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Chapter 7

Opposites Attract

The air was fresh and crisp that morning in Western Lands. The sun shown brightly, as birds sang songs to one another. While everyone in the whole castle was bustling with gossip about the clash between the lord of the castle and a young woman. Many stories were so far off from the truth that most people talking about it just passed it off as a joke.

Everyone knew. Even the village at the other end of the Western Lands knew for goodness sake!

It had been three days since the event and the young woman, being recently kept in the master's room of the castle, has yet to awake, Mitsu, Rin's maid, about killed Sesshomaru when he brought her to his room.

The End of the Battle (flashback)

Space…he needed to put space between her, but first, his prize…

Taking deep long breathes to calm his raging youkai, Sesshomaru spoke roughly, "You will be stay in my room for the night…"

Rin heard his command and she would have given a smart-ass comment, but Rin was on the verge of passing out. It has been quite some time since she used the blue flame, and if she did not get rest soon she would soon be unconscious.

Being so tired Rin really didn't think anything about what he had said and just mumbled, "Fine…" before she overtaken by much needed sleep.

On the other hand Sesshomaru just stared at Rin…

'Fine, that was not entirely what I was expecting…'

He half expected Rin to go down kicking and screaming, but…it was still a slight relief. He knew as soon as she would wake all hell would break loose…

Gently moving to the side of his sleeping beauty, Sesshomaru picked Rin up bridal style. When he slowly began to appear from the garden entrance, he quickly notices Inuyasha and his little gang outside sitting in the direction of where he and Rin had been.

Glaring mainly at Inuyasha the inuyoukai carried Rin to the entrance from the garden stopping at the doors, "Everyone is to leave the castle."

No one moved…they just stared at Sesshomaru. Why would he want them to leave? But as everyone was just gaping at him, Inuyasha blurted out with anger.

"And why in the hell should we go? You can't just kick me and my girl out you jackass!"

Giving a side glance that was like some kind of death-wish stare to everyone, Sesshomaru retorted, "I will not repeat. You will not come back until I, Inuyasha, require you."

And with that Sesshomaru receded back into the castle leaving a pissed off Inuyasha, and a shocked gang.

The Next Day

With quite a few choice 'under the breathe' comments, Inuyasha left early this morning with Kagome and Miroku pulling him out of his room. It was a funny site, seeing Inuyasha's face all red with veins popping out on his face, while Kagome and Miroku struggled desperately to pull him out of the castle.

But Inuyasha wasn't the only one mad, even Sango was mad. If it wasn't for Kagome coming up with the idea that everyone could crash at their mansion, besides Kagome needed to report to the center. Rin usually was the one to do all the reporting, but seeing that she's kinda captured by Sesshomaru, it only seemed like the best thing to do. More to the point, people at the center have been sending out scouts to find them and if they didn't go to the center soon…

Oddly Sesshomaru wasn't in site through their whole leaving process. Inuyasha muttered something like, 'He's most likely being a hermit in his study, being gay.' Kagome just slapped his arm. Everyone seemed to go there own way.

Sesshomaru's Study

Growling out his relief that Inuyasha and his little posse had finally left the castle, Sesshomaru covered his face with a large hand. He had been in his study most of the night thinking. All he could do was think.

I'm being foolish. Chasing a women like love sick dog…degrading.

He leaned back against his chair sighing out all the frustration he had, letting his hands rest on the arms of the chair and his neck fall back. Shutting his eyes, he thought.

I wish she was awake….

Suddenly he jumped out of his chair like water being thrown on a cat. Sesshomaru was growling…almost roaring. He was tired of it, this is how it was when she was gone all those years….all he could do was think of her.

A left clawed hand brushed through his silver bangs holding them back for a second as he calmed his irritated mind. Then he stopped his growl and let both of his clawed hands be placed on his desk.

When she awakes…

A dark smile crept upon those perfect lips. All his frustrations over Rin will be put to an end today. His chest rumbled with a chuckle as he leaned up from the desk. He paced over to the large door slowly grabbing the knob and letting the light flow into the dark room. As he stood in the doorway letting the light bath the pale skin of his bare chest, he remembered Rin complaining about his study, 'It's so dark in here,' she giggled, 'Maybe it should be painted pink!'

