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I've never felt so much in one little tender touch

I live for those kisses, prayers and your wishes

Now that you're teaching me things only a child can see

Every night while we're on our knees all I ask is please

Let them be little 'cause they're only that way for a while

Give them hope, give them praise, give them love every day

Let them cry, let them giggle, let them sleep in the middle

Oh just let them be little

-Lonestar 'Let them be little'

-------- Last Time -------

They hadn't meant to fall asleep, both Amon and Robin. They had returned to the office after a very thorough investigation of the area and to their disappointment they found nothing. They looked through file after file, case after case, including the most resent slaughter done by Lu the day of Robin's kidnapping, still they could find no connection as to where they man would be hiding. Michael had found his hotel room and they had stormed it almost immediately but Lu had vacated the premises long before. Now they were back to square one. They both had taken a seat on the couch next to one another, intent on scouring over reports of supposed sightings to find a common area but in the process Robin had ended up leaning against Amon and he in turn leaned against her, his head resting against hers and slowly their eyes shut.

Their co-workers let them sleep while they continued their work to find the missing baby witch.

The office phone rang and Michael answered it in a slightly melancholy tone. "Hello?" The voice over the phone caused Michael's eyes to widen. "Uh yeah, yes they are" Michael looked towards the sleeping agents, "They did?" he suddenly said over the phone but then his expression dropped and he seemed to droop into his chair. He leaned forward and rubbed his eyes from under his glasses. "Yes, thank you. Yes I'll tell them" he said in a low tone and he hung up.

"Michael?" Doujima asked in worry. Everyone looked at him.

"Wake up Robin and Amon." He said grimly.

"Michael what's going on? What's wrong?" Karasuma asked.

The young man looked at her with sad eyes, "They found Kanna."

Chapter 13

"Protecting Me"

By Sparky16

Robin and Amon tore through the front doors of the hospital and ran up to the desk. They needn't had bothered because a figure called out in a heavy sharp voice.


The couple froze where they were and glanced to the right to look down a hallway. There stood Juliano looking at them, his expression cold and grim. Robin swallowed as she looked at the man with a tinge of fright. Not of him but maybe of what he had to say. Amon just simply glared. He wasn't ready to put up with bullshit right now.

"Juliano" Robin acknowledged in a quiet tone.

"This way" he said warily, turned, and started down the hall. Amon and Robin didn't even exchange a glance with one another, they just followed the old man hoping that he would no doubt lead them to Kanna.

They made their way through most of the main floor then proceeded to the second in an elevator. Juliano then lead them into the burn unit and he walked past several rooms until he came to a door with two agents, both dressed in black trench coats and looking very ominous, from where they were standing guard.

Solomon agents.

Robin and Amon didn't doubt that for a second. The couple became wary. Juliano stopped and pointed at the door with his finely polished cane. "In here" he said to the both of them. Robin finally looked at Amon and he caught her glance. He proceeded in first with Robin right behind him, both eyeing the guards warily. The room was vacant of agents to the couple's great relief. There was, however, a metal crib with tubes and wires that were either attached the to the hook-ups in the wall at the head of the crib or to machines surrounding it. There was the steady beeping of the heart monitor that loomed over the bed. The two wasted no time in rushing up to see what lay in the cold metal cage.

Kanna was in there, fast asleep. Patches of skin on her arms and face were either red from what looked to be burns, as though she had been out in the sun to long, or bandaged up in white gauze. Robin was near tears as she reached in to touch her baby's bandaged cheek. "What did he do to you?" she whispered, referring to Lu but not knowing the true culprit behind the accidental fire.

Amon turned sharply towards Juliano who stood at the room's entrance, he was just closing the door. "What happened?" Amon demanded in a low tone towards the priest. He didn't let his face hide the raging anger he felt inside.

Juliano, for once, looked his age, old and worn, as he sat down in nearby chair. He sighed as he thought of the correct words to tell the two parents, it had to be the truth though. There would be no hiding that he was partly to blame. "She was caught in a burning building. One of which, I am sorry to say, was my own fault." Robin looked at her grandfather in absolute shock but Amon remained firm.

