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The wind howled and his muscles burned. A thousand feet above the surface of the ocean,

a tiny figure utterly dwarfed by the monument of stone beside him, struggled fiercely to match his will against that of the giant cliff face.

The man in black had been pulling himself up the thick hemp rope for what seemed an eternity,

His hands ached and he was already so tired. And still he continued to climb.

How could a man hope to overcome such a monster of an obstacle he wondered silently to himself? Just how much further could he really go?

How long would it be until his tendons began to tear, his limbs gave way, or his mind could

no longer bear the constant strain of knowing that at any moment he could slip and fall

to his death.

He knew that this is why they had come to this place, and this is why it had earned its name.

The cliffs of insanity.

Most people simply would not have made it this far, but he was not like most people.

If anyone knew what it was like to live in constant fear of violent death, it was him.

How many nights aboard that pirate ship had he lain awake for not knowing if he would

die the following morning? How many weeks had passed without him knowing what was to become of him? How many months?

In a way the farm boy really had died aboard that ship, but like the phoenix of old legends, something new had risen. The boy was gone now and in its place was left a man. A man capable of inconceivable acts in the name of love. Now he was the man in black.

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