She stood upright on the top of a tall building, her golden yellow and white fur blowing briskly in the cold night wind. She gazed deeply down at the city of Shinjuku, he dark blue eyes scanning all the tiny human beings in her midst. But as she looked downward at these minute creatures, Renamon, the fearless fox-like digimon could not help but think about a certain other digimon.

This certain digimon was very special to Renamon. He meant everything in the world to her and although she hated to admit it sometimes but….Renamon was in love. In love with him.

While her attention was continuously focused on the citizens of Shinjuku, Renamon all of a sudden cocked up her ears; she had sensed someone near her. Normally when she had sensed something, Renamon would distinctly prepare herself to battle this strange creature but this time, Renamon did nothing. Infact, she did not move a muscle, she just stayed as still as water.

Renamon kept her ears up as she continued to listen to the creature creep closer and closer to her and still, Renamon did not move. When she felt the creature was close enough to her, Renamon stayed motionless and did not even bother to fight back for she knew who the creature was. Smiling a bit to herself, Renamon turned around slowly only to suddenly be swept off her feet by the creature.

Giggling softly, Renamon looked into the eyes of her true love.

"You're early," Renamon said in her usual calm tone.

"Like I would be tardy for such an important night like this," answered the creature in a deep voice. A deep voice which sent shivers down Renamon's spine.

Renamon sighed dreamily as she jumped out of the creature's arms and landed on her feet. Renamon then turned to the creature, who was now eyeing her face and body.

"You look ravishing tonight Renamon," said the creature.

Renamon blushed a little. "Not as ravishing as you Wolfemon," Renamon replied.

A smile cracked on Wolfemon's face as he beamed at Renamon lovingly. He had the face and common instincts of a wolf though he still had features of a human. Like most male digimon, Wolfemon had a broad chest and strong muscular arms and legs. He wore a pair of white black-striped pants which bore a small hole in the back where Wolfemon's tail stuck out. Wolfemon also wore a long black belt which stretched all the way across his chest and a black spiky collar around his neck. But apart from his attire and human-like characteristics, Wolfemon also had dark gray fur and small pitch black eyes that were as dark as night.

Renamon smiled back at Wolfemon. "So now that the both of us are here, shall we go ahead with our little…date," Renamon said slyly.

"I thought you would never ask," Wolfemon answered as he extended a gray hand to Renamon.

Renamon took Wolfemon's hand and smiled again. "Let's go," Renamon said as both she and Wolfemon embraced one another. Renamon then closed her eyes and listened to the beat of Wolfemon's heart as the both of them vanished out of sight.

"Isn't the moon just beautiful tonight Wolfemon?" Renamon inquired staring up at the bright floating orb in the night sky.

"It sure is Renamon," Wolfemon answered, "but it is not as lovely as you."

"Oh Wolfemon," Renamon said cuddling closer to Wolfemon.

When they had disappeared earlier, Renamon and Wolfemon had reappeared on the shore of a sandy moonlit beach. And as the ocean waters beat gently against the shores, both Renamon and Wolfemon had snuggled up next to one another while admiring the moon above them.

Renamon sighed as she nuzzled up closer to Wolfemon. A cold breeze blew softly against Wolfemon's bare tail which caused him to shiver slightly. Noticing this, Renamon wrapped her arms around Wolfemon's waist, trying to warm him up a bit. Wolfemon smiled gratefully as the warmth of Renamon's hug coursed through his whole body. Both digimon could not help but feel a sense of happiness towards each other as they continued to stare at the moon in silence. But after a while, Renamon broke the stillness between her and Wolfemon.

"Wolfemon," Renamon uttered aloud.

"Yes Renamon," Wolfemon replied.

"Could I ask you something?" Renamon inquired.

"Go ahead," Wolfemon answered coolly.

"How long have you and I known each other?" Renamon asked.

"About a year now or so, ever since my tamer joined your tamer and the others," Wolfemon answered.

"Oh," Renamon uttered softly, "Wolfemon, could I ask you another question?"