"What happened? Why are you here?" he asked.

"I was sent here to hunt Lucifer. He has been dealing with an underground factor and has been disclosing private information about Solomon's doing to this factor. He is a liability and a crazed man. He had just come out of a building when I confronted him. He attacked me and I fought back. The building had accidentally caught ablaze then. By the time the fire had increased, I had the man right where I wanted him. One more good blow on him and he would've been finished, but then he told me about my granddaughter and he gave me a choice. I chose her. Had I stayed to finish him off, Kanna would have been dead. By the time I had reached the fourth floor, the box she was in was in flames and she already had damage to her. She was near about dead. Had I waited another second then she would've been. I was just grateful I got there in time." Juliano explained. Robin was now crying silently to herself at the thought of nearly losing her little one had someone not acted so quickly. Amon was somewhere between guilt, relief and pure anger.

"When I got out, the fire trucks and ambulance where already there. We rushed her here and she was taken here to the burn unit. She's suffering form a few 2nd and 3rd degree burns and smoke inhalation. She's been asleep now for a few hours."

Robin looked up at him in shock "How long has she been here?" she asked suddenly.

"Nearly 12 hours, all of which I have not left her side. She had been under my careful watch since we arrived. I had been trying to get in touch with you ever since the day of the incident back at your home, wanting to tell you to stay put, but by that time you had all ready fled. You are safer there than here."

"There was a sniper on the property, we were not safe at home." Amon countered.

"Either way, you are not safe here." Juliano said towards the man.

"And just what do you expect us to do, grandfather?" Robin butted in. Both men looked towards her, her face was tear streaked, her voice had been shaky but quiet. She was glaring at the both of them.

They got the hint. This was neither the time nor the place to argue. Not now.


He took one last drag of his cigarette before dropping the butt to the cold cement and stamping it out and stepping into the hospital. Nagira looked around the waiting room and observed the sick gathered in there waiting to be helped. He had just got the call 20 minutes ago that Kanna had been in the hospital for quite some time. He was about to ask the nurse at the front desk when he caught sight of his brother walking down the hallway to his right towards him. He turned his head, his body following the motion and he walked up to meet his half brother.

"How is she?" he asked.

Amon looked forlorn. "Asleep. The doctor says she's not in any pain right now and she'll recover."

Nagira gave a small smile "Jeez buddy, lighten up. You look like you've just broke your favourite toy. The docs said she'll be all right."

Amon looked more even dejected (if that were at all possible) and Nagira knew why. His baby brother had always been able to protect those he cared about. He had always been capable in any situation he was handed, and always seemed to prevail despite the odds against him. But this time, he felt as though he had failed, not just anyone mind you, but his own child. Nothing was going to get the boy out of this slum. The two approached the room were Kanna was still sleeping, Robin was standing over the crib watching her little one and Juliano was standing at the far end of the room watching her. The gloom and darkness was more than he could stand.

"Why don't we go have some coffee, you, me, Robin and that old fart over there?" Nagira suggested, "You can all collect your sanity, freshen up, whatever, because it looks like you guys haven't slept in days and you all just have to calm yourselves down." Nagira looked at the two guards standing at the door and commented "I'm sure Stone Cold and Crusher out there will make sure no one gets into the room."

"Yes, a drink sounds good." Juliano said and headed out the door. Robin touched her child's cheek once more before nodding "Something to wake me up would be good. Amon, are you going to come?"

Amon shook his head. "No, go on with out me" he said and took his place against the wall closest to the door.

Robin looked at him with worry, she knew Amon felt horrible for all this, and so did she, but she wasn't sure now if she wanted to leave him alone. It looked like he wanted to break down. "Come on Robin" Nagira said, putting a gentle arm around her shoulder and leading his sister in law out of the room. Robin and Amon's eyes trailed after one another until she had left the room and the door shut quietly behind her with a soft click.

