One day past by and soon it was Monday: Renamon's last day in the Real World. As the hours past, Renamon spent all of her time mutely visiting the houses of her friends. She had not told any of them that she was leaving nor did she want to. Renamon knew if she had told her friends about her sudden departure, then each of them would have tried to convince her not to; and Renamon had already made up her mind to leave for the Foxwood Village with Renomon.

So now, all the golden and white vixen could have done was say goodbye to each of her good friends, though…she didn't tell them to their faces. The first two people whom Renamon had decided to visit were Terriermon and Lopmon. She appeared at the window of their tamer's home in an instant and peered inside of the house. It seems that window Renamon was looking through was the kitchen window for Lopmon and Terriermon were making something that looked kinda like…a milkshake.

"Terriermon, are you sure you know what you're doing?" Lopmon asked the other bunny.

"Of course I do Lopmon," Terriermon answered, "I watched Henry make milkshakes all the time and now I know how to make it too."

"Okay," Lopmon said understandably, watching as Terriermon continued mixing a chocolaty substance inside a big bowl. Terriermon then took the big bowl and poured all the substance inside the blender.

"Lopmon, you and I will be drinking chocolate milkshakes in no time," Terriermon said smiling gladly as he reached to press the 'Blend' button on the blender.

The blender started making a funny noise as Terriermon pressed the 'Blend' button.

"Um? Are you one hundred percent sure that you know what you're doing?" Lopmon asked.

"Momentie Lopmon," Terriermon said reassuringly, "I am 100 sure that I know how to operate a blen….

But before Terriermon could finish his sentence, the blender exploded and chunks of chocolate mixture flew all over the kitchen counter, including on Terriermon and Lopmon.

"What in the world is going on here?" asked Henry and Susie's older sister, Jaarin as she came into the kitchen. Jaarin then saw the huge mess plus the chocolate-covered Terriermon and Lopmon.

"Oh my gosh!" Jaarin exclaimed, "Henry! Susie! Come in here please!"

Henry and Susie came into the kitchen. "What is it Jaarin?" Henry inquired.

"That," Jaarin answered pointing a finger at Terriermon and Lopmon.

Henry gawked. "Terriermon! Lopmon! What happened to you too?" Henry asked.

"We wanted to be chocolaty and now we are," answered Terriermon sarcastically.

"Look like you were trying to make a milkshake to me," Henry said motioning to the blender, "and from the looks of things, you did everything right except for one thing."

"What's that?" asked Terriermon and Lopmon together.

"You forgot to put the lid on the blender," Henry said holding up a white coloured lid.

Terriermon's jaw dropped and Lopmon glared at him.

"Thanks a lot Mr. I know what I'm doing," Lopmon said.

Terriermon frowned. "Aah shut up Miss Chocolaty," Terriermon said dumping more chocolate on top of Lopmon. "Hey!" Lopmon exclaimed hurling more chocolate at Terriermon. Terriermon laughed and then retorted. "Terriermon! Lopmon! Stop that!" Henry shouted at the two bunny digimon only to receive a handful of chocolate in his face. Both Jaarin and Susie burst into fits of giggles at Henry's splattered face which really made the blue-haired boy furious at his two sisters.

"Oh, you two think my face is funny, eh?" Henry said crossly, "well take this."

SPLAT! SPLAT! Susie and Jaarin glowered at Henry, their faces now covered in chocolate. Henry laughed scandalously at his sisters. Seeing the amused face of their brother, Susie and Jaarin immediately scooped up another handful of chocolate and chucked it at him. Henry quickly dodged both assaults. Now the fight was on.

"CHOCOLATE FIGHT!" Terriermon shouted loudly.

Soon an all out war between Terriermon, Lopmon, Henry, Jaarin and Susie erupted in the kitchen. Each of them were chucking and throwing large chunks of chocolaty matter at one another and having a lot of fun as they did so.

