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"Naruto-baka! How many times have I told you that I do not want you sitting on my head?" Naruto sighed as he continued looking out over the village. He did not even spare a glance as the pigtailed woman sat beside him. He kept his eyes forwards even as he felt her eyes on him. He moved over somewhat, to let her know he acknowledged her presence before wrapping his robes tighter around himself. The blond-haired boy continued to watch the sun fall behind the mountain as he soaked up the comfortable silence.

"You've only been Hokage one day and you're already hiding? It's not as easy as it looks, ne?" Feeling a twitch coming on, the blond-haired boy turned to face the previous Hokage, an unimpressed look on his face. She laughed before turning her head to look over the mountain, breaking their gaze. Naruto pulled his knees up to him, an action that he had not done since he was a small child, something that did not go unnoticed by Tsunade.

They entered into another long period of silence that was not broken until the sun had almost completely disappeared from sight. Naruto let out a long sigh and dropped his head onto his knees.

"I should have known better than to think that I could handle this. You should have given it to someone who isn't such an emotional wreck. Like Neji...or...well anyone besides me." Tsunade's expression never changed, as she had been expecting a confession such as this. Her face hardened.

"Maybe I should have." Naruto jerked his head up to stare at her. She refused to meet his eye. "At least they wouldn't have run away at the smallest sign of a confrontation." Naruto looked at her as he felt his anger raging to come to the surface. He bit his lip and pushed down his rage, before looking down.

"You're probably right. They wouldn't have been foolish like me. Neji would have killed Sasuke when he first saw him, which is what I should have done." Tsunade finally looked at him, disappointed that she had not gotten the reaction she had hoped for.

"Is that really what you want?" He froze at the softness of her voice. Was she serious?

"I don't know...It has been my dream to become Hokage ever since I can remember. I never wanted anything else, but now that I am, all I can think about it what is right for the village...And right now I am having a hard time believing I am the correct choice." Tsunade rolled her eyes and let out an exhausted sigh.

"Oh shut up, before you live up to your baka name. I made you Hokage, and you will be Hokage until your retire or die and that is final." He looked at her, his eyes confused. "Just in what you said shows that you are the best choice for the position. Being Hokage is not about being the strongest, or being the smartest. You earn Hokage from self-sacrifice, putting the welfare of the village above yourself. Yondaime and Sandaime gave their life for this village, but Naruto you have given more than that. To save this village you gave up the idea of living a normal life. Your childhood and innocence were stolen from you, without your permission, so these people could live happy, normal lives." Naruto stared at the older woman. He had never heard the woman speak to him in such a serious manner. He slowly smiled.

"Thank you." She waved him off, before locking their gaze.

"Don't worry about it, but you misunderstood my question anyway." He lifted a curious eyebrow, slightly amused. "I meant do you really want to lose him again?" He felt his heart clench painfully as the source of all his trouble was brought before his mind's eye again.

Tsunade turned back to watch as the last of the sun's rays disappeared behind the mountain's surrounding the village. She sensed the inner turmoil in the man, and left him to his thoughts. Finally she smiled and stood up, startling him from his thoughts. He started to stand up with her, but she motioned for him to stay.

"I know what you did. In the council, I mean." Naruto had the decency to blush. "It's useless to wish him dead when you defended him so enthusiastically to the council. I have it on good authority that our little Uchiha would be rotting a jail cell at this very moment, if it weren't for you." Naruto pulled the headdress over his face, to hide his expression from the blonde-haired woman. It was all in vain. She did not need to see his face, to know the storm that raged within.

"Naruto...People change. You know that best of all. People make mistakes but they grow from them." She sighed, hurting for the man she had come to claim as her younger brother. "You forgave an entire village. Remember that." Feeling she could say no more, she left. She knew Naruto had to make his own decision.

The wind was the only witness to the Hokage's tears.

Sasuke groaned as he felt the tight heat around his cock. He thrust in, harder and faster, feeling himself being swallowed. He groaned as he stared down at the blond haired boy, who was on his knees in front on of him, letting him fuck him. Sasuke could think of nothing more erotic than to have the Hokage on his knees begging you to fuck him harder. As the Uchiha began to tell him this very fact he heard the other call out his name.