Amon pushed himself off the wall and walked towards the crib. He blinked in slight surprise at the sight of big bright eyes and a large opened mouth smile looking up at him. He smiled softly to himself "How can you smile when you've been through hell?" He asked her in a hushed tones.

Kanna cooed.


Robin sat in the cafeteria of the hospital next to Nagira, across from Juliano. She stared grief-stricken into her coffee before taking another sip. Juliano had just finished explaining how he had faced Lu before being told about Kanna, and he wasn't even aware that both his grandchildren had been missing.

"Well," Nagira took a sip of his own drink, "The good thing is she's alive and well. I'm glad to see you made a good choice."

"I would not sacrifice my own family." Juliano spoke.

"Funny, you seemed to have no quarrels about hunting Robin" Nagira pointed out. Robin blinked, shocked that Nagira had even brought that up. How did he know about that anyway?

"That was the decision of a foolish old man." Annoyance flashed across the old man's face for a moment as he looked down at his clenched fist in his lap, "I had been deceived then, I should've known better," he looked up at Nagira and sighed, "but I have been forgiven."

"Either way I'm grateful." Robin said and took another sip of her hot drink before continuing. She looked downcast at the liquid. "Had Father Juliano not acted as quickly as he had--" she didn't want to finish that thought "--I'd hate to think how Amon would've taken it. He was heartbroken at the fact that she was gone, but he would've been absolutely devastated had Kanna actually died..." she trailed off again and let her head drift to the side away from the gaze of the older men.

"Yeah, that surprises me actually," Nagira said, "and here I was balling him out about her name not long ago. Now I feel like a real ass."

Robin looked up at him, "Why? What's wrong with her name?" she asked him. She seemed a little cross that there was someone out there that thought something was wrong about her daughter. Family no less!

Nagira looked down at her. "Robin, you're no dummy, you know that and I know that, and I'm pretty sure your old man here knows that as well. I don't know how much Amon told you about his past but I'm pretty sure you are well aware that he is not the worlds biggest fan of witches." Robin nodded to this. Oh she knew, she knew very well. "Well, it seems to me that it's reflected on to Kanna as well, namely in her name. I don't know the exact relationship you two were having back then before and after she was born, but my guess is that he was still bitter."

"You have no idea" Robin sighed as she turned her attention to her drink.

"Well, it's obvious now that he loves that child, much like you, unconditionally and I doubt it will be any other way, but with his past and knowing all about yours, I'm guessing that very same fear crept up on him and that reflected in the name."

"Nagira, what are you talking about?" Robin asked, now she was getting slightly annoyed.

Nagira reached into a hidden pocket in his coat and pulled out a pad of note paper and a pen, then proceeded to write Kanna's name in his native language. "Kanna is a Japanese meaning, not a name, so she's probably the only one around here with that name and being half japanese and not knowing it's meaning." He pushed the pad towards Robin and the girl straightened it out in front of her and looked at it. Nagira continued to speak as she did so, "Amon used to think that witches were the most worthless creatures in the world, only because they scared him. Kinda like when a child gets bit by a dog and they get scared for life. I guess you could say his mother was that dog. Then you came along, but Kanna's coming probably brought back that fear, as I said."

"Nagira, what am I looking at? This is Kanna's name." Robin said, "And as of late, for the past couple of years I've been reading and speaking mostly english." She sighed to herself, "when we were running I had to learn so many languages that I've forgotten some, probably from disuse."

Nagira drew a line between the first two characters and the last three of the five character word. "Easier for you?"

"Spirit and none." Robin spoke. She looked up at him "No spirit?"

"Robin, I know your stressed as it is so I'll spell it out for you. Kanna essentially means Soulless."

Now Robin looked shocked. "But why would he..."

Nagira shrugged, "Like I said kid, it was probably fear. I don't know why you didn't catch that yourself."