A gentle smirk tugged at the corner of his lips, but faded at the humble memory. Rin would always find something about his study, 'Rin used to call it the dungeon.' Sighing once more he walked to his chambers. Sesshomaru would wait for Rin to wake, then he would finish everything, even if she refused he could persuade her into submission. At that thought his walk quickened almost to a jog.


She was dreaming. Not a bad dream, oh no, a very enticing dream. Her body was covered with a light sweat and tangled in pure crimson silk sheets. Every now and then Rin would voice out her awesome dream with a sweet moan. Her body would arch off the bed periodically and her breathing came out in soft pants, but Rin knew she was dreaming and it was bittersweet bliss.

Rin's Dream

(You people are gonna laugh)

"Oh…alittle further…." Rin sighed with content, a hand had hit the spot, "OH, right there."

Rin melted on the spot. This undoubtedly had to be the best massage in the world! (Hehehe…what were you guys thinking)

Rin had just beat Sesshomaru in there little deal and had gave him the command to give her a massage every day before bedtime, and oh it was worth it.

His hands worked out the kinks in her back and Rin would get the delight of his claws sometimes tinkling her…

'I'm so fortunate to be so lucky,' she giggled, 'Having an inuyoukai give you a massage…there's nothing better."

Back in Real Life with Rin

Rin's pink lips turned into small smile as she lazily opened her chocolate eyes, 'That was the best dream ever.'

Rin laughed with glee, while raising up and stretching out her arms, feeling the sheets slide down her shoulders to pool at her waist. Her whole body was sore, but she passed it off, letting out a yawn, Rin opened her eyes fully to look outside the large balcony window, 'Oh yip-yip it's daylight. That means Sesshomaru's up…I'm so going to the gardens, he never goes there.'

As she started to wake up alittle more she paused and looked around at more of the specific things in the room…like the bed…and herself. Rin's eyes about popped out of her head! She was completely naked in Sesshomaru's bed!

"What the HELL!" Rin screeched grabbing the sheets to cover her nude upper body.

'Okay Rin…what happened…think calmly,' to bad she basically screamed that to herself. As she sat there with a blank face, until it flooded back like a brick to the face. A defeated gloom came over her porcelain face, 'I lost the bet and…and…'

Quickly crawling to the edge of the enormous bed, two smooth ivory legs swung over the edge. Her feet touched the cold stone castle floor causing her to shiver as she grabbed the red silk, wrapping the sheets around her body. She held it up by one hand in front of her chest dashing to the door.

Twisting the beautifully designed handle she opened the massive mahogany door and quickly exited the room, but sadly slammed head on into a very warm and very masculine chest. Both bodies fell in the doorway.

Rin gently groaned as she placed her hands on the chest of the victim, using it to raise herself up. As she moved her eyes to place a face to the body, they followed the well formed pecks of his chest to a strong adam's apple that came to a deep cut jaw line.

Biting her lower lip, Rin didn't finish the rest of her search for the face, she knew exactly who it was…Sesshomaru. Not a muscle moved in her body, she was too scared to move. She just stared at Sesshomaru's throat and dared not look anywhere else.

Everything was silence for those few seconds until out of no where, Sesshomaru flips her over, replacing the positions to where he was on top. Rin gasped as he settled on top of her, his long silk hair curling around them like a cover, a bright blush formed upon her face as she noticed the sheet that was covering her was slightly now exposing her ivory legs and a slight bit of her breast. Sesshomaru was settled right in between her thighs.

She turned her gaze to look far off down the hall. She couldn't breath. Not because of his weight, but the closeness. This brought back her memory of their little bet to full force, him over her, his hot body against hers, his warm breath…

Rin was both scared and aroused, it's such a painful coincidence that those two can coincide together.

Unlike Rin, Sesshomaru was completely ready to finish their little bet. Every time he thought of her, his body would ache and his heart clenched inside his chest. Sesshomaru couldn't take it anymore, but he wasn't expecting to have her run into him with only a sheet on.

Control was barely in order with him before and now that she was under him and so close. His instincts were kicking in. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes as he inhaled her scent into his nostrils. His youkai blood was on fire and he needed to have her, and he knew good and well that she wanted him.