"Yes and what may that be?" Wolfemon questioned.

"Do you……have feelings……for me?" Renamon asked through stammers, her cheeks red.

Wolfemon looked at Renamon for a while before answering, "Yes."

Renamon flushed as she looked into Wolfemon's black eyes. "You…do?" Renamon stammered.

"Yes I do," Wolfemon answered, "and…do you have feelings for me Renamon?"

"Of course I do Wolfemon," Renamon answered, "you don't know how much I care for you."

"Actually I do," Wolfemon said, "ever since we first met, it was sort of obvious that they're was something between the both of us, am I right?"

"Yes, quite right you are," Renamon answered, "ever since the day when we first fought against each other, I have always liked everything about you Wolfemon. Your strength, your power, your wisdom…everything! And when we battled for the first time, I saw another good thing about you Wolfemon. I saw your respectfulness towards other digimon when you didn't finish me off when you could have."

"I remember that moment," Wolfemon said proudly, "I had told you that I could have no longer battle with you because you were a female."

"Exactly," Renamon said, "and I have always been fond of you for that."

"Thank you Renamon and I am very fond of you also," Wolfemon said with a smile.

"Really? Why are you fond of me Wolfemon?" Renamon inquired.

"For many things," Wolfemon answered, "about you Renamon, I admire your might, your knowledge, your devotion to your friends and your kindness. But most of all, I admire your beauty. You Renamon, are the most unique beautiful digimon that I have ever laid my eyes on and….I just adore you."

"Oh Wolfemon," Renamon said flushing as she gazed into Wolfemon's eyes.

Both digimon gazed dreamily into each other's faces, either of them slowly closing their eyes and they leaned in closer to one another's faces. But just when it looked as if their faces were going to meet, Renamon looked away from Wolfemon.

"What is it Renamon?" Wolfemon asked.

"I don't know Wolfemon, are we doing the right thing? You know coming together like this?" Renamon answered with uncertainty.

"What do you mean? I don't understand," Wolfemon said puzzled.

"What I mean is," Renamon answered releasing Wolfemon's waist and standing up, "are we doing the correct thing for the both of us? What if our sudden affections for one another come between us when we're fighting against other digimon."

"That is a good question," Wolfemon said truthfully, "but here is a good answer. Renamon…I care for you deeply and don't want our new relationship to end. So whenever there is a digimon attack, why don't we just fight like we usually do in those sorts of situations and after……we could do anything we want together."

Wolfemon then got off the sand and wrapped his hands around Renamon's waist.

"Hmmm, that is a good answer Wolfemon," Renamon said, "but here is another question. What about the other digimon: Guilmon, Terriermon, Guardromon, Marineangemon, Monodramon, Calumon, Impmon, Gabumon and Lopmon. Should we tell them what is going on between us."

"Er? I don't think so," Wolfemon answered sweatdropping.

"Why not?" Renamon asked looking at Wolfemon curiously.

"One: They might, how you should say this…freak or laugh when we tell them and Two: they might not understand…well Guilmon and Calumon wouldn't understand actually," Wolfemon answered.

Renamon giggled. "Maybe you're right. Maybe what our friends don't know……wouldn't hurt them," Renamon said.

"Exactly," Wolfemon said.

"But what about our tamers too?" Renamon asked.

"Um? Let's not tell them either. I'm afraid they will freak more than our digimon comrades," Wolfemon replied.

"So true," Renamon said giggling again as she wrapped her hand around Wolfemon's neck (avoiding his spiky collar). "So basically this will be our little secret," Renamon said with a mischievous smirk.

"Exactly…our little secret," Wolfemon repeated as he rubbed his nose against Renamon's.

Renamon beamed at Wolfemon and rested her head upon his shoulders. Renamon then closed her eyes for a minute and savored the minute as Wolfemon stroked her fur soothingly. The two of them stayed in that position for minutes but it seemed like hours to them as they: both Renamon and Wolfemon expressed their loving feelings for each other on a sandy beach….in the middle of the night….under the light of the moon.