"I thought it was just another name" Robin whispered. Of course she wouldn't have noticed it. They had travelled the globe by the time she was seventeen and spoken so many languages, and certainly the meaning of a name was the last thing on her mind when she was laying in that bed, completely spent of all energy. It was then that something crossed Robin's mind and her brow furrowed. "No." She said stated. She looked up at Nagira, seriousness plainly written across her face. "Amon wouldn't do that on purpose. He may have felt fear but he is not one to do that to his daughter, not purposely."

Nagira gave her a sceptic look as if to say "Amon not do THAT on purpose? Yeah right."

Robin got up from her place and looked down at the man. "I know him better than that, Nagira." she spoke in a quiet but stern tone to him then promptly left the cafe, having had enough talk with the men. She needed to be with her loved ones.


"Shh" Amon shushed as the two year old cried in pain. Apparently medicine only worked for so long as did a sleep fogged mind, cause Kanna's little coos turned into miserable wails as the medicinal effects wore off, and the pain of the burns to her body where starting to take effect. On top of that Kanna was sending the feeling that she was hungry and horribly thirsty into Amon's mind. Well he could take care of the thirst, he had a bottle of water right in his hand for her but it was so hard to feed her when she was hurting all over. Even her little hands were bandaged up so she couldn't even hold a sippy cup, let alone a bottle. The nurse that had come by earlier with the bottle had no recommendations neither to help him out.

He knew he had no choice, if he was going to help her, he'd have to cause a little discomfort first. Holding the nib of the bottle between his teeth, he reached into the crib and pulled the small one out. Her cries grew louder at the unwanted contact and pressure to her burnt skin. Amon made quick gentle movements to adjust her so that she could be comfortable. Her comfort attained (and noted by the way her cries reduced to whimpers), Amon gently pressed the bottle nip to kanna's chapped lips. The grateful toddler started drinking greedily the moment she caught the nib. Tired sad eyes stared down into watery tear-filled ones. Amon doubted that he would ever be able to get this image out from his mind for as long as he lived. Just looking at her, the way she was now, wrapped in a blanket, nestled in his arms, tubes going to her nose for air and two separate IVs, one in her arm, one in her leg, and the burns all bandaged up. It was painful to look at.

He had been unable to protect her from the fire, from Lu, from danger in general. If he had only gone with Robin that day like he should have then this never would have-...

Amon sighed heavily to himself, what was done was unfortunately done, but she was alive at least and that was far more than what he could have hoped for.

The single large window let in the moonlight. From where they were he could see the ocean and the fishing boats. The corner of his lip twitched that a shadow of the past. He could see all the fishing boats tied to the docks, rocking gently in the soft rolling waves.

Another shadow flew through his mind. One of so long ago that he had nearly forgotten it. That time with his mother seemed so far gone now, yet while the painful memories still seemed fresh, the good ones were locked away in an old, stale-aired room in his mind, on a bookshelf with lots of other dust covered memories. It was like he was removing one of those old dust covered books from the shelf and opening it for the very first time to see a memory long forgotten.

This one came with a soft heavenly tune and a story to tell. This one had a little boy in it listening to the sung story about fishing boats, and he imagined all the fishermen coming home for the day with their catch. He didn't sing it, and he wasn't going to sing it now, but as the words replayed in his mind, so he would tell her the story. His voice hushed and gentle tones to the pained-half asleep child in his arms.

"Small craft in a harbour that's still and serene,

Give no indication what their ways have been;

They rock at their moorings all nestled in dreams,

Away from the roll of the sea.

It was like retelling an old tale from so long ago, one near forgotten in the ever-changing sands of time. He looked out at the window, this time a small smile to his lips.

"Their stern lines are groaning a lullaby air,

A ghost in the cuddy, a gull on the spar;

But never they whisper of journeys afar,

Away from the roll of the sea.

Little bandaged hands rested against the one holding the glass bottle of water, they were half closed. He looked down at her. His low calm voice was slowly lulling her into a sleep, but her eyes still remained on his. He calmly began to pace, the movements rocking her gently and the dim light of the moon was adding to the atmosphere. It wasn't going to be long now.