Renamon watched this scene from the window, listening attentively to the sounds of joyous laughter coming from inside the kitchen of the house. Renamon smiled a bit herself at this scene before glancing over at the laughing forms of Terriermon and Lopmon.

"(Sighs) Goodbye Terriermon. Goodbye Lopmon," Renamon mumbled softly and then she disappeared.

The second digimon Renamon decided to visit was Guilmon. Teleporting herself to the roof of the Matsuki bakery, Renamon quietly jumped onto the balcony and peered inside the bedroom of Guilmon's tamer, Takato. Surely enough Guilmon was bound to be inside there, Renamon thought and she was indeed correct. Sitting on the carpet of Takato's bedroom was Guilmon. But the red dinosaur digimon was not alone. Also sitting on the carpet, right opposite Guilmon was the enthusiastic form of Calumon. Both digimon appeared to be snickering while fiddling with something in the middle of them which appeared to be…a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly.

"Wow! This is going to be the best PB&J sandwich ever, isn't it Guilmon?" said Calumon joyfully.

"It sure is," Guilmon answered as his clawed hands laid out two slices of fresh bread.

Calumon then picked up the jar of peanut butter. "More peanut butter!" Guilmon shouted.

"More peanut butter!" repeated Calumon pouring a wad of peanut butter onto one of the bread slices.

"More jelly!" Guilmon shouted.

"More jelly!" Calumon repeated as he next started to pour jelly onto the other slice of bread.

"Put them both together and what do you get?" Guilmon said holding up the two slices of bread.

"The perfect PB&J sandwich!" Calumon exclaimed as Guilmon placed both bread slices together and finally completed their sandwich. Once they were finished, the two digimon admired their work.

"Mmmm Mmmm! Our PB&J sandwich sure looks awesome as well as a tasty," Guilmon said.

"Yeah, let's eat it," Calumon said licking his lips hungrily.

Guilmon nodded as he raised one of his clawed hands. Guilmon then sliced the whole sandwich in two, giving one half to Calumon and keeping the other for himself. Afterwards, both digimon sat quietly, grinning gloriously at one another as they each bit into their half of PB&J sandwich.

Renamon observed this scene from the balcony and seeing this, she smiled. She had never seen such a pleasant scene: two friends sharing a sandwich. How sweet. Renamon peered in closer at Guilmon and Calumon.

"Mmmm! This is so good," said Guilmon licking his peanut buttery hands.

"You could say that again," Calumon said wiping his jelly stained mouth.

"Mmmm! This is so good," Guilmon repeated. Calumon chuckled.

Renamon managed to chuckle a bit herself, it was always like Guilmon to be a bit blank on things but yet a bit comical. Renamon continued to smile at Guilmon and Calumon but soon she stopped as her cheerful smile turned into a sorrowful frown. "Goodbye Guilmon! Goodbye Calumon," Renamon said softly. The fox then took one last look at Guilmon and Calumon, who were making another PB&J sandwich, before she vanished yet again out of sight.

The third house Renamon visited was the house of Ai and Mako. She had gone there to see Impmon, though she did not go to see him face to face. As soon as she had arrived at the fraternal twins home, Renamon immediately teleported on top of the roof. From there Renamon could have seen the whole of the yard. She even spotted Impmon, who surprisingly was playing fetch with Ai and Mako's pet puppy.

"Alright Peanut! Fetch!" Impmon yelled as he tossed away the circular green ball in his hand.

Immediately, Peanut, Ai and Mako's puppy, pounded after the soaring ball. Truthfully, Ai and Mako's puppy's name was Chestnut but Impmon usually likes to call the young puppy Peanut mainly because he was smaller than him.

Chestnut or so called Peanut caught the green ball in his mouth and quickly brought it back to Impmon.

"Good job Peanut. You're getting better at this every day," Impmon said patting the small puppy.

Peanut gave a tiny bark and wagged his tail gladly at Impmon. Impmon smiled a bit.

