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Phase Three: Lie

Author's Note: Uhm, someone didn't quite understand something. Let me clear this up. Athrun, got into a car accident, (I think all of you know who the mother of 'Athrun's child' is.) Guess what! She died, not right away though, a nice and slow death. And yes they did need to have sex to get pregnant. They did. Cagalli meant he hasn't fucked me with in the two days they were together. If you read what Miriallia said, then you would get it. T.T I don't hate Athrun, by the way! Athrun x Cagalli forever! This story would end so fast, if they were all peachy and said, it's okay, I don't mind, I forgive you! That's just plain OOC, anyways. Have you noticed Athrun takes lots of time to think, look how long it took him to join the Archangel. Miriallia seems bitchy I know, but Milly makes Athrun feel horrible. And the plot moves on. Thanks for reading my over bloated A/N.

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(Athrun's POV)


"You don't mean that," Cagalli whispered softly.

"I do, I mean it," I insisted. I felt like stabbing myself, for making Cagalli feel like this. But it could not be helped. I smiled playfully. My features seemed calm and playful although it looked like Cagalli would run out crying, and screaming "DIE ATHRUN, DIE.".

"You're an insensitive jackass, you don't deserve the life you have," Cagalli glared, the hatred in her eyes truly showing. With that having said she ran towards my summer dock.

If she leaves, I will have no idea where she's gone, then-then I won't be able to—Cagalli please come back I'm sorry. Although I can't bring myself to admit it, everything I'm saying is a lie, but I can't stop.

I found her trying to get to one of the smaller boats. After putting my pride away, capturing her was easily done, because it seemed as if she had been walking, when had Cagalli slowed down this much? No matter, worse for her, better for me. I just wanted to know she was safe.

I held her tight.

"We need to talk you don't deserve someone like me, I admit that, but I can't seem to let you go," I whispered softly tightly shutting my eyes. "You're over-reacting, Cagalli, you get mad over nothing."

"Well, you're one to talk, you chase after me although nothing's wrong," Cagalli said sarcastically. I could tell she could careless if I apologized.

"Oh merciless heavens, what did I do to deserve this?" I groaned pitifully.

"Well—," Cagalli started.

"Never mind, pretend I didn't ask," I playfully smiled. I swiftly lifted her up and kissed her on the forehead, and carried her bridal style back towards the house. I put her down on my private bed, and tucked her in. Once again I planted a sweet, simple kiss on her lips and inhaled her sweet scent.

I laughed a bit, and stared at her, she was truly a magnificent sight, she could have unruly long hair, slender tones, and angry eyes but Cagalli was different. She just stood out. Was it those eyes that said TOUCH. ME. AND. YOU. DIE. Yeah, that was sexy.

'Athrun, stop, thinking about her that way, we need to get everything settled.'

I had to admit for a mere natural she had many characteristics of a coordinator. It truly was a shame, that coordinators and naturals weren't on good terms.

I was twisted, some times I would ask myself if I was truly in love with Cagalli, and the answer would always be the same: I'm not sure. But now I want to make sure, I don't want to hurt Cagalli anymore. She doesn't deserve pain. Not after what I put her through.

This dilemma has given me a choice, of never knowing if I truly ever loved her, or did I just use her to fill up that whole in my heart, or finding out once and for all.

The choice was mine to make.

And I had already made my choice.


(Cagalli's POV)


"Athrun?" I called out, softly.

I heard a slight groan, and I noticed a half nude Athrun sleeping next to me. I would usually over-react, but I rarely had any time with Athrun, anymore, and this chance was just too perfect. I kissed his neck softly and squeezed his forearm.

Athrun's eyes shot open, and I saw him utterly confused. He was blinking stupidly, as he fumbled for the covers. I laughed, and that's when he realized I was there. He sat bolt upright and looked around and blushed, noticing me staring at him with an eyebrow raised, then he looked down and gaped.

I started choking, Athrun was too embarrassed to help me, but I intended to force him, once again I squeezed his arm, and I swore I saw something pop out from under the covers.

(Fruity Tootie: It's his foot. :D

Cagalli: We all know what it is.

Kira: Of course, it's obvious!

Dearka: He's hiding popsicles under there.


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