Author: New fic!

'Suna: 'bout what?

Author: You people are fallen angels

Raye: Kewl

Bunny: why angels?

'Suna: 'cause we're awesome. Wait! What do you mean 'you people' you got a problem?

Author: lets go to the story! oh and note: "" means talking, '' means thinking.

Three gorgeous girls fell from the big blue sky. (Isn't that a wonderful beginning?) That wouldn't have been that strange except for the fact they were completely in the nude. (See, wonderful beginning)

Now one prettiness had blue and silver hair. She also had blue eyes, but you couldn't really tell because her eyes are closed. Another prettiness had black and red hair, and she had blue eyes which were squinting in the air pressure. The last prettiness had silver hair and scowling red eyes.

The blue haired one said, well she thought 'I told you not to do that. I said only bad things could become of this.'

The silver haired one rolled her eyes. 'Shut it Setsuna you were to blame also. Besides I think being in the mortal realm will be interesting.'

The black haired one asked 'why are we falling? Why do we not fly?'

The blue haired one called Setsuna slapped her head, 'Raye! Of course, why did I not think of that?' soon the air around them began to glow. They sprouted wings that were glorious. They were full of beautiful colours and regality. Unfortunately before they could really unfold the light flickered and went out, the wings following it.

'Oh bloody Hell' thought the silver haired girl.

'Bunny! Its things like that that got us kicked out!' chastised Setsuna

'Well sorry miss perfect!' it is at that point they notice the ground is getting perilously close

'Um I hate to interrupt the sisterly fight to point out we are going to die again if we do not do something.' pointed out Raye.

'But we can't die. Were immortal!' exclaimed Setsuna.

'No 'Suna, remember 'you need to learn how to be responsible…to be mortal'' corrected Bunny. This argument was sorta futile since they'll hit the ground in a few seconds and go splat. When they were about a foot from the ground they stopped and gently floated to the ground.

'Wow. That was different.'

While they were still disoriented they heard people walking in the forest getting closer and closer. One annoyed voice said, "Why did they have to come in the middle of my favorite show?"

An amused voice said, "They did it because they wanted to annoy you." It is at this point the three figures stopped when the three (and remember nude) girls came into view.

"Whaa…" The girls just stared at them. As angels they weren't able to speak quite yet. "Uh hello?" said a boy with black hair that was slicked back.

"The energy is coming from them." said a guy with long red hair.

"Uh…" said the boy with slicked back hair. 'Suna stood up and stalked over to him. She turned him around so he couldn't see her and hit the back of his head.

"Yusuke. Give her your coat." said the red-head

"No! Its cold Kurama." complained the boy called Yusuke.

"You won't concentrate unless the females are covered."

"Fine!" he said taking off his leather trench-coat and giving hit to Setsuna. She looked confusedly at it, and then cocked her head to one side questioningly. Yusuke sighed and put the coat on her, buttoning it up. Suna looked at it. She first looked at the sleeves, then the front, then she tried to see the back; making it look like she was chasing a non-existent tail.

While this was going on Kurama had gotten their other companion to give Bunny his black fur coat. (No not rabbits fur, fo-fur) Kurama gave his green velvet-like cloak to Raye. (Are these guys dressing in style or what?)

"Okay now they're covered. What do we do now?" They all turned to the clothed girls, who just stared at them. They all stood like that for a second until Yusuke said, "This is ridiculous. Is anybody gonna say something?" When no one answered he went up to the girls and said, "Hello? Girls who fell from the sky? I'm Yusuke. Who are you?" They just stared at them. "Okay. I think they're stupid." He said turning back to the boys.

"No Yusuke. I think they might be dumb." said Kurama

"That's what I said." nodded Yusuke

"No. It means they are mute. Or maybe they don't speak our language." contemplated the red-head.

While the males had been discussing this the girls had had a little conversation.

Inside the girl's head

Raye: What are these things they put on us?

Setsuna: I do not know, but I do not like them!

Bunny: I do not like these people! They talk as if we are not here!

Setsuna: And they talk funny. They just spit out words with no consideration of what they are saying! Except the red-head, he seems to know what he's saying.

Raye: But what are these beings called? I think we should name them. Ill name the red haired one Cherry, the short one Spiky and the oily black haired one Gruffy.

Bunny: Okay

Setsuna: Sure. Oh look I think they're talking to us!

Normal P.O.V

The boys had been discussing what to do with the girls and they decided to take them to their house and call Koenma from there.

"Okay. Now how do we get them from here to the car if we can't talk to them!" as you can see Yusuke was in a bad mood.

"How about if you go get the car, and Hiei and I will make sure the girls don't wander away." said Kurama.

Yusuke just glared then went mumbling off about people making him do all the work.

"You shouldn't have done that. He might run over us, considering his driving skills." Hiei spoke for the first time. Kurama just nodded.

They then herd a car coming. It burst threw the shrubbery and was coming right for them. Kurama and Hiei got out of the way but the girls just stood there. The car kept on coming. BOOM! The car screamed to a halt right before them. (That's the second time today they almost got squished) Everyone just stood there for a while.

'Why is everyone just standing around?'

'I don't know Raye. It is not making them look any smarter howsoever.' Setsuna scoffed.

Bunny went up to the car and banged on the door. It opened and she looked inside.' it smells funny but it looks soft.'

Raye went up to touch the upholstery. 'You are right, it is soft'

Setsuna went up to the car and states, 'I want to sit on it.' which they do. They go into the car and sit down to see how comfy it is. The boys watch dumbfounded.

"They know how to use a car, but they do not know how to use clothes." Kurama states.

"Sounds like your kind of women Yusuke." Hiei added.

Yusuke almost nods, then says "Hey! That's not funny." It is at this point they remember they have a job to do and they should probably make sure the girls don't find the gear shift and kill themselves. They guys get into the car. "Hiei, you can sit in back."

Author: thats all for now! this is one of my older stuffs that i had, just collecting dust. i desided to bring it out so the Angels series could see the light of day! tell me how you like it!