"Sasuke...Sasuke...Sasuke..." He cried out as the image in front of him began to fade. He began to thrust wildly hoping that the dream would come back, but he could only watch as the erotic image before him was replaced. He opened his eyes to find the very subject of his dream staring down at him with those bright blue eyes; he had just seen gazing up at him in lust. He took a moment to adjust to reality. Naruto blushed and looked down at his feet. Sasuke had a feeling that he was forcing himself not to twiddle his thumbs.

"Hmm...I...hmm...brought you" Sasuke sat up, confused why the other was so embarrassed. He followed the other's gaze down, and understanding came upon him. Where the bed sheets met his hips, there was a large bulge. Any other time he would be thoroughly embarrassed, but the blush on Naruto's face carried any of those thoughts away. He yawned and stretched his arms upwards, watching Naruto take a few steps away from him. He slid his legs across the bed, setting them down on the ground before standing up. He smiled innocently as he noticed Naruto had backed up so far he was almost against the wall.

"What's wrong?" He asked with a fake curious expression on his face as he blinked at the Hokage. Naruto's expression grew dark.

"Pervert." Sasuke smiled as he walked towards Naruto. The blonde-haired boy took a deep breath as his entire body went rigid. He wanted to move, to escape, but Sasuke was grinning at him and sauntering towards him. When the Uchiha was only a few feet in front of him he closed his eyes waiting for the inevitable. Surprisingly, the inevitable never came to be. He opened his eyes to see the Uchiha digging through the pile of clothes he had brought him.

"I'm glad to see you could gather some respectable clothing this time, dobe."

Naruto stood trying to absorb what had happened. Finally he exploded.

"WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM! POPPING IN ON ME LIKE THIS! MAKING ME RELIVE THESE THINGS I NEVER WANTED TO LIVE THROUGH AGAIN! WHAT GIVES YOU THE FUCKING RIGHT?" To Naruto's surprise the Uchiha gave him a crestfallen look before picking up the clothes and turning away from the other.

"Despite what you think I did not come back to ruin your life Naruto." A snort being his only reply, Sasuke rolled his eyes and continued. "I came back because I loved you. Every part of me knew that I coming back would hurt you in some way, but I was too selfish to stay away. I had to have you, even if it was just friendship." Naruto sucked in his breath as the Uchiha began towards him.

"Little did I know that when I got here I would discover your deep hidden attraction to me." Sasuke stopped a few feet from the Hokage, a grin spreading across his face. Naruto took a moment to absorb the other's words.

"WHAT! I have no deep hidden attraction to you!" The Hokage was surprised as the other merely raised an eyebrow.

"Are you sure? Because maybe your brain should conference with the rest of your body before you make such decelerations." Naruto followed Sasuke's eyes downwards as he spotted his own bulge in the crotch of his pants. He gulped, and refused to meet Sasuke's eyes. There was silence.

"What no reply? No smart ass remark." That line appeared to be the straw that broke the camel's back, and Naruto was the camel. He threw a clenched fist at the other, which was caught easily.

"Come on, Hokage-Sama. You're not even trying!" Growling, he released his other fist headed straight for the other's face. It was caught just as easily. "I know you're stronger than this, I just don't think your heart is in it." Sasuke wiggled his eyebrow as he pulled Naruto's arms above his head and pushed him against the wall, knocking the other off balance. "I think you just wanted us to get close like this." Naruto's lip curled back in disgust which only made Sasuke smirk.

"Dammit Uchiha. Get off me!" Sasuke gave him an amused glance before grinding their bodies together. Naruto let out a moan before he bit down on his lip, a small blush appearing on his cheeks.

"Me thinks, my lady doth protest too much."

"WHAT! I'm not a woman!" Sasuke laughed before crushing their groins together again. Naruto's further protests of manly hood were cut short and replaced by moans.

"Are you sure? Maybe you should give me a peek to prove it?" Sasuke laughed as Naruto's eyes bugged out of his head. The black-haired man moved his hand to slide into the other's pants, running his finger down the muscle in question.

"Mmm...Definitely not a woman." Sasuke's hand was quickly removed as he heard, and felt a sob rip through the other man's body. He let go of the other's arms and stared at the other.

Naruto felt two drops of water run down opposite sides of his tanned face, before falling and pooling in the floor. He bit his lip as another sob threatened to tear from his throat. Sasuke placed his head in his hands as he began to mutter.

