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Jump City-10:28 pm-11th November-Main Street

It's cold and raining as a motorcycle roars down the street like a bat out of hell. The vehicle is black with green flames as it comes suddenly skids to a stop outside an alley. The rider clad in all black, raises a hand to his helmet and slides the visor up, his hunter green eyes peer out into the darkness.

He closes his eyes, and flashes from his dark past come unbidden to his mind…

"Why're you doing this, man," shouts a black teenager with cybernetic implants. "I thought we were friends"


"Friend, what is the meaning of this sudden aggression?" a puzzled girl with amber skin and alien green eyes asks. "I was not aware that friends participated in such malevolent actions!"


"Damnit, what do you think this is, some sort of game!" curses an ebony haired, brightly dressed teenager wearing a mask. "We're the good guys, we don't do this!"


"For your information Slade, I'm not going to help you," a figure with hunter green eyes coldly states from the darkness of a catwalk. "In fact I was never – and am never – going to help you, it was all for my own means and of my own will."


"Where do you think your going?" comes a monotonous voice from a teenage girl with violet hair and matching eyes. "It was my belief that you are Slade's apprentice."

"The problem with that last sentence is that it isn't in the past tense," replies a green skinned young man…

The rider sighs deeply and then closes his visor and starts the motorcycle in one fluid motion. He then speeds off down the street spraying water onto the sidewalk as he goes.

As he leaves, a red-haired femme fatale dressed in indigo coloured long pants and long sleeved jacket steps out of the alleyway and smirks towards the direction the motorcycle went.

"So, he returns just as predicted," states the woman casually. "I had better tell Master Slade of his arrival." Just as suddenly as she appeared she disappears, the smirk never leaving her gothic face.

The motorcyclist drives into the parking spot for a unit he just rented and turns off the engine. He then enters the unit, fumbling with the keys and cursing as he steps into the small and poorly furnished one-room apartment.

With a simple flick of the light switch, the place is swiftly revealed in all its pathetic glory. A single narrow bed lies at the far end with a counter on the wall to the right with a TV resting close to the bed at the very edge of the counter. A clock hangs on a bent nail above it, its second hand never moving.

A heater to the left refuses to operate despite repeated button mashing by the now aggravated motorcyclist. A muffled curse can be heard from the man as he rubs his arms to warm them, he walks over to the counter and puts his helmet on it, revealing an otherwise handsome face but for the green skin and darker green hair, his eyes hold little warmth and his very gaze seems like a glare.

The green man then tosses a wallet onto the counter, which flips open to display a driver's license with the name, 'Garfield Logan' printed next to a picture of the man in the room. Logan runs a hand through his short green mane of hair and drops onto the bed sighing heavily. After some time, he decides to get up and move his bag from the bike to the room. Only removing his jacket, Gar Logan flicks off the light and collapses onto the bed, falling into a nightmarish sleep, the same as every other night for the last five years.

"So you say he has returned?" asks a man dressed in a tight black suit with armour covering his chest and limbs and an orange and black mask with one eye-slit adorns his face, making his features unportrayable. The red haired woman from the alley assents with a nod, and the man continues. "You have done well to bring me this news, Shimmer. With my old apprentice now back in the city and all the pieces in place, this city shall once again feel my iron grip and the Titans shall be made to suffer." The man laughs darkly, and Shimmer smiles malevolently.

"So you say, Master, but what of Beast Boy, what shall become of him considering his role in your fall?" Shimmer boldly asks her master. He leans back in his seat and puts his fingers together in the way all comical evil masterminds know.

"He shall be made to suffer for his betrayal to his master, and you shall be the one to embody my vengeance, Shimmer," the man replies in his voice as level as always, never letting any emotion show in his voice. "Have his head presented to me before dawn on the 13th or else…"

The statement is left to hang in the air for maximum effect; Shimmer is caught off-guard by this new turn of events but quickly recovers her composure and replies, "Of course, Master Slade, Logan shall be made to suffer…" The two share a dark chuckle as Shimmer leaves and the single light that was illuminating the meeting goes out.

"With these new upgrades the Tower is now more secure than ever, not even Raven's soul self could get in here without me knowing!" boasts a cybernetic teen rather loudly, gesturing towards a purple haired girl who is meditating by the window. There are four people inside the living room of a giant tower in the shape of a T. These four people are superheroes who are known as the Titans.

The purple haired girl, Raven, is floating by the huge window facing towards the city, a long blue cloak flowing from her shoulders as she quietly mutters three words. The rain patters against the window and the lights of the city are bright.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos," she mutters. A male wearing a black spandex jumpsuit with a blue wing design across the chest and arms walks past her and stands about a foot from the glass peering out at the city. An amber skinned girl with long flaming red hair walks up behind him and stares out over his shoulder, she is wearing a skimpy purple jumpsuit that leaves her midriff and limbs uncovered.

"Come on, Nightwing… Starfire… Why so sombre?" Cyborg asks frustrated as he realises no one is paying any attention. Nightwing turns around and sighs, realising that his friend was talking to him. He pauses when he sees Starfire's face about 3 inches away from his own, he may have blinked by an eyemask prevents people from seeing his eyes.

"It's just that… Well, it's been five years since Beast Boy… left, and well it brings back memories of a better time, before Slade, before Terra, when we were dealing with amateur super villains who wanted nothing more than a bit of cash and a chance to attack the us," Nightwing states uneasily, as he steps past Starfire. Raven ceases meditating and stands turning around to face the group as they shift uneasily about the topic. Had Raven not jut meditated, she might have acted the same.

"It's natural that we miss both Beast Boy and such carefree times, but people come and people go and in our job we have to deal with things like what happened," Raven states monotonously. Cyborg nods grimly, Starfire stares at the ground and Nightwing glances aside, frowning.

"I know, but I just get this feeling that we could have done so much more to help him. If we had just been a little more considerate of his –" Nightwing started but Raven cut in sharply.

"We might have perhaps, but part of that is just your emotions and personality, you're a leader and you weren't experienced in dealing with the sort of thing that happened. It's only natural that you feel as though you failed Beast Boy, but the truth is, there was little we could have done. Beast Boy wasn't manipulated; he wasn't tricked, at least not too badly. He did everything freely and for his own means, he said so himself, you remember. What they were we will most likely never know, and it is bad to dwell on the past," Raven states with slightly more strength than normal. The others nod and Nightwing sighs deeply, running a hair through his short, cropped onyx hair.

Raven later bade them all goodnight and left the room, her long lavender hair swishing behind her. The others later turned in one-by-one, with Nightwing, as per the norm, going to bed last with a head full of conflicting thoughts.

Well there it is, the first chapter of my first story. It might seem a little vague and more than a little dark but that's the point. The whole thing is set five years after Beast Boy betrays the team to Slade and then betrays Slade for his own reasons. Both are now back in Jump City with their own agendas, to find out more you'll have to read the next chapter. Just so you know, Nightwing is Robin (though if you're reading this you should know that).

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