"You know, for a mangy mutt, you ain't so bad," Impmon said as he continued to pat Peanut.

Peanut wagged his tail again at Impmon but then without warning, the small chestnut puppy began to lick Impmon's face much to the purple digimon's utter disgust.

"Yuck! Hey, just because I said you weren't so bad doesn't mean I like ya more!" Impmon shouted as he yanked the small puppy from off of his face. Peanut watched Impmon adorably with his petite eyes and with this, Impmon sighed exasperatedly. "I can't believe it," Impmon muttered, "I'm going soft on a mutt."

Impmon then patted Peanut on the head again before continuing to play catch with the tiny dog.

As the plum figure of Impmon played with Peanut, Renamon watched from afar: an amused smirk on his face. "Heh! Well what do you know," Renamon thought, "Impmon has a soft side for puppies. Imagine that."

Renamon's smile soon turned into a frown. "Goodbye Impmon," was all the fox said as she disappeared for the third time.

The fourth place Renamon went to was the home of Ryo Akiyama. Of course she had gone there to see Monodramon. However when Renamon had arrived at the Akiyama residence, not only did she find Monodramon by she also came across Marineangemon and Guadromon. Both two digimon were sitting on the house porch with Monodramon. From the looks of things, Monodramon's keen attention was focused on a chess game, a game between Marineangemon and Guardromon. It seemed like an interesting chess game (in Renamon's opinion) and it also appeared that Guadromon had the upper hand in the game.

"Ha! Make your move Marineangemon," Guadromon ordered impatiently.

"Sheesh! Hold your horses Guadromon," answered Marineangemon a bit annoyed.

"Whatever just hurry up so I can defeat you," Guadromon said arrogantly.

Marineangemon rolled his eyes at Guadromon as he scanned the chess board, trying to think up a new strategy. Guadromon just gave a loud and aggravating 'humph'.

"You know Guardomon, you really shouldn't be so overconfident," Monodramon advised.

"Overconfident? Me, please I'm not overconfident," Guadromon answered folding his arms.

Monodramon snorted. "Well you sure are acting overconfident," he said, "saying that Marineangemon will lose even when the game is still going on."

"Ha! So excuse me for being right," Guadromon spoke, "and for your information Monodramon, anyone with proper eyes could clearly see that by the end of the chess match……..

"I win!" Marineangemon yelled.

"Precisely Marineangemon, I win," Guadromon said unperturbedly.

"No silly, I win," Marineangemon corrected pointing at the chessboard.

Guadromon took one glance at the black and white chessboard only to feel his eyes bulging out of their sockets.

"Oh my gosh! You're right!" Guadromon said flabbergasted, "you did win."

"Really Marineangemon won. Nice job," Monodramon said as he slapped Marineangemon a high five.

"Thanks Monodramon," Marineangemon said with a victorious grin on his face.

"I still cannot believe that you defeated me Marineangemon," Guadromon said with the same shocked expression, "and here I ask you how? How did you beat me?"

"It's simple Guadromon. You're king was at E5 so moving my Queen's knight I was able to knock out you king and win the game," Marineangemon explained.

"My word," Guadromon said slowly, "if I had a mouth it would be hanging for that…that was a smart move."

"He's right Marineangemon, great move," Monodramon said.

Marineangemon beamed.

"Urgh! Why didn't I think of a move as brilliant as that?" Guadromon said angrily.

"Maybe because you were too busy being an overconfident hot head," Monodramon answered.

Guadromon narrowed his eyes at Monodramon in a fuming defiant stare but then he lowered his head shamefully because he knew the purple dinosaur was precise.

"(Sighs) As much as I hate to admit it…you're right. I was a bit overconfident and that is the reason why I lost," Guadromon said sadly, "urgh! Losing feels so dreadful."

"Awh cheer up Guadromon," Monodramon said comfortingly, "you did not lose that badly."

"Yeah Guadromon, you know what they say: You win some, you lose some," Marineangemon quoted.

