Left Behind

By Imogin2 of the xsorbit4 rebelfic board.

Disclaimer: I take no credit in this story it was created by Imogin2, who does not own Roswell.

We all know the original story of Tess. Max, Izzy, and Michael came out of their pods early and left Tess behind. Well, I was wonderin, 'what would it be like if it were Max who was left behind?' That should give you an idea of what this'll be about.


The bell rang and the students got up from their desks. It was the last day of school and finally, it was over. Summer at last! Tess walked out the door and down the hall to her locker. Waiting for her at the locker was her sister, Isabel.

"Hey Izzy. What's up?" Tess asked casually.

"Oh, nothing. I was out early, so I thought I'd give you a ride home this time." Isabel said.

"Wow! You're actually slowing down your life to give me a lift home. I'm touched." Tess said sarcastically. The girls giggled together and started walking through the halls. "So where's Michael? I never saw him at school today." Tess asked.

"He's sick with the flu. I'm going over to his place later on to see how he's doing." Isabel said. They got into Isabel's porsche and drove off.

At home, Tess went strait to her room and locked the door. She loved having her privacy, especially from her parents. They always seemed so nosy in what ever she was doing. This night, she was going to practice her powers by moving some of her books around. She wasn't very good at controlling her powers yet, but it was getting better. Sometimes, Isabel would come up and practice with her. But usually, she was too busy with the love of her life, Michael.

Isabel knocked on the door and then went strait into the apartment. She almost didn't even bother knocking, but thought she might as well be polite since Michael was sick. She stepped into the messy apartment and looked over to the living room where Michael lay on the foldout couch, watching TV.

"Hey. How's my boy?" Isabel said walking over to him. He turned around to look at Isabel and smiled.

"Hey Izzy. I'm not so good. Been puking all day." Michael responded. Isabel gave him a disgusted look.

"I don't think I need to know that much. Here, I brought some chicken noodle soup. I'll just warm it up for you."

She put her hand over the bowl and the soup started to bubble with heat. "There, all ready. Now this should make you feel better." She sat down next to him on the couch and started spoon feeding him as if he were a baby. Michael sipped the soup willingly and chuckled a little at the way Isabel was treating him.

"You know, I can feed myself."

"Yeah, but then what would be left for me to do? I need to do something to help you, so just be quiet and let me feed you." And they continued, staring deeply into each other's eyes all the while.

Max ran down the alley, desperately trying to out-run his pursuer. A subway station lay at the end of the alley. Max jumped onto the sub just as doors were closing. The others tried to get on, but couldn't because the doors were closed already. Max sat down on a bench, panting wildly. He'd just witnessed his protector being murdered and now the murdurers were after him. He had to get away fast. But where would he go? Max tried thinking harder. 'Where did Nasedo say the others were last seen? What's that place called? Come on Maxwell! Think! Roswell! That's it, that's where I've got to go.' He looked out the window but only saw blackness. 'I've got to get out of here. The others have to be there. I don't know what I'll do if they're not. I'm not sure how much longer I can look for them.' Max thought.
2 weeks later

Isabel knocked loudly on Tess' door.

"Tess! I'm leaving now! If you don't come out of there now, you're not getting a ride!" She shouted. Tess opened the door calmly.

"Man Is. Calm down. I'm ready, so let's go." Tess said, walking by her and down the stairs. Isabel had her pissed-off face on and stomped to the car.

"You know, Michael is waiting for us! Why can't you ever be on time?" Isabel asked as she started up the car.

"Hey, look who's talking, miss 'Do every thing by my powers'. At least I try doing things the human way. You, you just slide your hand over your face and you're done. You should try doing it the long way once, then you'd know what it's like being me." Tess defended herself.

"Yeah, yeah." Isabel waved off the subject, not interested any more. They pulled up in front of an apartment building and Michael came running out. He got in the car and plumped down on the seat.

"You're late." He pointed out.

"You can thank Tess for that." Isabel said. They sped off towards the Crashdown.

Max walked into the Crashdown and walked over to a booth and sat down. A girl came over to him to get his order. He ordered a cherry coke and black-hole pizza. The girl took his menu and walked over to the kitchen. Max looked around the room at the strange alien decorations.

Isabel, Michael, and Tess entered the Crashdown and sat down at their regular table. Liz came over to their table and took their order.

