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Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard twisted the cap off of his beer. He lifted it to his lips and downed as much as he could in the first gulp. The flow of the cold liquid had the desired refreshing effect. Ah, perfect. The night couldn't get any better. He had just finished his patrol around the occupied sections of Atlantis and could now fully enjoy the celebration. It was a celebration that everyone here at Atlantis thoroughly deserved.

Late last night, or very early this morning; Colonel Sheppard had lead one of three task force teams in an attempt to wipe out the wraith that remained in the Pegasus Galaxy. Needless to say, the attempt had been successful. This was not the first attack that they had made on the wraith either. They had made many, but this would be the last. Each of the teams had wiped out a hive ship in the latest attack, leaving only four left in the entire galaxy. The scanners showed that these last few ships had left the Pegasus galaxy, hopefully to never return again.

It had been many months; maybe even close to a year since the Atlantis expedition had begun to eliminate the wraith threat in the galaxy. After the initial attack on Atlantis, they had waited for the wraith to return to their state of hibernation. By strategically planning every move, they had been able to accomplish their goal of defeating the wraith, and now it was time to celebrate that accomplishment. Dr. Weir had even taken the liberty to send out a team to trade with one of the other worlds for their lovely refreshments. The beer may not taste exactly like the stuff from Earth, but it was close, and sure as hell better than nothing.

They were using a large room that they had discovered a while ago to host the party. The room must have been used for holding functions, because it was huge, and John could think of no other use for it. Taking another swig from the bottle, Colonel Sheppard began to wander among the crowd of people that had gathered for the party, promising himself that tonight he would thoroughly enjoy himself.

A few hours later the Colonel was opening what he thought to be his fourth beer, but he wasn't sure. Maybe it was his sixth or seventh, or maybe this stuff was just more potent than the beer on Earth. Either way he had begun to feel the effects of the alcohol. John paused, the beer halfway to his mouth, and debated whether or not he should call it quits for the night. Then he remembered how hard he had worked these past few months, and pushing his previous thought aside, raised the beer the rest of the way to his mouth. What a reward.

Finishing off his drink, John set down the empty bottle on a nearby table, adding to the growing collection. Thinking he heard his name, John turned quickly to see who was calling him. Unfortunately the rapid movement sent his head spinning. This stuff must have more alcohol in it than the beer I'm used to. Maybe some fresh air will clear up my head a bit.

With that, John made his way over to the balcony doors and stepped outside into the cool night air. The gentle breeze on his face was just what he needed. He walked up to the railing and leaned on it, looking out at the point where ocean met the clear night sky. Just then, out of the corner of his eye, John saw a shadow approaching him. He whipped around to see who it was.

"I am sorry Colonel Sheppard, I did not mean to startle you." Teyla spoke as she stepped out of the shadows and into the light that was being cast through the open doorway.

"That's alright Teyla, I just didn't…" John stopped as soon as he noticed how amazing Teyla looked. He had not seen her yet tonight and she looked astonishing. Her clothes were not new; in fact he had seen her wearing them many times before this. But it was the little things that he was noticing, and how the all came together to create the beautiful woman standing in front of him. Her wind tousled hair, the rosy glow of her face that told him she too had been drinking, and most importantly her lips. He had always loved her lips. They were so rich and kissable. Oh what he wouldn't give to…

"Colonel Sheppard, are you alright?" Teyla asked, a look of worry creasing her features.

"Fine Teyla. I'm fine." John replied, turning to stare out at the ocean once more. It was, after all, a much safer thing to stare at. If he even began to look at the woman standing beside him, his thoughts quickly turned from seeing her as a good friend and colleague, to seeing her as something else, something more. And given the state he found himself in, he was not sure he would be able to control himself if need be.

But before he could dwell on it any longer, his silent reverie was interrupted by the very source of his thoughts. "This celebration is truly wonderful. I am pleased to see that Dr. Weir recognizes the significance of this event. It is truly a cause for celebration and it is a much needed break for both our peoples." She of course was referring to the Athosians who had flown into the city for the celebration.

"Yes, yes it is." John felt inclined to voice his agreement, but his voice was lacking enthusiasm.

"Yet you do not seem happy Colonel, why?"

"Please Teyla, call me John." Why on earth did I just say that? The last thing that I need right now is to hear my name being said by those wonderful lips. Am I trying to test the very little restraint I currently possess?

"Alright. John, why are you not happy with the celebration?" Teyla asked using his first name.

Not wanting to be rude, John turned to face her as he answered. Big mistake. There it was, temptation looking him straight in the face. He knew in the back of his mind that the alcohol he had consumed was amplifying the desire he already possessed. He was so close, it would be so easy to just…

"Colonel, are you sure you are alright?"