Robin didn't know whether to be furious or upset. Amon would never do such a thing. He loved Kanna unconditionally, the name, in her mind, was most likely just an incident. After all, Amon had spent weeks on end trying to find a good name when she was still pregnant. Hadn't he? Well he had got into the role after a few months of being Mr. Misery, but after, he was acting like a dotting daddy should've. Memories of their outings to get things such as clothes, that they would later discover would be to big for her, played in her mind.

Caribbean - Cuba

She was nearing her seventh month and she, long ago, resembled the Goodyear blimp. The air was sweltering and the city streets were packed with tourists, mostly students from america on their spring break. So why were they at such a nice place this time? Well Amon had gone for one of those air travel packages and with getting the two of them a 2 weeks stay at a hotel, not to mention the flight included for just $250 each... well they weren't going to complain. Well maybe Amon wasn't but she sure was.

It was hot!

It was hot and she was pregnant! In any normal circumstance Robin might have liked the sight of seeing Amon walk around all day in nothing more than swim shorts, but the heat was making her downright miserable... okay so maybe the the sight of a nearly naked Amon did make things a little more bearable.

And normally Robin would be inside the hotel either in the pool to get the strain of carrying a baby off her small body or in bed next to the air conditioning going full blast, but today the two decided it was time to find clothes for their little cherub. Thankfully there were department stores nearby as well as a large street bazaar. That was their first stop and that was were Robin had been surprised for the first time by his behaviour. He was actually eager! ... or maybe it was paranoia.

While Robin sat down on a bench, Amon had basically gone to town, sorting through tiny outfits, and so forth, asking the clerk questions that Robin was sure that even the clerk did not know, about dependable names and the like, then, surprise surprise, asking her what she thought about the clothes.

She was positive now. It was the heat.

It had probably been one of the most bewildering experiences of her life, and when they had gone back to the hotel and he was packing the little outfits away, he was commenting on how 'cute' the baby would be in them in his own 'amon-ish' sort of way. This was not her Amon.

Yeah, needless to say... she blamed it on the heat.

Robin thought back to a lot of those outings to get baby things, and now that she really thought about it, he was eager (or paranoid) every single time, wanting nothing less than perfection for their soon-to-be-born baby. The name thing just had to be a fluke.

She was soon outside the door of the room and quietly pushed it open. She could hear Amon talking to their baby now. She snuck in without his notice and observed them from where she stood. He was whispering something softly to her. A story in rhyme.

"Oh, had they the tongues for to speak,

What tales of adventure they'd weave;

But now they are anchored to sleep,

And slumber alee.

"Come fair winds to wake them tomorrow, we pray,

Come harvest aplenty to them ev'ry day;

Till guided by harbour lights they're home to stay,

Away from the roll of the sea.

Robin smiled softly, trying not to cry. The name, the meaning and reference, surely had been nothing more than a fluke, and if it hadn't been... well, it no longer mattered to her. What mattered was that they were safe again, recovering from the damage, yes, but safe and alive and most importantly, together.

She came up next to Amon and tenderly laid her hand on his arm. His head shot in her direction and he looked sufficiently startled. She pushed herself up on tip toes and kissed his cheek and shared her soft expression with him. He reflected it with his eyes and they both looked at the sleeping girl nestled in his arms.

They were together.

-------2 weeks later-------

They had spent the entire time at the hospital, nothing was going to get those two to move. Kosaka had approached the two and demanded that they get back to work only to receive ominous glares from the both of them. Nagira had volunteered to stay so they could rest in a decent bed, they quickly declined. Juliano was not going to touch the subject of moving the parents but kept them updated on the hunt for Lucifer, and the knowledge that Solomon now knew them to be alive.

So far, no hunt had been called yet, but the subject of a reinquizitation for Robin had been requested, to which neither Robin or Juliano were going to agree with.

"As long as I'm a Canadian citizen, they can't force that upon me." Robin said.

"I wouldn't let them do that to you anyway Robin." Juliano informed. "Solomon seems more interested now in the fact that you have had a child and that she's displayed powers at such a young age."