"So Tess, did you get the DVD's I asked for?" Michael asked Tess.

"Oh, uh yeah. They're back at the house. You can pick them up later." Tess answered.

"Ok. Thanks." Michael said. Suddenly gunshots rung out in the restaurant and every one screamed as they dropped to the floor. Michael yelled at Isabel and Tess, "Get down on the ground now!" They obeyed him immediately.

Liz was standing behind the counter when she fell to the ground. Max saw a bullet hit Liz when she fell down and got up from his seat and ran over to her. He bent down to get a better look at the open wound in her stomach. He was on the verge of panicking.

Michael saw Max run over to Liz and he followed him. Michael stood right behind Max when he saw Max put his hand over Liz's wound. When he lifted his hand, there was no more blood, not even a scratch. Liz looked at Max, astonished. He picked up a ketchup bottle and poured some ketchup on her.

"Some ketchup fell on you." He said, trying to cover up his story. Liz looked dumbfounded. Max got up quickly and backed up, bumping into Michael. He turned around and jumped a little. He didn't know that Michael was watching him the whole time. He brushed by him as fast as he could and tried acting as casual as possible. Michael ran after him and grabbed him by the arm.

"Wait! How'd you do that?" Michael asked in a demanding voice.

"Look, it was nothing. She didn't get shot. Some ketchup just fell on her. That's all. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go." Max pushed his way through Michael. Michael let him walk off, but ran to Isabel's car quickly. He followed

Max all the way to a hotel where Max got out and walked into the building. Michael followed Max all the way to his room, #115. Then he went back to the Crashdown.

Tess saw Michael walk into the Crashdown and ran over to him.

"Hey! Where'd you go? We were looking all over for you." Tess said in a worried tone.

"I just followed that guy to his hotel room. That way we can go talk to him." Michael answered.

"What's there to talk about?" Tess asked.

"I'll tell you later. Where's Izzy?" Michael asked, looking around.

"She's with Liz, cleaning her up. I guess she got so scared, she knocked over the ketchup." Tess chuckled.


Tess was walking through the park later that night. She had felt a need to go to the park; it was as if someone was calling her there. She sat down on the bench and looked around the park, as if waiting for someone to come meet her. She looked up to the stars and started thinking about what happened at the Crashdown earlier that day. 'Who was that guy who Michael followed?' Tess wondered. Lately, she had started getting these dreams. They were always in the same place and she was always doing the same thing. She was sitting on this very bench she was sitting on now and she was holding out her hands to a boy. He was the most magnificent boy she'd ever laid her eyes on. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He was meant for her, she knew it. Then the boy would kiss her and they'd start floating in mid air. She came to this bench every night, hoping that one day these dreams would come true.

Suddenly, she saw a dark figure approaching her in the darkness. When light lit up his face, Tess recognized him immediately.

"Are you real?" Tess whispered, not sure if this was a dream or not.

"Yes. Are you?" The boy whispered back, approaching her ever the more.

"I think so…I, I mean yes. You were in my dreams." Tess said.

"And you mine. I've looked for you all my life." The boy said.

"Who are you?" Tess asked.

"I'm your soul mate. Your love. Your life." He whispered in her ear. Her whole body shivered. They enveloped each other in a passionate kiss.

Max as a boy just out of his pod, shivering with loneliness. He looks around, but no one is there.

Tess sleeping in bed with Isabel by her side. She's so comfortable and warm with family love.

Max getting his by Nasedo for not saying thank you. "You always say thank you to me on this world, boy! You're not king here." Nasedo says harshly.

Tess playing hide and seek with Michael and Isabel in their back yard. "Three..Two…one. Here I come!" Tess shouted and started looking behind all the bushes. Max could hear her thoughts. 'Forget this!' and then she closed her eyes and read Isabel's mind. Right away she ran over to a tree and looked up to see Isabel sitting on a branch. "Hey, that's not fair! No powers allowed!" Isabel shouted. "You're it!" Tess shouted back.

Max and Tess pulled away from each other and looked deeply into each other's eyes. They had seen who the other was. Tess wished she had waited for Max all those years ago, but it was too late now.

"I want to know you now, Max." Tess said.

"Then kiss me." And Max moved into Tess' air space and covered her mouth with his. Suddenly, they weren't in the park anymore. Instead, they were Max's hotel room on his bed. They continued kissing…