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To See It Coming

He didn't remember how he got there... to the hospital.

Maybe Ramirez called an ambulance.. or chicle boy got him help..or he was just found like other casualties of the day of the dead.. it didn't much matter. It didn't much matter how he got there..and in truth he didn't much care that he was there. The drugs they had him on, to keep the pain at bay seemed to cloud his mind. He felt between sleep and awake.. between alive and dead, drifting between sanity and madness.. not that he had been too close to sane anyway

He did remember the voice.. lulling him to sleep.. whispering impossible possibilities... he decided he liked that voice.. purely because sometimes lies were better than some realities; like this one. Trapped by the blackness, weakened and in pain. An easy half dead target.

Some might expect him to consider the darkness of his own soul at such a time.. to take into account his own mortality and repent But he was Sheldon Jeffrey Sands and he did not beg, even to die. God knows that would come soon enough...

So he instead watched his own fall.. being blind was like freefall.. plunging so fast it was almost not like falling at all but flying.. Here lay the trap of insanity, that had waited so long to lure him in in some weakened moment.. to embrace what was deep in his soul. But in reality what else was there.. in his current situation..being sane would drive anyone mad.. so he stepped into the blackness and decided to enjoy the deathfall.. it was after all a one way trip.. never see its like again..

Sands gave a wry smile as he thought even his own fate was subject to his own twisted amusement.. just as long as they kept him drugged up and the pain didn't kick in too bad. this was funny.. even to him.. or especially to him. Thats when he knew he was insane.. twisted beyond all recognition.. and that he always had been.. but then again.. that was his only advantage here.. he hadn't the sense to just lay down and die.. he couldn't even begin to
do what was expected off him.. maybe he was so far gone he had looped right back round to sane.. he thought in a brief moment of bright clarity maybe it didn't matter what the fuck he was as long as they kept the morphine pumping into his vein.. and some sweet voiced nurse told him it would all be alright...

.. and it would.. after all... he threw shapes.. and he was walking out of here soon. where ever the hell 'here' was.. and introduce the local deserving residents to his own brand of hell.. oh it took a lot more than having your eyes drilled out to slow Agent Sands down.. he vaguely wondered if referring to himself in the third person should worry him.No being blind offered a new clarity.. of sorts.. however several fucking bullet holes about his person.. including his thigh.. that.. that would slow his dramatic exit from this medical facility...that and he had yet to select any particular target for his special brand of attention.. keeping the balence was a whole different kinda fun.. when technically now as gloriously unbalenced as he felt.. it brought a whole new delicious freedom.. and some demented Pollyanna side to him was enjoing itself far to frigging much. Oh he was gonna have a ball.. he told himself.. but best rein it in he warned himself.. to much maniaical laughter at this precise point in time was more likely to lead to heavy sedation and straight jackets than world domination.. he smiled to himself... and listened to the footsteps as someone approached his bed