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Daddy's Little Girl
By Sparky16


In my daughter's eyes I am a hero
I am strong and wise and I know no fear
But the truth is plain to see
She was sent to rescue me
I see who I wanna be
In my daughter's eyes
My Daughter's Eyes - Martha McBride

...Then Diana went to the Fathers of the Beginning, to the Mothers, the Spirits who were before the first spirit, and lamented unto them that she could not prevail with Dianus. And they praised her for her courage; they told her that to rise she must fall; to become the chief of goddesses she must become a mortal.

A small form was laden in a hotel bed, shuttering and drenched in sweat from pain that pulsed in steady streams all over her body. It was almost unbearable and small whimpers escaped from the shuttering form. Long strands of wet auburn hair clung to the pale white skin of a young female face. Emerald eyes widened at a stronger pulse of pain which caused her to yell.

came a gentle reassurance from her side. A cold cloth press was dabbed on her forehead before left to lay there. Her breathing became more labored and shuttered every so often. Her eyes looked more towards the tall dark figure that stood next to her. She took a strange comfort to him standing there, her heart calming slightly, but his presence did not stifle her pain. She could barely make out his features in the shadows of the room. It was hardly even dawn yet the moon was unusually big and bright making it seem like early morn. The curtains to the room were drawn, the windows closed, the room lights dimmed drastically. What was taking place in the room he wanted to kept secret. If anyone found out it would spell the end for them.

Another loud groan erected from the seventeen year old girl . The man frowned to himself. He had spent months kicking himself for doing this to her, but now was not the time for self pity. She needed him and so did someone else. He moved towards the end of the bed and sat on it's edge. He moved the sheets slightly, rubbing her lower leg for her comfort. He knew it was useless, she was in pain and she probably wanted to kill him for putting her in such a situation. He couldn't blame her, he had blamed himself for this despite both had a lot to drink and were irrational that night. A little voice inside him told him that they were both at fault but it was to late for that. What was done was done.

Another groan turned into a lengthy whine. He looked at her, her body wracked with shaking and labored breathing. It's time. He muttered, looking directly at her. Her eyes looked straight into his. She gulped.

I don't- don't know if I can.-You are going to have to. he cut her off with a calm urgence. She nodded, knowing he was right. She groaned once more, bracing herself for the unimaginable pain she knew would come.

To him, everything seemed to drown out at that moment. He felt as though his body had switched to auto pilot. His words, coaching, and actions were out of his minds' control. His senses completely drowning out any pleas from the girl on the bed until it was over. His eyes were wide, his body completely frozen in shock at the little human he held in the towel. It was so small, it couldn't have been more than four pounds, not a healthy weight or size but it fit perfectly on the palms of his large hands. Something at that moment came over him, a flush of warmth that relaxed his being entirely, drowning out all doubt he had carried before. He felt a new sense of living, a new need for being there. A new sense of being human. Here in his hands was someone that would need him and its mother purely for survival, to learn about the world. A little being more helpless than anything in world. His sense of protection kicked in. He knew he would give his life for the baby's mother but for the baby he felt like he would do something just that little bit extra, go that extra mile. He'd give the world.

A sharp cry came from the squirming lump of flesh in his hands. He had been so caught up in thought he had almost failed to notice it needed his help right now. Setting it down, he rubbed and cleaned the little one off.

What is it? came the raspy voice of the mother.

The was a pause from the male. It's a girl. came his reply. The girl watched him pick up a bundle of towels and move over to her front. She breathed lightly at seeing the tiny child that he had laid down between them. She leaned her tired head on his shoulder and lifted her hand to the small being now resting on her stomach.

she greeted tiredly. The baby gave a little squeal, getting a smile and chuckle from both parents. For that moment in time nothing mattered but the three of them and that sweet moment of interaction. The child's eyes held a purplish tinge to their deep grayness, and the hair that was already on her head was silver.

Robin sighed, stroking the bab's head. Gray hair.With all the stress in our lives, I had wondered why we hadn't turned gray yet.Now we know where it went. she chuckled. The baby was brought closer to their heads to snuggle between them. What do we call her?

Her partner looked serious for a moment. When she grows up she'll be stronger than any witch the world has ever known. Kanna.

Robin looked into the purplish gray eyed baby. She said the name a few times as if to taste it. She finally agreed. It's pretty. she sighed and closed her eyes, to tired to stay awake any longer.

Amon frowned. Do you know its meaning Robin?' He looked at the child then. Will she live up to her name sake? or will she be ... different? Amon soon found that to be a new fear raising in his gut. Would he be able to control the newly born child? Would his voice be able to reach her if...

Only time would tell.

A few days bed rest saw the exhausted Robin back on her feet. Amon was literally stuck caring for the newborn for those few days, Robin only taking Kanna for feeding.

She wondered into the living room of the apartment-like hotel room to see Amon fast asleep on the couch, little Kanna fast a snooze on her back on top of his chest, laying the opposite way. She chuckled and secretly wished for a camera at that moment. Just then her eyes widened in shock as a soft violet glow radiated off the child and covered Amon in the process. Both seemed explicably unaware of what was just taking place in their sleeping state. Robin was about to call to him when the glow flickered down to nothing. Robin gulped. Amon was not going to like this, he wasn't going to like this at all. Their worst fear was now being realized. Kanna had awakened just and there was no way they would be able to control an infant. Robin hoped against hope that neither she nor Amon would witness anymore strange power flows from their daughter before she could at least understand the word No.

So Robin knows now that Kanna has awakend, what has Kanna done to Amon? has she done anything at all? all in the next chapter!

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