"What?" John asked as he was shaken from his thoughts. "Oh yeah, I'm fine. And please Teyla, call me John." Stupid, you did it again. It would make it so much easier to hold back if she wasn't calling you John. Afraid that he would seem impolite if he did not answer her question he replied, "It's not he party that I'm not happy with. The party's great."

Once again the look of concern passed over Teyla's face. "Is there something the matter John? Is there anything I can do to help?"

A million responses ran through his mind. Many were responses that he would like to say, but there were none that he should say. He sighed. This whole restraint thing was getting increasingly difficult by the minute. Running his hand through his hair, John once again turned to gaze out upon the ocean. If only Teyla were not on his team. No, I want her on my team; she's an amazing asset. I can't lose her from the team, and that's exactly what would happen if we ever became anything more than friends. And I can't afford to lose her as my friend either. She's the best friend that I have. Why is this so complicated?

John leaned forward resting his head in his hands. Even though he had tried to prevent it, all of his thoughts were centered on Teyla. Thoughts on how much he would love to start a relationship with her, even to kiss her just once. They were all thoughts of things that he couldn't, no, shouldn't do. He could do anything he wanted; he just had to be willing to accept the consequences that came hand in hand with his actions. Yet, as the night wore on, he found himself caring less and less about those consequences.

"I am sorry if I have upset you Colonel, I will take my leave now. I hope that whatever is bothering you becomes resolved. Goodnight." Teyla then made a hasty retreat into the celebration room.

The alcohol had slowed John's reactions and by the time he decided to follow Teyla she had already disappeared into the crowd. Determined on finding her, John wove in and around various sized groups of people searching for Teyla. Within a few moments he spotted her at the main entrance of the room and pushed his way through to the door as well. He may be angry about the situation he had found himself in with Teyla, but he wasn't angry with her. He needed to apologize before he alienated her. Their work may prevent them from becoming any closer, but John was unwilling to let it cause them to drift apart.

By the time John made it to the door, Teyla was no longer in sight. John's first thought was that she would he heading to her living quarters, and hoping he was right he hopped into the closest transporter and touched the map at a spot not far from there. Upon exiting the room, John saw no sign of Teyla and quickened his pace. Rounding the corner he saw the door to her room but still no Teyla.

Once he reached the door he knocked twice in quick succession, hoping that she would answer. There was no response. Ah great. This is the last thing that I need right now, Teyla mad at me.

"Teyla," John said. "I'm really sorry Teyla, will you please come out so that I can apologize?" Once again there was no response. "Teyla, please." Great, now I'm begging.

"Tey…" John began, but was interrupted by a voice behind him.

"Colonel Sheppard, what are you doing here?"

For the third time that night, John whipped around suddenly. Sure enough there was Teyla.John was able to quickly compose himself. "Teyla, I came to apologize." At her look he continued. "Outside there, on the balcony I was being really rude. And I'm sorry."

"You need not explain yourself to me Colonel. It is I who am sorry for being so intrusive. Now, if you do not mind, I would like to get into my room." Teyla tried to step around John to get into her room, but he blocked her. "Colonel, I would much appreciate it if you would let me pass." Teyla said, her voice growing stern.

"How many times do I have to tell you to call me John?" Well, the damage was already done.

"Fine then. John, I would much appreciate it if you would let me pass." Her voice was now more stern than before.

"Teyla, I'm sorry. I'm not mad at you. I …"

"That is all very well John, but I would much appreciate it if you would let me pass."

"Stop it Teyla, you're beginning to sound like a broken record."

"A broken what?" Teyla asked a look of confusion dawning on her face. But before he could reply, "Never mind. John, would you please let me pass?"

There was something in the way she asked, but John stepped aside to allow Teyla to get by. She sounded defeated almost, as if being mad at him was too hard to accomplish for long. But just as Teyla was stepping past, John did something that would change both of their lives forever. He grabbed Teyla by the arm, turned her around, and kissed her.

He did not know how he was expecting her to react, but this definitely wasn't it. Teyla neither pulled away nor tried to cause him any physical harm. Instead, she wrapped her free arm around his neck, and followed it with the other arm once he released it. And she didn't stop there. She began to deepen the kiss, and John didn't stop her. His resolve had failed him, but this only made him happier. Maybe what he thought was so far out of his reach, wasn't really. Maybe all this time, Teyla has been having similar thoughts about me. Maybe…

His and Teyla's collision with the door to her room had interrupted John's train of thought. Reluctantly John pulled away from Teyla. Looking in her eyes he saw a reflection of his current feelings,but now was the time to stop this, before it got out of hand.

But before he could utter a word Teyla spoke. "Come in?" It was somewhere between a question and a demand.

"Teyla, I…" John began to put a halt to what was happening, but it seemed that Teyla had other plans.

"John, please." There it was, his name being said by those magnificent lips. How could he hope to resist an invitation like that? The answer is, he couldn't.

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