"(Sighs) Yes but apparently I've won none and lost all," Guadromon said.

Marineangemon and Monodramon looked at one another and sweatdropped.

"Er? Any who, who's up for another game of chess?" Marineangemon inquired.

"I am! I am!" Monodramon answered cheerfully.

"Okay. How bout you Guardromon, up for another game against Monodramon? You might just win." Marineangemon said.

Guadromon looked up at the floating pink digimon. "Hmmm, okay," he answered, "I'll play against Monodramon, that's if…he could keep up with my fantastic skills."

"Uh! Here we go again!" Monodramon said slapping his hand on his forehead.

Marineangemon laughed and clapped his tiny hands together. As soon as they had settled down, Guadromon and Monodramon began their round of chess with Marineangemon cheering both of them on at the side.

As she gazed at the three digimon from far away, all Renamon could have done was heave a sigh in mourning.

"Goodbye Monodramon. Goodbye Marineangemon. Goodbye Guadromon." The female fox said before she departed once more. Now Renamon was heading for her final objective.

The last house Renamon visited was (as you all may have guessed by now) the Istosh family domicile. There, Renamon instantaneously found the digimon she was looking for. Renamon had spotted Gabumon and…Wolfemon. The two dog-type digimon were in the backyard of the house, near the garden. Gabumon was busy taking a walk through the garden while Wolfemon kept a keen eye on the cobalt sky from the facilities of an oak tree situated in the yard. From where she stood, Renamon's cerulean eyes stared from Gabumon to Wolfemon (though her attention was mainly on Wolfemon).

"Ah, isn't the day wonderful Wolfemon?" Gabumon said to the grey wolf.

Wolfemon did not reply.

"I said isn't the day wonderful Wolfemon?" Gabumon repeated loudly.

No response came from the grey wolf.

"Wolfemon!" Gabumon shouted turning around to glare at Wolfemon.

Still Wolfemon did not answer. He was too busy looking absentmindedly up at the sky with no interest in Gabumon's question at all. Feeling infuriated at the wolf-like's ignorance; Gabumon decided to forget about the entire situation and continued his walk through the garden.

Renamon had witnessed this scene. Her eyes traveled from both dog-likes over again. Renamon then finally fixed her attention on Gabumon. The navy-striped digimon had stopped to take a rest and was now lying between a patch of rose and lily flowers. Renamon grinned at Gabumon.

"Ha! Goodbye Gabumon," Renamon said wordlessly, "I'll miss you just as much as I'll miss the other digimon."

Renamon watched Gabumon fool around idly with one of the lily flowers for a keen second, but then her attention reverted back to….him….Wolfemon.

Wolfemon was still staring up at the sky for he appeared to be deep in thought about something. Renamon narrowed her eyes at Wolfemon for a minute. She had not forgotten the words he had said about her nor could she shake it off.


Wolfemon: What I am saying is I no longer love or like you Renamon. I now hate you and I hope that this will be the last time I ever saw your dishonest face.


"The last time that I ever saw your dishonest face," Renamon said repeating Wolfemon's words. The yellow vixen then gave an aggravated snort. "Well Wolfemon, like I said, I'm granting your wish," Renamon said, "the day when you dumped me was definitely the last time you ever saw my dishonest face and you shall never see it again."

Given another aggravated grunt, Renamon turned on her heels and was about to leap away only to stop. Spinning around again, Renamon glimpsed back at Wolfemon, who still appeared as if his head was in the clouds. Renamon's eyes then softened at the wolf.

"Goodbye Wolfemon," Renamon said one tear falling from her eyes, "you were the one I loved more than anything in the world but…just as fast as faith brought us together, it also broke us apart. And now I leave you Wolfemon and my last words to you are….goodbye and…I love you. I just wished…you felt the same way."

Wiping away the tears from her cheeks, Renamon hurdled off the roof of the Istosh house.