Running a greedy hand up her arm to her neck only to fist in her hair, Rin slightly whimpered, gently clawing his chest unconsciously. Her eyes were locked with his. His eyes were firm and they told her to obey his command, but Rin wouldn't have it. This is her body and if he wants it…he's going to have to work for it.

So she mimicked him. She sensually grazed her finger tips over his collar bone around to his neck and tangled her fingers in his hair. Balling her hand up, she gave defiant glare daring him to meet her challenge.

Sesshomaru grabbed her wrist hitting a pressure point like before, making her hand go numb. He placed the defiant limb by her head, leaning down he gently touched the shell of her ear with his lips.

Growling huskily he spoke, "Are you not afraid of me? You should be." His hot breath seemed to fan over her face as he took her into his mouth.

All Rin could was try to breath. She was taking in deep which were coming out short now. Her heart was pounding and her head was light. Her stomach was tingle with excitement and fear, only adding to Sesshomaru's cause. He released her wrist, sliding the clawed hand down. He stopped at her exposed left thigh, roughly forcing the leg to go around his waist.

Flowing his tongue down to her delicious neck, Sesshomaru was completely hard. His erection was becoming rather painful and he only started on Rin less than five minutes ago. Try to find some kind of relief Sesshomaru bucked into Rin. That was a bad idea…that only made it worse. Lifting up abruptly Sesshomaru took deep breaths. He was about to get somewhat rough with Rin.

Gazing down at his maiden he regarded her. Rin eyes were closed, lush pink lips parted, neck exposed, hair fanned out, her cheeks had a soft blush. She was beautiful. Letting her hair free from his grasp, Sesshomaru snaked the hand around her waist pulling Rin flush against his chest, crushing his lips to hers. This kiss was forceful and wanting. He slid his velvety tongue passed her lips and into her mouth, wanting her to battle.

With as much force Rin complied. She wasn't about to let him dominate, but Sesshomaru was simply to skilled for her to win. He was already manipulating her body to his will. Sighing into the hard kiss Rin lighted up, 'He's such a cheater.'

Pulling back from the kiss taking in harsh breaths of air for his lungs, Sesshomaru lifted up from the doorway, while picking up a very naked Rin. His groin was in pain and Rin was submitting to him, there was no better of statingthe obvious than, 'Fuck Rin.'

Laying Rin on the bed gently, Sesshomaru yanked the purple and yellow sash causing his pants to pool at his ankles. Rin was watching Sesshomaru wondering what he was doing, until he undressed. She rouned her head turning red all the way from her hairline to her chest.

Rin felt the bed move under the weight of Sesshomaru as he crawled near her. Now Rin was really scared.

"Umm…Sesshomaru, can't we talk this over…" Rin rambled on nervously, "I don't think that was exactly a fair fight…" She stopped her sentence when Sesshomaru snatched the sheets away from her.

Rin scarlet from head to toe, trying to cover herself with her arms from Sesshomaru's gaze, on the other hand Sesshomaru was in awe over her form. Rin was so embarrassed she was completely naked with Sesshomaru.

Crawling up her body slowly Sesshomaru turned her stare to his with a clawed hand, "You will look at me through this entire experience Rin."

Sesshomaru stared at her for a moment than spoke once more, "If you are so nervous of what I might do to you, then touch me."

Rin's mouth fell open, "…b-but I…"

Giving a slight smile Sesshomaru grabbed one of her hands and placed it on his chest, "Just feel Rin."

Sighing in defeat, Rin used the hand that was on his chest to nudge him to lie on the bed. He did as she wanted and closed his eyes to make her feel more comfortable. The problem was she's never done this before or even touched a guy in any fashion other than battle wise.

Rin chewed her bottom lip as she slowly, but surely started to move her hand. She knew all about sex and male body parts. First she lightly went over his throat and his collar bone, reveling on how smooth and hot his skin was. Gathering more courage Rin moved over his pecks, feeling his strong heartbeat pound against her finger tips. Turning a quick glance to Sesshomaru, she went down lower over his ribs.

Sesshomaru struggled against a moan as Rin's innocent hands caressed his body. Keeping his hands to the side of his hips, Sesshomaru clawed the bed into his fisted hands. This was sweet torture, but he would suffer to make Rin feel comfortable.

