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Epilogue: Five Years Later

I smiled as I tucked my four year old son into bed. "Goodnight Austin." I said softly kissing his forehead. He mumbled something incoherent as he turned onto his side, pulling his blanket up over his shoulders.

I shut his door quietly behind me and crept down the stairs from the finished attic to the second floor, opening the door to the nursery where my two year old daughter lay in her crib. She didn't stir as I leaned down and kissed the top of her head, feeling the fuzziness of her white-blonde hair against my lips. "Sweet dreams Paris." I said softly.

I went downstairs to the living room. As always the first things in the room I looked at were my pictures. They were lined up on the fireplace mantel. Each one was special to me. Our family portrait; the picture of Olivia, Trisha and me laughing at Olivia and Darry's wedding because Two-Bit had made a goofy face just as Johnny had clicked the camera button; Austin holding Paris the day she came home from the hospital. But my absolute favorite had been taken fifteen years ago. It was creased in some places behind the glass because for a time it had not been my favorite picture and I had stuffed it in a photo album. However now it had a place of honor in the center of the mantelpiece. I smiled at it fondly as I looked to see my husband sitting in one of the armchairs reading P. M. Curtis's latest novel. An old episode of I Love Lucy was playing softly on TV. It was my favorite, the one where Lucy and Ethel go to work at the chocolate factory.

"Hey," my husband said dog-earing his page before closing the book and pulling me down into his lap. "Look what it is," he said raising his chin the direction of the television set.

"I see that." I said as I leaned against him, smelling that sweet smell of aftershave and cigarettes that could only be described as him. It followed him everywhere he went and his car reeked of it. It clung to all his clothing, and our sheets. But while other people might have turned their noses up at the odor I loved it. He kissed my neck softly, sending an avalanche of shivers down to my toes no matter how many times he had done it. "Do you realize what today is?" I asked.

"Of course," he answered. We were quiet a moment, both remembering that day five years ago.

Daniel had come to all the way to Tulsa just to apologize for the fight we had over the phone. He came to take me back to Ohio. I had made my decision so I packed my bags and said my goodbyes to the gang, promising that I would be back in a few months to check on the house. The only person I didn't get to say goodbye to was Dally. Nobody knew where he went.

So Daniel drove me to the airport in the rented station wagon. He carried my bag all the way to the waiting area. As we waited for our plane to arrive I thought and thought about the decision I was making and finally I realized something. I didn't love Daniel.


"What is it Roxie?"

"I…I can't do this."

"Do what?"

"Go back to Ohio with you…when my heart is here in Tulsa."

Daniel didn't understand. But he hugged me, and kissed my cheek and said if I ever came back to Ohio I needed to visit him. Then I ran. I ran to the payphones and fumbled with my change. I tried Aunt Candice's house but the phone rang and rang. I tried Darry and Olivia's house but again nobody answered. I tried Trisha and Two-Bit's house too, but no one was home. Finally I looked up the DX; I got Steve on the phone. After spilling out the story he said that Soda was on his way to pick me up.

Always reliable, Soda pulled up in front of the airport faster than I expected, he was probably speeding. He didn't say anything to me about Daniel. Instead he commented about how he thought Trisha and Two-Bit should get married. But try as he might to keep my mind of the situation he couldn't, it was just impossible.

We were going down the street to Aunt Candice's house when I saw him. He was slouching down the street with the collar of his leather jacket popped up just like he did the summer I came to Tulsa. I told Soda to stop the car and I practically threw myself out of it, calling his name. He turned around and stared at me, a little coolly, but who could blame him. I toed the ground and bit my lower lip as he studied me.

"Well?" he asked me. I shrugged.

He hadme back in his life just like that. I only told him what happened at the airport once. But he didn't really care what had happened. All that was important was that I had come back to him.

My parents of course were upset that I was leaving the doctor for the unemployed hood. But they understood the thrill I got in the bottom of my stomach when I saw him and the way my heart fluttered when we were together. I knew Aunt Candace would have been happy for me. Although she didn't like my husband in the beginning she realized fifteen years ago that he was the one for me just like Olivia, Trisha, and all the guys had.

"I love you Roxanne," he whispered in my ear as Lucy and Ethel got into another one of their hilarious antics. As I sat there snuggled against him I realized that I had been foolish to think that someone else could have ever taken his place. He always knew that my heart belonged to him, even when I didn't.

"I love you too Dally," I whispered back.