Now…she had said her last goodbyes to all of her good digimon friends.

Terriermon…Lopmon…Guilmon…Calumon…Impmon…Monodramon…Marineangemon…Guadromon… Gabumon and of course….Wolfemon.

Now Renamon had only had one final thing to do and that was…to leave the Real world…for good.

That night, Renamon sat outside the door of the Nonaka abode. As the cold soft breeze brushed smoothly across against her fur, Renamon looked up at the moon above her. She was cautiously waiting for the sound of the bell of the nearest church, which would have announced midnight and the time of Renamon's exodus. Ten minutes past and still no sound of the bell. Renamon swished her tail to the right. The awaiting of the bell was enough to stress anyone out but yet still, the fox kept her cool.

Another ten minutes past and afterwards, a loud booming noise could have been heard from nearby. It was the sound of the church bell, announcing loudly that it was midnight. Once she had heard the bell, Renamon immediately leapt to her feet.

"It is midnight," Renamon spoke softly, "now it is time…for me to leave."

Taking a step forward, Renamon slowly began to walk away from the house.

"Renamon? Where are you going?" asked a sudden but yet recognizable voice.

Renamon stopped dead in her tracks. She peered behind her back only to see a groggy looking Rika Nonaka staring back at her. The young female tamer was wearing an amethyst nightgown while clutching something in her hand that looked like a white blanket.

"Renamon? Where are you going?" Rika repeated in her usual serious tone, "don't you know what time it is."

Renamon smiled at her tamer. It was always like Rika to be concerned about her. Renamon faced Rika.

"I am very much aware of the time Rika," Renamon answered casually, "I'm just…going for a walk that's all."

"A walk? You've been doing that a lot this week," Rika said observantly.

"So, what's wrong with that?" Renamon said.

Rika eyed Renamon suspiciously. "Renamon, are you by any chance…hiding something from me?" Rika said questionably.

Renamon's eye twitched uneasily. "N…No I am definitely not hiding anything from you Rika," Renamon lied.

"Are you sure?" Rika questioned, "because you've been acting weird lately. Is everything alright?"

"Everything is fine Rika," Renamon lied again, "I just have……a lot of things on my mind recently."

"Like what?" Rika asked again, "do you wanna talk about it."

"No," Renamon answered quickly, "I rather not talk about it Rika."

"Are you sure?" Rika asked.

"Yes," Renamon answered.

Rika eyed Renamon for a moment before saying, "Oh okay,"

"Good," Renamon said, "now go on Rika, go back to bed. It's midnight you know. You should be getting your rest not standing out here in the cold night."

"I should say the same for you," Rika said yawning tiredly, "Goodnight Renamon."

"Goodnight Rika," Renamon answered watching as her tamer walked back to the door of her room. But as she reached for the doorknob, Rika looked around at Renamon.

"Renamon?" Rika said.

"Yes Rika," Renamon answered.

"If you by any chance did wanna talk about what's on your mind…you know that you have me to talk to, right?" Rika said.

Renamon smiled. "Right," she answered.

"Good," Rika answered, "Because you know, out of all my friends, you're my best friend Renamon."

"I'm your…best friend?" Renamon repeated looking wide-eyed.

"Mmmm Hmmm!" Rika answered nodding. Renamon stared at Rika.

"Well goodnight." Rika spoke.

"Goodnight," Renamon said as Rika opened the door to her room and went inside.

The instant Rika had gone inside her bedroom, Renamon had not moved from her spot.


Rika: You're my best friend Renamon


Rika's words reverberated inside Renamon's mind.

"She…thinks I'm her best friend," Renamon muttered, "no one has ever called me their best friends before in my life. Oh Rika."

Renamon treaded over to the door of Rika's room and peered inside. The first thing the fox saw in the room was complete darkness but then she spotted the sleeping outline of Rika. She was lying under the covers of her laid out bed while holding securely onto her blue d-arc at the side of her pillow. Renamon looked at the auburn-haired girl with a feeling of compassion.

