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Chapter 19

Grissom smiled over at a still sleeping Sara. Carefully he got up, trying hard not to wake her.

"I'm awake, Gil." Sara said still keeping her eyes closed.

"Morning beautiful." Grissom leaned over and kissed her cheek.

"If I move, I'm going to puke." Sara said through clenched teeth. "Can you get those saltine crackers out of my purse?"

"Sure." Grissom bent over slightly and picked them up. "I'll make you some tea."

She took the pack of crackers and began nibbling. "Thanks. No sugar. Please?" Sara took a chance and sat up in the bed. Bad move. A wave of nausea hit her all at once. She ran for the bathroom. A few minutes later, she returned. She lay back down on the bed.

"So, Gil, honey, I want to try again at my Mom's today. She has bad days. Maybe that was yesterday. She can be nice. What do you think? If you don't want to go, I can go alone."

"I'll come with you." Grissom said as he poured her some tea.

"Good, I really want to you to get to know Stevey. He was always good to me." Sara said, as she took the tea he handed her. She sipped it. It made her empty stomach feel better. Sara slowly pulled herself up from the bed and started to pull on her clothes."

"What's on your mind, Gil?" Sara had seen the wheels at work in his head. He'd been thinking about something all morning. He was distracted.

Grissom sighed. "I was just thinking how common it is for people to misjudge me the first time they meet me." He smiled sheepishly at her. "Don't mind me."

"What do you mean?" Sara asked. She came and sat beside him on the bed. She put her arms around his waist and her head on his shoulders. "Talk to me."

"Your mom gave me the distinct impression she didn't like me." Grissom smiled slightly. "Not many people do though. Probably my own fault."

"I told you. You can't let her get to you. She just prattles on and on. My dad beat her pretty regular. The doctors said not only is there physical damage but emotional as well. I am not making excuses for her or anything. I just thought you needed to know that"

Grissom kissed her cheek. "It'll be fine, baby. I got to learn to be more sociable anyway, and not let people's attitudes toward me, bother me." His eyes closed. "I'm just more used to people not liking me than loving me, I guess."

"Well, I love you. Isn't that what counts?" Sara kissed his check and then his neck.

"It counts," he reassured her, chiding himself for acting so...well...emotional.

"Now do you understand why I didn't want to tell her about the baby?" Sara asked softly. "You saw how she acted. I mean, she even suggested it. I don't want her saying that is the only reason you are with me because we are having a baby."

Grissom gently cupped Sara's face in his hands. "I love you, Sara ."

"I know it." She let him kiss her.

"I want it all with you, Sar. Marriage, a family...a summer house."

"Let's do it." Sara told him as he pulled her close to him. "Soon."

"I should let you dress," Grissom murmured in her ear. He kissed her and got off the bed.

"Okay." Maybe today, her mom would be in a better mood. At least she hoped so.

They returned to Sara's mothers house that day. The visit went the way of the day previous. This time Sara left in tears at her mothers words. She was waiting for him in the car when he joined her.

"Are you okay, Sara?" He asked as he stoked her tear stained cheek.

"I'm fine. Let's go home, Grissom. There is nothing left for me here." She said, as she tried to smile at him. She wanted as far away from her mother as she could get. Her hateful words had chilled her to her very core. "I just want to go home." The tears came again as he pulled her into his arms.

He held her until she quit crying. He started the engine and pointed them toward home. The trip home was nice. They stopped a few times to take in some pretty scenes. They even had someone take their picture by the Welcome to Vegas sign.

"That way I can put it in our scrapbook." Sara told Grissom, as she took the camera from the man, and thanked him.

"We have a scrapbook?" He asked confused.

"We will have one, when I start it." she told him as she nuzzled his neck. "We're going to have it all."

And they did. They got married in a small ceremony inviting their friends and Grissom's mom and Sara's Uncle Stevey. Sara wore a off-white simple wedding dress that hugged her growing curves beautifully.

Seven and a half months after returning to Vegas, they were at the hospital. Sara had went it to labor. Her labor lasted twenty hours. Twenty long, hard hours. She was exhausted but gave one final push and the baby was born.

"It's a boy." The doctor told them.

Grissom looked from his son to Sara. "He's beautiful." They said at the same time. He leaned to kiss her. "You did wonderful." He whispered as they laid the baby in her arms. She kissed his pink face. He grabbed his daddy's finger and held on tight.

"Want to hold him?" Sara smiled at him.

He was terrified. All sorts of questions ran through his mind. How do I do this? What if I drop him? What if he doesn't like me? Before Grissom could reply, Sara had him in his arms. He looked down at the baby. He smiled and finally knew that no matter where life took them, they'd always be happy, and be together. Life was perfect.

"What is his name?" The nurse asked.

The looked at each other and replied, "Seth Bradley Grissom."