"I'm so sorry Naruto. I told myself, I told myself I would go slower. I wouldn't force this on you. I promised...I'm so sorry."

"Sasuke...?" He sounded weak, small weak.

"Please, just, forget this okay?"

"Sasuke..." Naruto's voice was firmer now, with more determination. Sasuke moved his hands but kept his eyes shut tightly, unable to see the boy's hurt expression. He heard the other move toward him, and prepared himself for the pain he knew Naruto would deliver.

He was disappointed. Instead of a crushing blow to his face, chest, or possibly groin, Sasuke felt the floor rise up to meet his back as he was crushed to the ground. He opened his eyes, only to see a mess of blond hair. Not wanting to question his good luck he wrapped his arms around the man pulling them close, and could barely suppress a moan as the object of his dreams wrapped his arms around his neck. Sasuke held back his moans, his inquiries, and his needs. He knew any kind of movement could upset the boy and end their position, which would leave Sasuke in mourning. They had been laying comfortably just long enough for Sasuke's leg to go numb, and to develop a horrible cramp to form in his neck when he finally felt movement from Naruto.

Naruto let out a terrible, heart wrenching sob.

"S-Sasuke..." Said man, not knowing how to respond, merely squeezed Naruto closer to him. He moved one of his arms up to caress the other's back. He did not have much experience in giving comfort to others, and had it been anyone else, he would not even have tried, but this was Naruto. The blond was in a completely different category than anyone.

"Why...Why..." Naruto moved his fists down to clench the material of Sasuke's shirt. He wanted to reply, to defend himself, but he knew it was pointless. For reasons somewhat hazy, Naruto was having a nervous breakdown. All he needed was to let all his emotions out. Well, that's what he thought he needed. The number one resource for emotional crises was not Uchiha Sasuke.

As slowly as he could, Sasuke moved his arm into a more comfortable position. He felt Naruto tense up, and he froze. There was few tense moments before the blond began to relax again. There was no tears this time. The Hokage simply rested against his chest, mentally and physically exhausted from his breakdown.

Sasuke was not surprised when he felt Naruto's breath even out to a steady pace. Recognizing the signs of deep slumber, Sasuke let out a breath, relaxing his numb extensions. Gently sitting up, Sasuke cradled the other to him, hoping to not disrupt the peaceful slumber. Standing up, holding his once-rival to him, Sasuke couldn't help but smile. Naruto's ability to expose himself to the other, to allow his wellbeing to the Uchiha; it showed his trust had been restored. Sasuke couldn't imagine when he had felt this happy, this warm hearted. Naruto trusted him again. Maybe even forgiven him? Best not to hope too big.

He lay the Hokage down on the bed, making sure to handle with care. Sasuke sighed, moving a strand of hair from the other man's brow. Here was most likely the strongest ninja in the world, and yet when he slept he looked like he did when he was 12. When he was still young and foolish. When both of them were. Now, they were grown, both of them had reached their dreams, their desire. Yet, neither of them were happy. Knowing he probably regret it later, Sasuke climbed in with the other. He wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist, spooning their bodies together.

"Your not happy are you Naruto? You accomplished your goal, but your not happy at all." Sasuke couldn't help the ping of pain that reminded him that the only one to blame was no one but himself. He kissed the other's forehead before closing his eyes. He was not tired but the thought of sleeping next to his long suppressed desire was too temping to pass up. Sleep would claim him shortly.

"Mmm...This is my favorite dream." Sasuke eyes opened, staring directly into a pair of light blue pools. It took him a moment to remember where he was, and why. He opened his mouth to reply when Naruto's words suck in. His eyes were hooded over and dazed, he obviously believed he was still asleep. Naruto snuggled closer to him, burying his head into the crook of the other's shoulder. "It even smells like Sasuke." Smiling sadly, he kissed the man's forehead.

"Go back to sleep Naruto, I'll be here when you awake." The blond chuckled and closed his eyes.

"That would be nice."

"I promise."

Naurto mumbled something incoherent before drifting back asleep. Sasuke pulled him closer, wanting to protect him. Wanting to keep Naruto safe from anyone and everyone. Of course, this thought only reminded him of how bad he had hurt the other. Sasuke swore that he would make it up to the man, no matter how long it took.

It was almost another hour before Naruto finally awoke. The Uchiha felt it the moment it happened. The blonde's eyes opened, the goofy smile still on his face. Then his body stiffened.

