing strength. Even when the seven-foot tall giant of a man was holding back nearly all his strength, a one-handed swing was enough to jar all of Kenshin's bones in both of his arms.

He has the right to be every bit as arrogant as he is, thought Kenshin. But Kenshin would never tell that to his master. Master is like a father to me, but he is a very annoying, arroga.... Kenshin's thoughts were interrupted by a burning pain in his left side.

"You were daydreaming again, idiot apprentice," said Hiko as he lowered his foot. "You would have seen that kick coming had you been paying any attention whatsoever to our spar."

"More of a trouncing then a spar," Kenshin muttered under his breath while trying to sooth the pain in his side. That was a pathetic perfermance, I didn't last half as long as I did in the other "spars" as Master calls them , Kenshin secretly berated himself.

"You deserved it, idiot apprentice, especially since you threw away half my pottery collection the last year," Hiko replied with a curiously knowing look in his eyes.

Does he never forget? an exasperated Kenshin thought. "That wasn't me, Master. I swear they just disappeared," said Kenshin through gritted teath. "What are you doing making pottery anyway?" Kenshin asked in a low accusing voice.

"True genius shows itself in many forms. Besides, how else are we going to get money," replied Hiko in a defensive and equally low voice. 'Now, about that English test,' Hiko said, discreetly changing the subject.

'Y…yes, master?' asked Kenshin, momentarily stumbling over the transition from Japanese to English.

'I think the best test we will ever get will be arriving soon'

"Huh?" said a bemused Kenshin.

'Ah, there it is,' said Hiko, looking up at the sky. Kenshin looked up too but could not see anything.

Wait, what is that? Kenshin mused as he spotted something in the sky he had overlooked: a dot that was getting larger by the second. Soon, he could see that it was in fact not a dot, but some kind of bird. A very strange bird. Kenshin had never seen one quite like this one before. It seemed to have a very flat face, and one leg was longer than the other.


Hiko lightly slapped kenshin on the back of his head. 'Use English idiot apprentice," he reprimanded to an abashed reply of 'Yes, Master.' 'It's the language you'll be using for the next year or so.'

'What, for the next year?' exclaimed Kenshin turning to stare at his teacher.

'Hopefully, if you behave. And it would help if you didn't wet your bed again like last week,' answered Hiko with a smirk on his face, effectively distracting Kenshin from asking exactly why he would be using English for the next year.

'Master!' shouted a Kenshin whose red face was only partly caused by anger. Kenshin turned away from his master only to be greeted by a flutter of feathers in his face. Jumping back in surprise and just a tiny bit of fright, Kenshin finally realized that the strange bird was actually an owl. A very noble owl. A very noble and impatient owl. Everything that Kenshin felt at that moment was summed up by the single word that came out of his mouth.


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