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Chapter 2: Sector N Junkyard The knight transport was landing behind other ones. In the junkyard across the school that separated Sector N tree house and it. It was this particular one that carried Numbuh 5 and Numbuh 10. Of course, only three people knew they were there, two of which were the operatives. After the knights marched out, Numbuh 10 quietly crept out, followed by Numbuh 5. The tree house was surrounded by troops of knights and flying ships. They had to find a way in. It was then they saw a fat man wearing a bed sheet like a toga eating a flower. Behind him, an enemy land transport was approaching slow, then faster and faster. It was about to hit him, when Numbuh 10 jumped at him, knocking him out of the way. The pilot knights saw this and opened the hatch. 20 knights piled out. Numbuh 10 and the fat man were safely hidden the bushes. Numbuh 5 had to fight them alone for now. She revealed her S.O.O.P.E.R.S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R.
Sure, Numbuh 5 had taken some shots, but in the end, she took them down. Numbuh 10 would have helped, if the fat guy hadn't grabbed onto his leg, begging for protection. Numbuh 5 crawled into the bushes to meet the stranger.
"Numbuh 5 doesn't get it. Why'd you save an adult"
"I don't know," Numbuh 10 replied. "It just seemed like we needed him"
"Well, as long as I'm being ignored, my name is Dave. Thanks for saving me"
"Dave, what were you doing out there?" Numbuh 10 asked.
"I was banned from my home couch for being to clumsy. Apparently, I was a hazard to keep around. Desperate for food, I ate anything edible. Grass, flowers, bark, you name it"
" A couch? What do you mean a couch?" Numbuh 5 asked.
" Couch is the world I came from. It's the vast space beneath every ones couch cushions. It's a beautiful world with architecture and"
"Every ones couch?" Numbuh 10 asked.
"Hey! I wasn't finished"
" Take us to your couch, "Numbuh 10 said.
"Oh I get it!" Numbuh 5 said. "The couch can get us to sector N tree house faster and with more cover"
"To get there, we need to cross, the Junkyard," Dave said.
They ran into some knights along the way, but plowed through them easily with their S.O.O.P.E.R.S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R's. They ran into a cave made from cement mixers and finally got to the couch. Before they could get in, a giant dust bunny came out of the couch.
The rabbit spewed debris at our hero's, which they quickly dodged. As the rabbit reared up, Numbuh's 5 and 10 ran to its stomach and spanked it. The rabbit fell, and pieces of it flew everywhere. The large pieces formed into smaller dust bunnies. These pieces of dust swarmed Numbuh 10 and Numbuh 5. Dave ran up waving a medium size stick. He took it and tried to swipe the bunnies off Numbuh 5, but tripped, and fell. The stick flew out of his hands and into the big dust bunnies eyes. Blinded, the creature couldn't control the smaller counterparts, and they crumbled to regular dust. The dust bunny took a ram in the dark, but, unable to see, crashed into the wall, and crumbled into dust.
Dave said," Next stop, Couch world!" and with that, they dove into the couch.