What if the reality found when Starfire traveled through time continued to exist on an alternate plane? What if the former heroes, come together one more time to help their friend, each had secrets they had not shared with the alien?

What if now, having given their other selves another chance at a different future, they went...

xXx To The Final Rest xXx

You'll be fine. The thought echoes in Nightwing's mind as he smiled at Starfire, who was so young, so innocent… In a way, he was glad that she had disappeared all those years ago. For she had not had to go through the torture of beliefs being shaken and torn, hopes and dreams ripped to shreds as they had. She was so close, her green eyes shining up at him with unspoken feelings he desperately wished one day she'd tell to the Robin in her own time- so that he would not grow up into the scarred, cold vigilante he had become in this time. He pushes back the sudden urge to hold her to him and kiss her, as if trying to forget the last, lonely and broken years; but mind wins over body and she smiles. Quickly, before the portal closes, he moves back and she steps into the black hole. Then, with a flash of light, she is gone once again from his life.

Nightwing turns to the people with whom he had fought many battles, heart tightening painfully as he realized the toll time had taken on them. Once again he was glad that Starfire was gone, for then she never need to see the damage that had happened since her disappearance.

She need never see Raven's breath became shallower as the half demon stood there, her drug addiction finally haven worn down her body to its death when she had come instead of taking the antidote to the toxins in the dust.

She would never see Beast Boy lightly touch Raven' hand, a weak smile coming across his face as the massive cancer tumors spread throughout his once fit body overwhelmed his last resources, exhausted by the fight

She would never know about the safety circuits Cyborg had overridden to install the portable battery pack once again, sending his mechanical self down the road to its death as programs started to malfunction in the weary body.

Nightwing's breath hissed and he put a gloved hand to the fatal wound underneath his outfit. He was losing too much blood- had already lost enough that it was futile to try and prevent his death. One last time he looked over his comrades.

"So… one last time?" First Raven, then Beast Boy and Cyborg put their hands out. He placed his on top of theirs, meeting their eyes as the blackness started to take them all.

"Titans- GO!"