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Raven floated above the sea of magma, garbed in white as opposed to her traditional blue, white light flowing around her. Beneath her was her nemesis, Trigon the Terrible, her father, already defeated. She knew it, he knew it, and all that remained was for her to land the finishing blow. The light took form into that of a huge bird, which some would say appeared to be a legendary phoenix, but those below her knew it was a raven, a pure white raven. The light expanded, flowing like a wave over the entire world.

As the light moved across the earth, the putrescent lava turned back into pristine ocean. The scorched land became fertile once again, and where nothing but charred stumps once stood, there were trees again. Ruined wastelands become bustling metropolises again, and everyone who was turned to stone became alive again.


The Teen Titans stared up at the sky in awe as they felt Raven's powers wash over them. They were so entranced that they didn't even notice as a man make his hasty retreat. Slade had the opportunity while they were looking skyward to strike out with his new flaming weapon, but for some reason, he took their distraction as an opportunity to flee. Whether he felt that the Titans had been through enough torment that day, or he feared the wrath of Raven in her current form, or he simply didn't feel like ending his sadistic game of cat and mouse quite yet, no one will ever know. His twisted calculating mind was of a matter not even Robin could begin to fathom. Ironic, that in the brightest light that the darkest of men found refuge.

Not that any of the titans would've noticed if he strolled away in broad daylight at that point. Raven slowly descended from the sky, the white light fading from the sky. Cyborg had to admit, he'd been down before, but he couldn't think of any greater turning of the tides than what he'd just witnessed. For all intents and purposes, he was a dead man. It had taken every ounce of his energy, to survive that blast. He was one solid attack away from death, a feeling he'd never experienced before, and a feeling he hoped he'd never have to experience again

Beast Boy on the other hand was simply in shock. The past twenty four hours had been an absolute roller coaster of his emotions. From the time he watched Raven supposedly die, to the point where he could feel her presence with him, lovingly shielding him from the blast. Then he awoke and the world he knew was destroyed, and all he could feel was despair. Then he felt hope, as he saw the black raven, the symbol of his friend, lead him to his comrades. Then hopelessness as he watched the powers Raven had bestowed him with coursed harmlessly though the demons body. He felt a powerful wave of relief as he saw Raven once again alive. Even the news that her powers were gone only slightly brought him down from the fact that his close friend was still alive. It was that high that drove him to fight the demon, and that high was only replaced with fear when Trigon used his eyebeam to break his body against the ground. Fear not for his own death, but fear that came from knowing he'd failed her. Only as he felt his bones mend from Raven's power did the shock from realizing it was actually over hit him.

Starfire in her own right always knew things would work out. Robin had been so adamant, so sure that this would not be the end of the world, and his courage and bravery always affected her. It was how she could always get up and fight, endure the taunting her dark half and finally could face Trigon. It was because of him that she had the confidence to continue to fight.

If there was any titan who deserved the award for assisting Raven in her victory it was Robin. He never gave up hope throughout the entire ordeal, from start to finish. He would never admit it being the last day and even when things looked their darkest, he was ever confident the titans would pull through.

And then there was Raven, and all her mind could think of was the finality of it all. Her entire life she thought she would only live to see this day, never did she dare to dream that she would live to see the next. Now she had her entire life before her, and she had no idea what to do with it. She landed on the ground and looked to the one person who had driven her to victory and did the first thing that came to her mind. She ran and hugged Robin, and held onto him with the brightest smile she'd ever worn.

Pangs of envy coursed through Starfire and Beast Boy, almost like a punch in the gut as they watched the scene unfold before them. Neither of them would ever admit it, and neither of them would ever confront the two about it. Raven had just gone through the worst day of her life, been used to usher in the most horrific of evils, had somehow defeated that evil, and she had Robin to thank for it in large part. This was nothing more than a simple hug between two friends who'd scaled insurmountable odds, right? The faint tint of red on Raven's cheeks said differently.

Raven wore a calm smile on her face slowly releasing Robin from the embrace. Her entire life was ahead for her. The prophecy had been fulfilled, her destiny had come true, and even though it seemed impossible, everything turned out alright in the end. Trigon was gone, and her powers were restored, if anything more powerful than before. Well, perhaps not more powerful, but without Trigon's taint, she could better control them. Without her wretched father's influence, she thought, maybe even she could live a normal life, without fear of her emotions.

Unfortunately for Raven, she would have to learn that uncontrollable world destroying powers are not the only reason for one to guard their heart. It would be a lesson that could only be taught through experience.

To Be Continued

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