Hearing the small moan made Rin giggle and feel more confident. She bent down and licked Sesshomaru's nipple to see how he would react. Sesshomaru panted quietly as he slightly arched his neck. Rin felt a tingle between her thighs, and oddly it was started by her touching Sesshomaru. At this point Rin felt powerful, 'No wonder he likes to do it to me…He's completely defenseless.'

Swirling her tongue around the nipple, Rin used her free hand to go lower to his biceps. Sesshomaru moaned loudly as his muscle twitched under her touch. Rin's innocent curiosity was becoming alittle to much for Sesshomaru's youkai as he felt her hand travel of his navel.

Grasping the wondering hand Sesshomaru panted roughly, "No…that I can not let you do just yet."

Rin just stared at Sesshomaru with curious eyes and started to repeat the movement downward, but Sesshomaru grabbed both of her hands.

"Do not disobey me."

With that he pushed her down to the bed under him, keeping her hands to next to her head. Rin's gaze stayed intently on his as she struggled against his hold.

"Sesshomaru let me go." She snapped.

"No." Sesshomaru retorted with his face lowering to hers.

"Let go now or I'll…" Rin gasped as Sesshomaru grinded his hips against hers. She had totally forgotten they were naked.

That simple movement sent a shock wave through Rin's body as she gleamed wide-eyed at Sesshomaru. He felt hard against her as he did it again. Instinctively Rin spread her legs wider for him, and pushed her hips into him. It was exciting to say the very least. All her senses seemed ten times better and the feel of his skin against her was indescribable. Rin's whole body felt hot and she wanted Sesshomaru to touch all of her. Arching her back off the bed Rin moaned softly as Sesshomaru pressed against her.

"Sesshomaru, please…" Rin moaned sweetly to him as she arched against him.

Moving to her neck Sesshomaru nipped the soft skin there, "Please what?" He taunted.

Rin mewling with impatience as Sesshomaru took a patch of skin into his mouth, she bit his shoulder hard, "Don't tease…I need you?"

In slight shock that she gave him an exciting bite, Sesshomaru taunted further, "Need me to do what?"

Emphasizing her need, he bucked into roughly teasing her. Slowly moving his tongue from her neck to her left breast he laved a trail.

Oh how Rin loathed Sesshomaru. He was going to make her say it weather she wanted to or not.

"I hate you…you're such an ass," Rin gasped out as he bite harshly on her breast, while his hand pinched the other breast.

Using his free hand Sesshomaru traveled down over the flat of her stomach, passed her dark curls and into the bundle of nerves. Rin jumped at the sudden feeling, but that's where she's feeling hot and bothered. That's where she wanted Sesshomaru to touch her. Sesshomaru never would have thought Rin would be this wet in all his life and he felt even harder that it was for him.

He plunged two fingers into her, pumping with slow even pace as his thumb rubbed her pearl gently. This was not the pace Rin wanted as she timidly bucked into his hand. She wanted him to go fast and make this hot feeling go away.

"Say it. Tell me you hate me." Sesshomaru growled into her ear.

Rin could barely breathe and he wanted her so say something. She was gasping for breath as he went at an incredibly slow pace. Whimpering into his ear, she moaned.

"Say it." He growled rubbing his thumb harder on her button.

Arching into Sesshomaru Rin screamed out with frustration, "I-I can't…"

"Tell me why." He whispered, his hot breath tickling her neck. Rin began to feel a tingling sensation in her stomach. Her whole body felt so hot as he continued his torment open her.

Placing her arms around his shoulders Rin buried her face into his neck, "Because…because I love you DAMMIT."

Sesshomaru lifted back to see her eyes. They were on the brink of tears, "As do I."

He chuckled under his breath as he kissed her gently. This kiss was his first true kiss to her. It was gentle and sweet. He touched his tongue to her bottom lip asking for permission. Smiling Rin parted for him. Pumping his fingers faster, Sesshomaru swallowed Rin's moans as she gripped onto him for dear life.

Separating slightly Sesshomaru spoke gently, "Let it happened Rin. It's fine. I'm right here."

