Summary: A Sci-fi action based short story derived from the PSX classic game Einhander. When one group of rogue pilots find that they've dove a little too deep for their own good, all their foundations seem to crumble all around them.

Written by: Saru.

Disclaimer: Einhander Concept taken from Einhander © 1997, 1998 Square Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Original character work created by Saru, © Anbu's Analogy.


Einhander: Don't Be Sexist

Verse One

The ship moved gracefully through the skies like a shark weaved through the ocean, leaving white and light blue streaks of energy in its wake. Traveling at tremendous speeds, two wing ports in the back of the small ship tilted up, the streaks of white and blue extending out before widening as the ship blasted off toward an unknown destination. Paint schemes of white, silver and gray camouflaged the aircraft physically, while a radar scrambler, armed within the ship, shrouded it electronically. Several cruisers tailed behind it, their platform shapes gliding through the air, after the aircraft.

Nicknamed the "Einhander," the Endymion FRS Mk III was an automated combat aircraft. It's sleek design allowed it to easily rip through the skies at unbelievable speeds. Being completely versatile with it's ability to retrieve and gain gun pods. The bluish-white electrical discharges along the ships hull resembled tear-filled eyes as it streaked through the industrial city skyline.

The cruisers behind it known as "Enforcers," it's official name, PT-085 Enforcer, was the cities main unit of control over the city, keeping the peace through the city and enforcing the law when needed. Hovering through the air, leaving a neon red trail of light in its path as it tailgated the Endymion. Veering through the colossal buildings of the city, the Einhander made its twists and turns, trying to lose the Enforcers not too far behind. Weaving through buildings and narrowly escaping the occasional collision with any of the holographic glass billboards advertising whatever merchandise they may have. Usually two or three of the Enforcers tailing the Einhander would have to change their route since not all of them had the ability to weave through the city and make it underneath or over an obstacle.

The Einhander rose up into the air, looping out behind a few who were chasing her. Red lacquered lips broke into a cocky grin as the pilot trained her field of vision on one of the Enforcers. The gatling-styled 30mm machine gun began to rotate before spitting out rounds at the engine located in the back of the Enforcers. The Enforcer's pilot tried to gain control of his cruiser as he began to spin out of control, crashing down into one of the cruisers below him. Two birds with one stone, the pilot thought as she licked her lips and a wider grin spread across her face.

Pulling up, the Einhander rose above the skyline of the city, the Enforcers following as she tried to shake them off her tail. Diving vertically back down in to the city, the Einhander spiraled as it entered into a free fall, the Enforcers followed her, doing exactly the same as one of them began to open fire, its rounds missing as the Einhander spiraled off to the side and quickly rose straight back up as the wings of the ship opened upward, a boost of energy rocketing the Einhander upward as the Enforcers tried to follow, but their vehicles were too bulky to perform any advanced flying tactics as the pilot of the Einhander had. Grinning, she flicked her dark red hair behind her shoulders. Her cocky attitude showed forth as it usually did. "This is too easy." She mentioned to herself, a giggle escaping her lips after.

"Pull up, pull up, pull up!" The pilot of one of the enforcers yelled as he tried to pull his cruiser up, but it was already too late, he was going way too fast and his cruiser was only seconds away from hitting concrete. Red balls of fire flew past the Einhander as the Enforcer had crashed into the ground, exploding, sending debris everywhere. Only two more Enforcers hung onto her, they were not too far behind, but they had lost some distance between them when she had risen up from her free fall.

"Who the hell is this guy?" One of the pilots of the Enforcers said over the intercom between him his partner, and the pilot of the Einhander who had tapped into their communication. "Excuse me!" She started, "I'm a girl you idiot!" She stated proudly, scolding the man as the Einhander turned and fired upon the two Enforcers. Rounds pelted against the heavy armor of their fronts, but she knew the back and core of the Enforcers were extremely weak. She zoomed past them, as they split up to avoid a collision with her. "Chickens…" She muttered over the intercom to the men in the Enforcers.

"W-what the!" One of the pilots began to say. "Yes, yes yes… You're ass is getting kicked by a FEMALE!" She said, mocking the man as if she knew his thoughts before he could even get them out of his mouth. "You bitch!" the pilot yelled as the Einhander turned and opened fire on his Enforcer, bullets pelting the engine, the cruiser exploding sending shrapnel into his partners cruiser.

"You guys are just too easy." She commented to the last pilot. His Enforcer turned to meet hers. "Whore!" He yelled as he began opening fire on her as the Einhander sped toward him. The two ships chased toward one another on a collision course, the rounds barely missing the Einhander. The Einhander pulled up slightly before colliding with the Enforcer, a red flash gleamed through the area as she sped past over head. The red blade held by the manipulator hand of the Einhander dissipated as the Enforcer fell, sliced in two by the energy blade. "Stupid…" She muttered.

"Jake, mission accomplished. I got the files." She said into a new frequency over her intercom. "Alright, good work Ariel." Jake's voice said, a little distorted over the intercom. "Meet up back at the Avalon at eight thirty." He said. "Okay, I'll be there at eight then." She retorted back. Jake gave a short laugh over the intercom, "Alright then. See you, baby."