Robin looked at him wide eyed "how did they find out?" she asked.

"Lucifer apparently. I suppose he thought he could share this information with Solomon in order to save himself. That is not the case however, but now they are showing interest in Kanna."

Amon was glaring in anger. "If we returned to Solomon, they would force us to hand her over, she'd be placed with other hunters and-" He gave a gruff sigh, "-she'd be raised to be a hunter, and she would no doubt lose control. They would wreck her, and besides, I'd never let their filthy paws touch her."

"Relax Amon, she is, at this moment, out of their reach. Not to mention, they are having a hard time believing the fact that Kanna exists. This information came from Lu after all. Lu is being hunted. They are assuming he is saying this to throw them off his trail. Kanna will not be going anywhere." Juliano assured.

Robin, who had been sitting opposite of Amon at the time, went over to him and placed herself in his lap. "I won't let Solomon touch her, you won't let Solomon touch her and neither will grandfather. You have nothing to worry about." Robin reassured her frustrated husband.

"Baa baa!" came the shout from the crib and Amon was quickly pelted with a stuffed sheep.

Robin chuckled "Ewe've been told." she smirked.

Amon favoured Robin with a smirk. "Oh fleece, don't start pulling the wool over my eyes with your baahd sheep puns"

"Not again." Juliano sighed.

With no mental stimulation, the couple had resorted to less orthodox ways of entertaining themselves. One was teasing Nagira horribly, another was pun wars. Yesterday was nothing but monkeys and it ended on a rather odd note. Robin was bouncing Kanna on her lap as Amon laid stretched out on the couch, arm thrown over his eyes. It had been going on for nearly an hour straight between them. Nagira, who was well passed annoyed, spoke up.

"Will you guys knock it off, it's really annoying."

Amon moved his arm slightly to exchange glances and wicked smirks with Robin. The girl leaned her head back slightly towards the lawyer and smiled. "Amon, we're driving Nagira bananas"

"I don't give a monkey's ass, it's about time someone showed him how annoying he can be." Amon replied with a grin.

"Think we should quit the monkey business?" Robin asked. Nagira looked like he was about to have a minor coronary.

Amon got up from the couch with a stretch and nodded "yeah," he smirked over at Nagira, "Macaque is getting sore anyway, I need to take a walk" and he walked out. Robin burst out laughing, Nagira wanted someone to shoot him.

In present time, Robin looked over from her place on Amon's lap "Don't worry, no more" she assured.

"Thank goodness." Juliano sighed with relief. "Now, we need to talk about some more serious issues, namely sending you three home."

"We can't go anywhere with Kanna the way she is." Amon said.

"I know this, but she is going to be released soon, she has been making quite the recovery, and it's getting the doctor's here talking. Unfortunately it is who they are talking to that is the problem."

"Officials with Solomon?" Amon asked, but he pretty much knew the answer.

Juliano nodded. "Yes, and and it won't be long before it starts really stirring things up at headquarters, and I'm afraid it will confirm Lu's news about Kanna's existence to them."

Robin and Amon looked at their daughter. Yes, it had only been two weeks and as quickly as the days were disappearing, so where her wounds. They weren't going to deny that she was healing unnaturally fast, and they knew the cause and source. The cause was her pedigree, the source came during the night. The Moon.

It had been unlike anything Robin or Amon had ever witnessed, and they had discovered it quite by accident. It had been just after 2 in the morning, 3 days after the accident, and Robin was changing a bandage to Kanna's arm. Amon was fast asleep on the couch, imitating the sound of a 747 jetliner getting ready to take off. The room was dark and quiet for the most part if one could ignore Amon's snoring. The moon was high in the night sky and shinning through the open window. Robin was sitting in a chair nearby with Kanna leaning against her as she unwrapped the bandage.

"It's getting a little better." Robin whispered into Kanna's little ear and the toddler chewed at the bandages on her hands. Robin was going to have to change those too. She examined the wound then reached over to the bedside table for the cream and gauze. It was when she looked back at the wound that she noticed a significant difference. Namely her daughter's wound glowing and beginning to vanish.

