Author: Blossomwitch

Summary: When Hiei leaves for the Makai he asks Kurama to watch over Yukina while he's gone. Kurama spends so much time with her that Kuwabara thinks he has a romantic interest in Yukina; in reality, Kurama's got his eye on someone else entirely. Emotional complications ensue.

Warnings: Shounen-ai (Hiei X Kurama), general fluffiness.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho. I imagine you're shocked to learn this, as many authors of brilliant fantasy worlds spend their time writing stories about it and posting them for free on a fanfiction website, but I don't.

A/N: This is my first Yu Yu Hakusho fanfic, so I'll be particularly grateful for reviews and any constructive criticism you have.

Chapter One

Kuwabara was seething.

He made a special effort to come up to Genkai's temple to see his beloved. It wasn't always easy to find time or transportation. And this was the fourth time in a row that he had come only to be told that Yukina was already with someone. Not that that stopped him from seeing her; and neither party had acted particularly guilty or upset at his interruptions.

But still.

Kuwabara usually liked Kurama. Sure, he had his faults, everybody did. Kurama was kinda girly, what with the roses and the long hair and all, and Kuwabara was never quite comfortable having that fox-thing around his kitten. But Kurama was a total team player, a kick-ass fighter, and he never mouthed off, unlike Hiei or Yusuke. He was nice. He even helped Kuwabara with his homework sometimes (since Kuwabara didn't have a super-smart girlfriend like Keiko to tutor him) and never made a fuss over how smart he was. So Kuwabara had liked Kurama from the start.

But where did his new interest in Yukina come from? He'd never been like this before. Friendly, yes; maybe even more friendly than he usually was. Maybe trying to make up for Hiei, who was more sullen and rude than usual when Yukina was around. Kuwabara never quite knew why either of them did what they did, and he didn't let it bother him.

But this was different. Kurama making special trips up to the temple to visit Yukina. Just like Kuwabara did. Undoubtedly showing off that stupid pretty boy face that all the girls thought were so attractive. Kuwabara was willing to accept that Yukina had friends who were guys. But why now, why did Kurama show so much more interest than he ever had before?

And the stupid things they did together. It was like Kurama was trying to show off how much more refined or whatever he was than Kuwabara. Walking through the woods together. Picking flowers together. Reading poetry. Half the time when Kuwabara came up to them, Kurama would have his arm around Yukina's shoulder.

And now. Now, Kuwabara was standing behind a tree, unwilling to make his presence known just yet, watching Kurama and Yukina laughing together as Kurama taught her how to waltz. How to waltz, of all things. Why would Yukina need to know how to waltz? Kuwabara would bet Kurama suggested it just as an excuse to get his hands on her. Kuwabara watched with mounting fury as they laughed and stumbled and Yukina stepped on Kurama's feet. She looked so happy...

Kuwabara surged forward, the kind of anger he usually reserved for Urameshi pounding through him. Kurama and Yukina broke apart; guiltily, it seemed to Kuwabara. "Kazuma!" Yukina chirped happily, reaching out to him.

Kuwabara took her hands. "Hello, Kuwabara," Kurama said. To Kuwabara's ears he sounded amused, like he thought Kuwabara wouldn't catch on to what was going on.

Kuwabara let go of Yukina's hands and strode forward. "Alright, Kurama," he said angrily. "Enough of this. You and me, right now! Let's go!"

Kurama looked surprised. "You... want to spar?" he asked hesitantly.

"This isn't sparring. I'm going to pound you into a pulp. You think I'm stupid, huh? Well, nobody's going after my girl!"

An expression of understanding and something else, something like fear but not quite, crossed Kurama's face. "Kuwabara--"

But Kuwabara didn't want to hear what he had to say, not in front of Yukina at any rate. "Let's go, fox-boy," he snarled. He took Kurama's arm and marched him away, Yukina watching from behind them with surprised eyes.