"You say that I am your best friend, huh? Humph! Well I'm glad that you think of me as that Rika," Renamon thought as she gazed at her tamer. Renamon then sulked wretchedly. "(Sigh) But too bad," Renamon continued, "I have to leave you…forever."

Taking a step closer towards Rika, Renamon pulled something from out of her white mane. It was a small piece of parchment which Renamon mutely slipped underneath the unsuspecting Rika's pillow. Renamon afterwards leisurely backed away from Rika until she stood near the door.

"Goodnight Rika." Renamon said, "Goodnight and…goodbye."

With one last glance back at the sleeping Rika, Renamon vanished surreptitiously.

Renamon had transported herself to the tops of the Watanabe Studious building. There, on top of the building, Renamon had met up with Renomon who eagerly awaiting her arrival

"Hmmm. You're late," Renomon said to Renamon, "what kept you?"

"Nothing, there was just something I had to take care off," Renamon answered.

"Very well," Renomon said. The chestnut fox then gesticulated at something behind his back.

"Look behind me," Renomon said while still pointing behind him.

Renamon peered closely over Renomon's shoulder only to see what Renomon was pointing at.

It looked almost like a gigantic whirlpool only that it was hovering in midair. The insides of the whirlpool-like form swirled quickly in an anti-clockwise motion while generating a few tiny sparks of electricity.

Renamon goggled at the hovering whirlpool feature. "Renomon…what is that?" Renamon inquired.

"That Renamon my sweet is our key to going back to the Foxwood village," Renomon answered.

"You mean that is…the portal?" Renamon said.

"Yes it is," Renomon answered, "this is called a Cerulean portal. It can take one person or digimon to any particular part of the digital world or real world in an instant."

"Wow! That sounds interesting," Renamon uttered.

"It is," Renomon said with glad smile, "now come on Renamon, we must hurry through the portal before it closes up."

"Oh…okay," Renamon answered through with a hint of uncertainty

Renomon seemed to notice this. "Renamon, what's the matter, you seem…doubtful." Renomon said, "You aren't having second thoughts of leaving with me, aren't you?"

"No…no, it's not that Renomon honestly," Renamon answered, "it's just that….

"Just that…what?" Renomon said.

"Well…you see Renomon," Renamon explained, "my tamer…she…she called me…her best friend."

"Her best friend," Renomon repeated, "so?"

"So…it's the first time anyone's ever called me their best friend before," Renamon answered.

"Oh really?" Renomon said.

"Really," Renamon answered.

"And because you're so-called tamer called you her best friend, you are having second thoughts about leaving for the Foxwood Village?" Renomon said, half hurt, half irritated.

"No Renomon, it is not that," Renamon said, "it's just that……

"Just that what?" Renomon said, "Renamon, you told me yourself that you wanted to come back to the Foxwood Village. You also told me that you wanted more than anything to see your sister Renamon again. So are you coming back or not? Or are you going to allow a tiny thing like your human tamer calling her best friends stop you from achieving that goal?"

Renamon looked sideways and did not speak.

"Well, are you?" Renomon questioned.

"No. I guess I'm…not," Renamon answered finally; "I guess…I am going back to the village."

"Good," Renamon said a smile cracking on her face, "now let's go…quickly."

Renomon took a slight step towards the swirling Cerulean portal. "See you on the other side," Renomon said to Renamon as he walked through the portal, leaving Renamon to come for herself.

As she stepped up to the portal, Renamon looked back at the metropolis of West Shinjuku city. Remembering the faces of all of her faces and the ones she cared about the most, Renamon spoke. "Goodbye Rika. Good my friends. Goodbye. Wolfemon." Renamon said, "I will miss you all."

And with one forward step, Renamon walked through the portal. The swirling Cerulean portal then automatically closed for itself and after that, Renamon was gone from the Real World….never to be seen again.


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