Robin could only watch as the wound on her daughter's arm slowly began to heal itself right before her eyes. Robin blinked then remembered the medicine she held in her hands and proceeded to rebandage the wound.

Maybe it was a lack of sleep and her eyes were playing tricks on her.

However, when she undid the wrapping to the 2 year olds' hands, there was no mistaking it. Magic was afoot, and Robin could only watch as Kanna's hands took on a soft violet glow and began reverse the damage that had been done to them. She proceeded the rewrap Kanna's hands and waited for the next night to show Amon what she had stumbled upon. Thankfully Kanna was more than willing to give a repeat performance, and within hours they let her hands heal completely. It had been something to behold.

"That's why the moment you get those release papers, I am going to have you on a jet to go back home." Juliano said.

"But what about Lu?" Robin asked, "he'll come after us."

"You leave Lu to myself and Solomon. We will take care of his misdoings."

"But how could Solomon even think about sending you out-" Robin started to protest but Juliano raised his hand to silence her.

"Robin, I requested this as my last hunt. After this I am a free soul. No more hunts, no more Solomon. I have done my time with them and have been faithful to them for many years, but now it's time for an end."

"You're retiring? Robin asked.

"To put it in those words, yes."

Amon looked at him "People who retire from Solomon are hunted shortly after, why end your life so soon? And even if you did manage to dodge the bullet, where would you go?"

Juliano smiled. "Oh I'm not going to be counted out just yet. In fact I know exactly where I plan to live once this is all over and I've already taken care of what needs to be done."

Robin blinked "Grandfather are you saying that-?"

"I helped get you your place for more than just one reason. I would expect my granddaughter to be more than willing to let this old coot live out the rest of his days with her."

Robin was beaming from ear to ear. She got up and went to embrace Juliano "Of course you can live with us, and I know just the place where you can set up and be comfortable too."

"That is good to hear" Juliano said, "and a relief."

Robin smiled over at Amon, "Amon isn't this great?" She said in her clam gentle way.

'Someone shoot me' was his first thought. "Yeah, great" was his reply though. Amon was, needless to say, not a fan of the old man so just the thought of him living under the same roof as he was hellish enough. He was not much of a fan on what he made him do to Robin in the past nor his choice of upbringing for her, how on earth the girl forgave him so easily was beyond his comprehension. Maybe he was terrified of his influence. To Amon, Juliano's influence wasn't the most sane. Something about 'I couldn't kill you as a baby but I have no trouble in blowing you to hell with hired help' didn't set right with him. And then hearing Robin say she'd rather take her own life then live as a sin... yeah, he wasn't fond of that thought now that he was a daddy. Okay so Amon was being a little melodramatic. But to Amon, the man wasn't right, and god help him if he wasn't going to have that kind of influence over Kanna.

"NO!" Kanna shouted, picking up on Amon's mood, and dropped everything and starting throwing a fit.

Amon hide his smirk. Maybe everything would be fine.


Later that night Robin was putting Kanna to sleep. Juliano had returned to his hunt and Amon had gone back to shower and get himself and her some clean clothes. The small toddler had conked out well over an hour ago but Robin had only just relinquished her little treasure to a proper bed instead of her arms. She folded her arms across the crib bars and rested her chin on them. She cocked her head slightly as she looked down at the sleeping child. She smiled gently and reached in to brush the baby's cheek. "Such a little angel." she whispered.

Outside the hospital a black car rolled up into the parking lot. As the driver switched off the ignition he looked at the many rooms to the hospital with a thoughtful expression. Pushing any thoughts of doubt out of his mind, he grabbed the door handle and stepped out of the car. He had a job to do after all.

