They came too late

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Rose Dewitt Bukater sat on her silk window seat as she recalled the fateful night. Now 21, she was honoring the anniversary of her love's death… Jack Dawson had died to save her, out in the middle of the cold Atlantic, she watched him sink to his watery grave. "I love you." She had said before this.

They came too late.

"Rose," he had said to her. "don't you do that! Don't you say your goodbyes… not yet!" She should have been though, that was the last time she would see him alive and well.

They came too late.

"Promise me!" he had asked. "Do me that honor and never let go of that promise!" And she had.

"I promise."

"The boats are coming back for us, Rose! They're coming back! We're going to get through this!" But no,

They came too late.

"Oh Josephine, my flying machine… and It's up she goes, up she goes," She had sung while she held his hand through blue lips, her lying on a wooden bed frame, him in the water, ice forming on his hair.

"Can anyone hear me?" she heard the call. "Check them!" he cried to the attendants. "Some may still be alive!"

They came too late.

"Jack…" she whispered voice hoarse. "Jack…"she shook his arm, his hand entwined in hers. "The boats are coming back! Jack…" the bodies around them being checked. "Jack…" She began to sob as the boat drifted away, not noticing she was alive… because he had saved her.

"We came too late…" said one of the men as he saw a woman and her baby floating dead in the water.

Darn right… they came too late.

"Jack… Jack…" she had to get to the boat. Then she realized… he was gone.

"I'll never let go…" she said as she let go of his hand and watched him sink to the bottom of the Atlantic.

They came too late.

She threw her hand to her mouth, suppressing the sob that came with the painful memory. She regained herself just as her son came running up.

"Mommy, mommy, tell me a story!" cried the three year old.

"Alright Jack… Once upon a time, there was a boat called the Titanic… It was a mighty ship and on it was a great man, your father…"

They had come to late, for him.