"Good Morning dobe." Naruto looked up at Sasuke, and the blonde's thoughts played through his eyes so clearly, it was as if they had subtitles at the bottom.

"Sasuke?" The voice was small, confused, and fragile.

"I promised you I would be here." Naruto's eyes widened, causing Sasuke to have to stifle his laughter.

"That wasn't a dream?" Sasuke shook his head. "And...And I...I broke down like that." Sasuke nodded. Naruto let out a long groan. "Fuck." This time, he didn't stop his laughter. He only gained a glare.


"Bastard." Instead of moving away, as Sasuke expected, Naruto wrapped his arms tighter around the other. "I hate you."

"I know." A sad smile.

"It's going to take me a while to forgive you."

"I know."

"Your a bastard."

"I know dobe." His eye twitched.

"Don't call me that bastard!"

Naruto froze. They had been apart for almost sixteen years and here they were acting as if it were only a few days. There was something about Sasuke that made Naruto comfortable. That made him feel alive again.

"I missed you." Sasuke smiled.

"I know. I missed you too."

"This isn't going to be easy, you know." Sasuke pulled him closer, placing a kiss on his forehead, where the previous Hokage had done so almost two decades before.

"Nothing to do with you is easy Naruto." Naruto grumbled into his chest. "I mean your stubborn, thick headed, and dense as steel." Naruto's eyes flashed red as he jumped out of the bed pointing at the black haired man.

"That's it! Me! You! Outside, right now!" He seethed through clenched teeth. Sasuke laughed crawling out of bed, and standing up stretching.

"You first, dead last." Naruto screamed and tackled Sasuke through the window, landing them both on the ground outside. The Hokage smirked triumphantly as he heard Sasuke's back crack on the ground below. Naruto grabbed the collar of Sasuke's shirt, pulling their faces almost an inch apart.

"What is wrong with! You were being all nice then you just..." His voice faded as he realized Sasuke was smiling gently at him. "Your a sadistic bastard aren't you?"

"Would you love me any other way." Naruto rolled his eyes and decided to ignore the loaded question.

He pressed his lips to the others slowly and cautiously, afraid the touch would burn his skin. Sasuke's eyes widened before drifting closed, with a little hum. Naruto ran one hand through Sasuke's hair as he began to intensify the kiss, finally finding what he had lost for so many years. Naruto opened his mouth feeling Sasuke's tongue immediately invade, exploring and claiming every inch of the cavern. The blond moaned loudly, his body became warmer and warmer, as he allowed his mouth to be taken over.

"Do you think we should break them up.?"

"Maybe. I think the females are about to die from blood loss."

Naruto quickly broke the kiss to find Tsunade and Iruka standing over them, both containing sly smiles.

"Why hello, Hokage-sama. Welcome back to reality." Naruto's face was soon covered in deep scarlet. He quickly looked around to see all of the villagers were strangely absent from the area. Shikimaru coughed, as he noticed the trail of Naruto's eyes.

"They all ran when they saw you two fall from the window. Luckily we were able to keep them away." Naruto nodded sheepishly, standing up.

"Ahah..Thanks Shikimaru. It would have not been good if a villager had been under us when we fell..."

"Of if they had seen you sucking face." Tsunade added. Naruto only groaned and covered his face. Sasuke shook his head before throwing the boy over his shoulder.

"HEY!" Sasuke nodded respectfully to both Tsunade and Shikamaru, before walking off with a protesting Naruto on his shoulder.

"Just have him back in the office tomorrow morning Sasuke!" Tsunade cried waving them off. As soon as they were gone Shikimaru let out a cry of despair, making the Godaime raise an eyebrow.

"What? I thought you said you wanted Naruto to be happy." Shikimaru rolled his eyes.

"I know I did, and I'm glad. But I was just imaging all the times I am now going to walk in on those two." Tsunade paused before bursting into laughter. "That's not funny! I have to go in and out of the Hokage's office almost a hundred times a day! You know those two, I bet they will go at it like rabbits!" Her laughter only intensified. "Dammit. This is way too troublesome for me." Shikimaru sighed and took off towards his own home, already mentally preparing himself for a life of seeing his best friend in different states of pleasure.

"Breathing is too troublesome for you." He didn't even turn around as he flipped her off.

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