Squeezing her chocolate orbs shut in felt her skin sizzle. Colors exploded behind her eyes, as she clapped around Sesshomaru's fingers filling the tingling sensation in her stomach move to her where his fingers were and spasm into the greatest feeling.

Panting hoarsely, Rin opened her brown orbs to golden ones. He was staring at her intently while he removed his fingers and licking the remnants away like it was honey. Rin blushed and gave a bright smile to her youkai lover.

With eyes locked, Sesshomaru moved to thrust into her. Concern shown his is golden gaze, but Rin reassured him with a smile and a slight nod. He was in need of release, but he had to be very gentle for the fact that this is Rin's first time. Taking in a deep breath Sesshomaru placed his clawed hands around Rin's hips.

Gritting his teeth Sesshomaru thrust into her with one fluid motion. Rin held her breath as she felt him enter. It happened fast and it filled her completely. Gasping out in shock in glared at Sesshomaru. It hurt like hell!

"Okay," Rin panted biting her bottom lip, "I lied…I do hate you."

Sesshomaru kissed her softly on her lips, "I am sorry, but you will enjoy it."

Patiently Sesshomaru waited for Rin to give him the go ahead. She just stared at him with a glare, until she had a curious glint in her eyes. Rin gently bucked her pelvis into Sesshomaru, finding a delightful surge go through her. Giggling Rin did it again, but stopped when she noticed Sesshomaru staring at her with a smirk.

Placing a forearm next to Rin, Sesshomaru leaned down nuzzling into Rin's neck and began to push into her. It was glorious for both of them. Oddly at the same time they sighed in unison with happiness.

Sesshomaru couldn't help but enjoy how tight she felt around him. He thrust harder, knowing that he waited for this for almost five years. All his pent up sexual frustration was going right into Rin, who was in la-la Land, but for Sesshomaru he wanted to hear one thing from Rin.

Rin could feel a smirk against her neck as Sesshomaru slowed his thrust. He was going to have her say it, even if he was in needing of release himself.

"Submit." It was plain and simple, but a firm command.

Let the games begin.

Rin should have known this was coming. Giving him a growl, Rin clawed her nails down his back whispering sweetly into his ears, "Why don't you?"

As soon as that smart comment left her sweet lips, Sesshomaru had fisted his right hand in her hair, forcing her to arch her neck. Latching his lips to the mark on her neck he sucked on it. He wasn't expecting to have to use it, but this was Rin.

An odd pain shot through her. It was painful and pleasurable at the same time, but it was all sent toward his thrusting. Rin breath came out short as he sucked harder on the mark as his thrust remained the same speed. This was unbearable. She was so close.

"Ahh…Sesshomaru…that's not fair…" Rin moaned was almost a whimper as she wrapped her legs around his waist, driver him further into her.

Letting go of the mark, Sesshomaru lapped at it leisurely. He was ready to explode, but was going to have Rin submit or die trying. Almost pulling out of her, he plunged back inside her.

Sesshomaru growled out, "Say it."

Rin cried out feeling the sensation she wanted for a split second. Sweat began to fall from Sesshomaru's body to Rin's as he tried desperately to control his raging youkai. Sesshomaru grazed his fangs over the mark. Rin arched hard against Sesshomaru.

She couldn't take it anymore, "I SUBMIT!"

Growling with pride, Sesshomaru pounded into Rin with harsh force, but this is exactly what they both wanted. Rin kept her eyes locked with his, even now she was defiant to the end. Sesshomaru let go of her hair and placed it back around her hip. His thrusts were fast, long, and hard.

1…2…3…4…5…It seemed to go on forever. Until Rin clamped around him tightly causing them both to make the pit fall. Roaring out his release Sesshomaru collapsed onto Rin. His strength totally drained as he filled her. Rin couldn't believe how much better it was than him using his fingers. Her body shook with tremors as shockwave after shockwave hit her with full force, but she was not alone. Sesshomaru was trembling above her, gasping for air.

Rin gently reached out a hand to touch Sesshomaru's face, but he caught her wrist. Raising his crimson eyes to hers, this was to be expected, so Rin only kissed the hand that held her wrist. Sesshomaru only crushed his lips to hers.

There day was far from over.

The End

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