He pushed the stray black hair out of his eyes as the wind blew across them and his eyes scanned the parking lot. Everything looked okay. Assuming things were good to go, he started towards the hospital, his grey eyes still scanning the area as he made his way across the lot. He heard the sound of the automatic doors open as he stepped into the building and looked around. So far so good. He stepped up to the nurse that was currently staffing the front desk and asked a minor question. Getting the answer he desired he started down the hallway. His face twisted at the sight of Solomon's guards outside of the room, or to be more precise, Juliano's. He walked right up to them and looked in through the little window on the door. He smiled and stepped into the room. Robin looked up from her place next to the crib and smiled. "Amon." She spoke softly.

"How is she?" he asked and joined her side.

"Fast asleep." Robin said.

"Perfect." Amon spoke and kissed his young lover. Robin returned the affection without question, but she began to raise an eyebrow when Amon started to lead her towards the door.

"Amon, what are you doing?" she asked as he placed his hands gently on her arms and pushed her towards the door. He reached out and grabbed her coat and started to slip it on her.

"Come on, I want to take you some where." he whispered to her, a small smile on his face.


"I can't be a little spontaneous?" Amon asked.

At that point Robin turned around to face him with her arms crossed over her chest. She raised a questioning eyebrow at him. "How would you like me to answer that? In a blunt 'no' or use the same vulgar sarcasm your brother uses by saying 'not blo-'" at this point Amon raised a finger and pressed it to her lips to shush her.

"Just - come with me. Please." He requested.

Robin looked towards Kanna's crib and at the sleeping baby. "But what about Kanna?"

"She'll be just fine, and there are guards outside. It's only for a few minutes. I just want to show you something and then we'll come right back, I promise." Robin looked from the baby and up at him with slight worry. It was obvious that she didn't want to leave the baby alone and that she was feeling very uneasy about it but... she nodded. "Good girl. Now come on, before the baby wakes." he said and hurried her out the door.


Robin gave a sharp visible shiver as she sat in the front passenger seat as Amon continued driving down the back roads. She had been out here a few times in the past, actually her vespa had broken down just a mile up. She gave another shiver, something wasn't sitting right with her.

Amon side glanced her. "Are you okay?" he asked her. Robin nodded and she brought her arms up to hold herself slightly and stare out the window to look at the beautiful sunset. "If your cold, turn the heater on" he remarked.

Robin shook her head, "It's not that." she looked around in the car "where did you get this?" she asked, indicating the car .

"Juliano." Amon answered, not giving much more detail as he kept driving.

"Can we go back now?"

"In a minute." Amon said and brought the car to a stop. Robin looked over at him and watched him open the glove compartment and pulled out a cloth. "Put this on." he said handing it to her. Robin blinked at the blindfold then at her husband. He answered her unasked question with a smirk. "It's a surprise" he said.

Uneasily, Robin reached for the blindfold and started tying it over her eyes.

"Can you see anything?" Amon asked and he got the car moving again. Robin shook her head. "Good. Now just sit tight. I promise, this will be the surprise of your life."

Amon pressed down on the gas, the engine revved and the car caught more speed. Robin just sat in her seat a little more relaxed. She was, after all, use to her husband's need for speed. Amon looked over at Robin again and grinned. Quietly he reached over to his side and quietly unbuckled his belt and let it slide quietly back up to the door, he then placed his hand on the door handle and he pressed the gas down further.

The black car sped down the road at unimaginable speeds, suddenly the driver side door flew open and a figure leapt out of it and rolled into the grass. He looked up just in time to see the car race right though the steel meridian and go over the cliff. Inside the car, Robin lifted her blindfold the second she heard the driver side door open and saw Amon bail from the car. Robin turned her attention to the front and reached for her seat belt just as the car crashed through the steel rails and took a nose dive over the cliff.

The explosion that followed left a grin on his face as the car hit the bottom and went up in flames and smoke. It was a wonderful moment in his life then. Another witch dead. "It was a wonderful life my dearest eve," Amon spoke and then his image began to waver into another black haired man. Lu grinned and turned to walk away to his car he had hidden a mile up the road or so. His plan had worked.

"One down two more to go." he said. In the distance he could hear sirens.



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