Author: (spewing anime tears) yes you guessed it. This is a sad chappy. Probably so sad youll hate me! i didnt mean to. it just happened. oh and i should probably say i do not own YYH or the Evanescence song Tourniquet. just thought you should know

"So let me get this straight. You go to an enclosed area outside where they have a bunch of animals that are kept in cages. They will never know freedom because a bunch of people like to kill them for no apparent-"

Setsuna clamped her hand around Bunny's mouth. "Shut up!" she hissed "Do not say anything to wreck this day for Raye! Do you understand?" Bunny nodded her head. "Good." Suna said stepping back. "So Raye, where do you wanna go first?"

"Or the bears or the wolves or the petcocks, or the hawk-hawks or the-"

"How about the gift shop?" Yusuke asked trying to shut the girl up.

"YAY!" she said hopping up and down. After a second of that she started running towards the building marked GIFT SHOP. Her friends and sisters trying to keep up.

"Is she…going to…do this…the whole trip?" Yusuke asked between pants. No one answered. When they finally reached the building they all collapsed against the wall.

"No more. No more. I give." said Bunny as she slid to the ground. Kurama just nodded as he slid down also. Hiei was the only one not close to hyperventilating. Bunny glared at him.

"EEEEE" squealed a lady inside. Our hero's rushed inside to see the scene straight out of a fanfiction. A dark skinned demon stood buy the front desk with a mortal gun pointed at the lady behind the desk. Kurama stepped forward, he being a Nice Guy, but a force field surrounded the monster and desk.

Hiei hmphed and said "It is to keep out anyone with hi levels of spirit energy. It will only let humans threw." they turned to Setsuna and Bunny. "I think if they go out and distract them Kurama and can get the shield down."

"It's too dangerous." said Yusuke, concern interring his eyes. Suna shook her head.

For a second Hiei's eyes showed something close to what Yusuke's showed as he asked "Bunny?" Bunny just looked at him, her eyes showing determination.

She stepped forward, turning to Suna. Before they could go further Yusuke grabbed Setsuna and kissed her. Hiei took Bunny's hand and laid a gentle kiss on her palm. Both boys let go and, for a second, thought they saw tears in the girls' eyes.

When the two ex-angels advanced on the monster he looked up from the cash register and grinned. Well it was supposed to be a grin but it looked like a grimace. "Two humans, what do you think you can do, oh puiny ones?"

Raye came out from behind the stuffed animals with a pile in her hands, "Hey guys can I get-" the toys dropped as she saw her sisters facing a monster alone. Before she could go forward a hand grabbed her arm.

"I tried to kill the pain

But only brought more

I lay dying

And I'm pouring crimson regret and betrayal

I'm dying praying bleeding and screaming

Am I too lost to be saved?

Am I too lost?"

She turned to see an old Indian woman. "Little one. It is against creed to delve into human affairs." she said in a language long forgotten. Her voice sounded like a million song birds.

"But they're my sisters!" Raye pleaded.

"But they are mortals." Goddess replied

"My God my tourniquet

Return to me salvation

My God my tourniquet

Return to me salvation"

"I don't care." Raye sniffed, brushing away the hand holding her back.

"As you will my child, so shall it be."

Raye rushed to save her sisters, fearing she would be just in time to see them die

"Do you remember me?

Lost for so long

Will you be on the other side?

Or will you forget me

I'm dying praying bleeding and screaming

Am I too lost to be saved?

Am I too lost?"

A bullet sounded heading straight for Setsuna. Raye got in front of her, blocking the bullet with her body, simultaneously sending a swarm of power at the demon. It collapsed, its body charred, but it was too late. The bullet entered Raye the same time a bright light infolded her. She fell as the light faded and a Chinese voice said "The last daughter is now the sacrifice. As Justice has willed."

"My God my tourniquet

Return to me salvation

My God my tourniquet

Return to me salvation"

The last of the light faded and they saw Raye, crumpled on the floor. "Raye." Kurama whispered, running from the place where the barrier had held them. He collapsed beside her and touched her wrist. "She still has a pulse."

"Can you heal her?" He shook his head.

"Let's get her to a hospital." said Yusuke.

"I'm dying." Raye whispered. "There is nothing you can do." She smiled. "It will all be alright but…I regret dying a virgin."

"Raye!" Suna exclaimed. "That's not a very angelic thing to say."

Raye's smile got bigger. "This from the girl who lost her immortality by a kiss."

Setsuna sobbed. Kurama leaned down and laid a kiss on her forehead. Raye smiled again and breathed her last breath. Suna sobbed again and pressed her hand to her mouth

"My wounds cry for the grave

My soul cries for deliverance

Will I be denied Christ?


My suicide"

A gravestone reads:


Beloved sister

Good friend

Foxes love


The last Angel

Raye: I die? (Shrilly)

Author: IM SORRY! (crying)

Setsuna: idjits. it will all be okay.

Author: you might have realized this is the last chapter. Mwahahaha (laughing maniacly)

Setsuna: yeps. but dont get your pitchforks out yet. There will be a sequal

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Setsuna: did you want to be burned at the stake?